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What is Design & Multimedia Software?

Design and multimedia software is used for creating and editing images, video content, and other visual media required for all branches of business. There is a whole array of design software solutions geared towards virtually every tasks and medium. Whether there is a need for creating charts and infographics, logo designs or 3D content, software solutions from this selection will aid you in the process. Graphic design is one of the most important subcategories and software varies in capabilities and complexity. The segment also includes media stock file solutions required for creating high-quality multimedia content as well as manage them via image, audio, and video libraries.

High-quality design software is a necessity nowadays whether you are offering products, services or are simply looking to market your brand. Using products within the design and multimedia segment will help you create graphics for all sorts of purposes, create and edit designs and videos, manage and catalog media resources and combine them to produce stunning outputs.

How to Choose Design and Multimedia Software

There are a couple of key factors that separate excellent from other choices. One of the most important one to look out for is the "ease of use" factor. Creating custom images, logos, product packaging and other content is a comprehensive task in itself. Additional challenges in the form of complex and non-intuitive user interfaces should be avoided. Design and multimedia software should offer a simple layout that incorporates functions you are already familiar with, increasing the quality of your design and speed up the process of creating new ones.

Simplicity is not to be confused with functionality and this should not be a trade-off. Easy-to-use software does not necessarily compromise on the number of tasks it can perform. That is one of the major considerations when it comes to design and multimedia software. Graphic design and image editing are closely related and solutions that can perform both of these tasks definitely should take priority over the ones that can't.

Another thing to consider is whether a design software product you picked can deal with various types of media files at the same time. This is especially true when it comes to video editing and integration of various media types and is definitely a thing to look for. Whether you are creating a complex video with text, image, and audio elements, or you are simply looking to convert the format and do some light-editing, an important consideration is whether the functionality you need is supported.

Finally, when picking a design and multimedia software, production quality and unique features deserve to be taken into consideration as well. There has to be a balance between previously mentioned factors and ability to render a high-quality end product. Choosing the right design software for your business is as much about quality as it is about simplicity. That's why our selection covers distinct areas of design and multimedia and pays close attention to user requirements for each subcategory.

Subcategories of Design and Multimedia Software

  • 3D Printing: 3D printing software is a Design & Multimedia subcategory that focuses on solutions used for creating, editing and preparing 3D blueprints. 3D printing is a growing industry. This section allows you to review and compare software in terms of functionality, complexity and other features relevant to the niche. These programs include features like model analytics, repair tools, pre-production mapping (solidity, wall thickness, intersections, etc.), model slicing and others.
  • Graphic Design: Software from this category provides a comprehensive set of tools required for creating, editing, and reformatting graphic content. Graphic design is widely used across multiple business niches (advertising, publishing, production, etc) and creating visual content requires software from this subcategory. Creating and editing digital prints, product packaging, poster and flyer design, fonts and blueprints, all fall into the graphic design category. You can also find various color scheme generators, icon libraries, and other tools that create and catalog resources used by graphic designers. Some of these products can perform multiple roles (drawing and image editing, combining different media platforms, etc.) despite having graphic design as their center of focus.
  • Image Editing: These types of products are focused on manipulating and editing images of all sorts and formats. Image editing software solutions can vary in complexity and generally only offer simple editing tools like cropping, resizing and reformatting, while others have a comprehensive set of capabilities like retouching, layering, 3D editing, object manipulation, etc. Image editing also houses programs that allow you to enhance your images using filters and a plethora of drawing tools. Solutions that offer vector graphic support and allow you to reformat images can also be found in the image editing category. Anything that can be used to manipulate images is housed under this segment.
  • Infographics / Charts: This software subcategory is used for creating visual interpretations of data. Diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts, and other visual media are often the best way to present and visualize information. You can create a custom graphic or simply insert information into an already existing chart template. Furthermore, you can find programs and platforms that allow you to create interactive infographics and charts that can be edited in real-time as the data is updated.
  • Library Systems: This segment allows you to review and compare library systems used for organizing and cataloging creative elements. Every designer uses different media elements (audio, images, videos, text) and having them organized in dedicated media library systems is very advantageous. Software in this list will let you create your own content libraries or use media libraries that have been pre-compiled. Some of the solutions include sharing and collaboration capabilities and serve as multimedia hubs for design and marketing teams.
  • Logo Design: This is a unique design & multimedia subcategory that focuses on creating and editing a specific type of visual content: logos. Logo design software products offer a set of tools that enable you to create, edit, colorize and resize logos. In addition to that, this segment lists solutions allowing you to hire other designers to edit your existing logo, or to create a new one according to your specifications. Additionally, you can compare and review logo design competition platforms that are heavily used in this day and age.
  • Media Stock Files: Software within the media stock files section focuses on acquiring and cataloging media resources. You can find royalty-free audio files, font libraries, icon collections, etc within this area. Software that offers design templates and royalty-free images coupled with high-resolution photographs is one of the key components in the creation of design and multimedia content. Video and motion graphic libraries are likewise represented in this subcategory as well as other software that offers resources required by designers.
  • Video Editing & 3D: Products from this subcategory are used to create and edit video and 3D content. Ranging from simple cut & paste editors to complex software suites that offer advanced video production capabilities, this list has a large number of software solutions. Animation design and editing also falls under this subcategory as well as other programs that allow you to compile media in both 2D and 3D formats. The video editing & 3D section also lists video publishing tools with design and editing capabilities alongside video production management solutions.

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