Best Remote Support Software in 2018

Remote support software allows customer support staff and IT professionals to access and control devices remotely. Remote support is generally offered in combination with other customer support functions or as an in-house service by enterprise IT departments. Taking control of remote devices reduces travel costs, complexity and time needed to solve issues. Remote support software often isn’t limited to input control and remote desktop viewing features but also includes file transfer, VoIP, chat capability and other advanced functionality. Remote support software can be used to gain unattended access to remote hosts via web-interfaces, clients or mobile devices and is frequently used to monitor and maintain servers and datacenters. 


FixMe.IT 79


Techinline FixMe.IT is a remote desktop application that enables instant, secure, and trouble-free connections between remote computers anywhere in the world. More Information...


Bomgar 90


Bomgar is a remote access platform for IT security specialists. More Information...


LogMeIn 88


LogMeIn is a remote access and administration tool, used by by support desk technicians. More Information...

CloudBerry Remote Assistant

CloudBerry Remote Assistant 72


CloudBerry Remote Assistant is a Windows software for remote control and desktop sharing. More Information...

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities 65


Remote Utilities is remote desktop software for secure access to workstations, servers and laptops over a LAN and via the Internet. More Information...

ScreenMeet Support

ScreenMeet Support 54


Remote support in the cloud. From your browser, see and remote control any device (windows, mac, iOS and Android). More Information...


HelpWire 78


HelpWire is a unique remote support solution allows diagnosing and maintaining USB and COM port devices remotely. More Information...


Apizee 56


Apizee delivers a WebRTC-based development platform and integrated SaaS solutions for customer engagement and real-time visual assistance on web and mobile devices. More Information...


ITmanager 34


ITmanager is the best all-in-one enterprise server and network administration service. Monitor and manage all your critical IT servers and networks from anywhere! More Information...


appVuze 27


Help desk software that helps mobile app users stay productive. appVuze is designed to minimize frustration - for both the help desk agent and the mobile app user. More Information...


Sabres 24


Protect and monitor your WordPress site using Sabres Security advanced cyber defense platform. More Information...

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