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What is free logo design software?

Free logo design software is a graphic design tool that allows users to create their own professional looking logos in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

All logo design software programs provide users with the ability to design and create a professional logo in minutes. The free logo design apps are available to serve smaller businesses, freelancers and startups with limited budgets and those can’t afford to spend extra amounts on premium graphic design software and logo makers.

Whether you’re a freelance professional, a solo entrepreneur, a small business owner or a large enterprise, logos are an essential component for brand identity. If you manage a large company, then cost may not necessarily be an issue when it comes to designing a logo for your business. For small businesses, startups and freelancers, however, the cost can be a crucial deciding factor when creating a logo.

Logo makers and other graphic design platforms provide users with a robust and user-friendly platform for creating and designing all sorts of graphics, including logos, insignias and so on. The goal is to empower users to come up with their own logo ideas and realize them using an efficient tool without the help of a professional graphic designer.

Free logo design software programs are allowing for more accessibility. With free-to-use logo design tools, SMBs, freelancers and startups will have access to free logo templates, engaging patterns, color schemes and other amazing features for little to no cost.

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DesignEvo 86


A powerful and free online logo design tool that helps people make professional and effective logos in minutes. View Listing...

DesignEvo is an easy and fast app that lets you create stunning logos in the palm of your hand. With 3500+ customizable logo templates, 100+ fonts, lots of graphics and powerful editing tools, you can turn your ideas into a compelling and unique logo in minutes.

How is free logo design software used?

Logo design software platforms are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, to provide businesses with a simple and efficient way to create attractive and professional-looking logos. More often than not, designing a logo using such tools only takes a few easy steps. You can come up with your very own brand logo in minutes and put it in your website, use it as your social media profile picture, incorporate it in your letterhead and for any other correspondence.

With free logo design software, the initial cost of investment is minimal. Many people, especially small business owners and startups, are cautious when it comes to spending. If you have a limited budget, paying for a premium graphic design tool or a logo maker is not exactly an immediate priority. So the next best thing when it comes to creating well-designed logos is to go with the free option.

If you decide to go with free-to-use logo design software platforms, you need to realize that there is no guarantee you will get the best experience or the best result. The key is to find the right free logo design tool that offers enough features and capabilities to enable you to create a decent logo for your business.

Most free logo design software programs implement a basic three-step logo creation process, although this doesn’t necessarily apply to every single product in the market.

Choosing a logo template

This is often the first step in the process of creating a logo, choosing a template from a host of free logo templates stored by the provider in a central database. Most free logo design tools offer a limited number of design templates.

If you want access to more, you may have to either upgrade to a premium plan or purchase a package of additional templates. This is partly how the vendors and the developers make their profit since they’ve given you the software for free.

Editing the graphics and text

The second step is where the editing of the graphics and text takes place. This step also includes a few personalization features offered by the vendor/service provider. Here you will be able to edit your chosen template to make it your own, change the color schemes to reflect your company colors and perhaps add a few texts to represent your company motto.

Most logo design software utilizes the drag-and-drop or click-and-drag approach to ensure a user-friendly experience.

Finalizing and downloading your logo

The third and final step is to save and download your logo. In this phase of the logo creation process, you will be given a chance to finalize your work. If you want to make a few more changes to your design, you simply go back to the previous step/phase and do your editing there.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your design, all you have to do then is to save and/or download the file into your device for unlimited use across your company.

Some vendors may only offer standard-resolution files for the free version, with the high-resolution logos only made available for the premium package.

One of the main complaints with free logo design tools is that they lack the support and guidance offered by premium web-based logo design software. The free versions make up for this discrepancy by making the platform user-friendly, hence the very common three-step logo creation process. These products actually offer a few decent options for editing and customization, despite them being totally free to use.

If you’re looking to design a professional looking logo for your business or organization, there are a ton of graphics editing tools and software packages you can use. Logo design software is not only available as a standalone product. Some logo-designing tools come as an added feature for graphic design suites and vector graphics editors. In fact, a number of people prefer vector graphics editors for designing and creating professional-looking logos.

DesignEvo is a favorite among a number of professionals and businesses. It is a web-based logo creator with a wide variety of customizations. It allows users to create perfectly designed logos for free. DesignEvo is a great example of a free logo design software solution that doesn’t fall short on features and customization capabilities.

The software is ideal for independent professionals, freelancers, small business owners and startups looking for a cost-effective solution for creating a logo that is professional looking and representative of their company’s mission and vision.

What are the benefits of free logo design software?

Free logo design software is a cost-saving solution for those looking to design and create their own logo but can’t afford to invest in premium graphics design suites and vector graphics editors. This is probably the most basic benefit that you can expect from any free logo design tool.

Choosing a software solution labeled as “free” often lacks features and tools you would expect from more premium products, doesn’t offer much in terms of customization and is limited in its overall capability to deliver high-quality results.

However, there are many benefits for organizations of all sizes when using free logo design software, including:

Simple, fast and efficient logo creation

Most free logo design solutions will provide you with a three-step process when designing and creating your own logo. The first step often involves choosing from a selection of logo templates from a database. With some logo design software, you have the option to import your own templates. The second step covers the editing process, with intuitive and user-friendly editing tools. This is where you can customize your designed logos and make them your own.

The third and final step is where you will be able to preview, export and/or download your logo. In some apps that are free, there will be limitations with the quality and resolution of the image file. You will only be able to get high-quality, high-resolution images with a premium package. This is not always the case though. There are free logo design tools that offer high-resolution logos for no charge. Free tools often make their money through ads, by selling additional logo templates and by putting some of the features behind a paywall.

Free and paid logo creation

Most free logo design software in the market provides options for free and paid logos. There are different approaches to this one. Several web-based logo design tools, while completely free to use, are also offered as a premium package to customers who want the full capabilities of the design software. When it comes to software solutions following a subscription-based model, customers can easily switch their subscription from the free basic plan to a premium plan with just a few clicks.

Usually, in the final step, you will have the choice between a free version of the logo you’ve created and a paid option with a few extra perks added.

These extras may include being able to download your logo in multiple sizes, the ability to save the design on cloud storage or perhaps the option to export the logo to your social media. It varies between software platforms.

Rich, intuitive features

Most free logo design software solutions provide users with a variety of features and tools that assist with the logo design process, including a variety of shapes and icons available, FAQS and help guides, video instructions, many colors and brand schemes to choose from and a selection of fonts, all included ensuring that your logo is created in the best way possible.

When used effectively, free logo design software can help organizations create engaging logos that provide the best representation of their brand. Free solutions often include many features and benefits that you would find in most premium solutions and provide organizations of all sizes an ideal platform to create a logo for their business with minimal investment.

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A powerful and free online logo design tool that helps people make professional and effective logos in minutes. View Listing...


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