Label Printing Software

Label printing software is used to design and print labels for various business activities such as inventory management or shipping. This type of software allows companies to create personalized labels that comply with customer requirements or laws and regulations. Label printing software is used by warehouse and inventory departments, as well as logistics professionals. This type of software can be provided by label printing hardware providers or by software vendors. When delivered separately, label printing software needs to be compatible with the most common types of label printers. Since most labels require barcodes, label printing solutions integrate with barcode software. To qualify for inclusion in the Label Printing category, a product must: Include templates for various kinds of labels (e.g., shipping, inventory) Allow non-technical users to design and print labels Provide features to categorize labels and modify them by batch Deliver WYSIWYG label designers with options to drag and drop Support multiple languages and different types of barcodes Comply with regulations or industry standards such as GS1-128 

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