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Scan, examine and consider different education web tools to learn new business skills and share your knowledge.

Nevill Media

Nevill Media 30


Nevill Media is an online education platform with video tutorials and written guides targeted at entrepreneurs, marketing managers, freelancers and students. More Information...


Codecademy 90


Codecademy is an interactive online learning platform for seven different programming languages including Python, Ruby, PHP etc., as well as markup languages HTML and CSS. More Information...


CodePen 93


CodePen is a collaborative live coding environment where users can showcase their code, receive feedback and gain inspiration from others. More Information...


Treehouse 91


Treehouse is an online learning platform offering courses in web, mobile and business development. The platform has tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript, UX, WordPress, Ruby, PHP, iOS Development and more. More Information...


Lynda 96


Lynda is an online education platform offering thousands of video tutorials on software, design and business skills. Courses include Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc. More Information...

Code School

Code School 91


Code School is an online learning platform for current and aspiring developers. The platform teaches using a video-based approach. More Information...


StartupClass 57


StartupClass is Y-Combinator’s free online learning platform on everything they know about how to start a startup. More Information...


Learnyst 61


Learnyst helps educators build their branded online school and sell courses. With our transparent pricing model educators are generating 30X revenue over investment. More Information...

Growth Hacker TV

Growth Hacker TV 59


Growth Hacker TV is an educational resource with 100+ episodes where experts reveal their secrets on startup growth. More Information...


Skillshare 88


Skillshare is a learning community for creators. It offers a window to explore over a thousand classes from design to business and more. More Information...


Blobeo 25


Blobeo is an online marketplace for learners to connect with instructors offering online interactive live courses, and to learn from verified industry experts. More Information...


Mockup.io 54


Mockup.io is a web-based service for UI designers to share and present mobile app mockups and prototypes. Visual, easy to use and a huge time saver. More Information...


Prezentt 48


Prezentt is a training delivery platform that makes instructor-led courses cheaper & easier to run, more engaging & more interactive. More Information...


TuwiDeals 31


TuwiDeals.com - Deals Aggregator for Designers, Developers and Web Professionals More Information...

TrackTest English Test

TrackTest English Test 65


TrackTest is an online application for English proficiency assessments of employees, job candidates and students using the CEFR scale and certificates. More Information...

ExpertusONE LMS

ExpertusONE LMS 45


ExpertusONE is a LMS for training any audience with advanced mobile, gamification, social, reporting, eCommerce and Salesforce integration. More Information...


Cross.Promo 18


Cross.Promo is the first cross promotion tool for online businesses. It allows SaaS and online businesses get more leads by cross-promoting their services and products. More Information...


Yo!Kart 67


Yo!Kart is a multi vendor eCommerce solution that helps eCommerce ventures to launch their online shopping website. It is also known as a startup friendly eCommerce platform. More Information...


Capabiliti 30


Capabiliti is a mobile-first training assessment and engagement platform used by organizations to deliver trainings across geography in any format, at any scale, on any device More Information...

Aktiv Mind LMS

Aktiv Mind LMS 33


Aktiv Mind LMS allows businesses to create courses in the cloud in order to train their employees. Our online training software work across all platforms and devices. More Information...


Noplag 68


Noplag - online plagiarism checker for writers, students, educators, companies and website owners. More Information...


Planio 77


Planio offers robust issue tracking, agile PM, a help desk and repository hosting. Planio is perfect for software development teams and built on open-source Redmine. More Information...

KMI Learning LMS

KMI Learning LMS 42


Responsive and streamlined, the new KMI Learning LMS is as powerful and very easy to use. User experience has been our focus and elegant simplicity is the result. More Information...


CorvusGPS 21


CorvusGPS have developed an Online GPS fleet tracking system for companies to lower the workload on their dispatchers and to simplify field services. More Information...

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS 60


With Absorb users can train external customers and partners as well as internal employees and it is the choice LMS solution for industry leaders and distributors. More Information...


iubenda 18


Every website, including yours, needs a privacy policy. Iubenda is the most stylish and effective way to generate one. More Information...

crozdesk discount
ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker 87


ProProfs Training Maker is an all-in-one Learning Management System, that helps you create online trainings and courses for business or education. More Information...


CourseStorm 56


Impossibly simple class registration & marketing software allowing you to register more students & save time in the process. Easy pay-as-you-go, with no up-front costs. More Information...


Courseplay 26


The quick and affordable online training management solution for organizations to train, test and track their employees, students, customers or vendors. More Information...


ClassJuggler 44


ClassJuggler is an affordable online customer/class management solution for class-based & schedule-based businesses. More Information...


Skyprep 72


SkyPrep is designed to simplify the task of internal training by allowing for organizations to easily transfer, automate, and scale your training programs. More Information...


e-School 38


e-School is a cloud-based ERP platform that includes Learning Management System (LMS), Billing,Examination,Attendance,Accounting,Payroll,Inventory,Library & SMS capabilities. More Information...

Magentrix PRM

Magentrix PRM 75


Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution extends Salesforce CRM for channel partners to onboard, register leads, manage opportunities, access resources and training. More Information...

Knowledge Anywhere

Knowledge Anywhere 53


Learning management software designed for multilingual employee training that can be accessed on virtually any device from any location. More Information...


Swift 31


Swift HCM - An affordable web-based Human Capital Management Solution unifying essential HR components on one platform. More Information...


Looop 45


Looop is the only tool that helps you rapidly deliver context-rich resources on demand so that employees can apply their learning right away. More Information...


HandyTrain 36


HandyTrain is a platform that helps organizations to quickly deploy, manage and monitor training content as well as train, assess and evaluate their distributed workforce. More Information...


HiHaHo 18


With HiHaHo, you can make any video interactive. Involve viewers by inserting interactions and integrate them into existing learning tracks. More Information...

Abara LMS

Abara LMS 30


Abara LMS is a modern, mobile-first LMS, specifically designed for corporates, training, and eLearning companies with best in class features set. More Information...


99tests 53


99tests provides a testing market place to get 100 Bugs in 3 Days using Crowd of 50 Testers. More Information...


Edmodo 85


Edmodo is a learning management system for teachers, students, schools, and districts. More Information...

School Plus App

School Plus App 24


India's leading mobile app for schools, school parent communication app, school management mobile app, and school app for parents with amazing features. More Information...

Education & Learning Software Guide

What is Education & Learning Software?

Education & Learning software are products that either offer training or educational courses that will assist you in acquiring new skills or create your own learning management environments. Software solutions from this category focus on various types of learning - from brushing up on basic skills to gaining insights on advanced post-graduate subjects. For instance, some solutions offer simple tools like plagiarism checkers or beginner language courses while others offer advanced coding courses similar to those being taught in the most prestigious academic institutions.

The Startup and Business subcategory lists software solutions that will help you better train your staff, launch an online store or simply learn about business in general. Learning Management Systems (LMS) will help you better understand and create training courses for your organization. Software solutions from the Learn to Code subcategory will enable you to learn markup and coding languages like HTML, CSS, Java, C++ etc. Basically, software solutions that have anything to do with education and learning can be found in this segment.

How to Choose Education & Learning Software

One of the first considerations when picking out an educational software is the purpose of learning. Depending on what exactly you are trying to accomplish, you can go in very different directions even within the same subcategory. For instance, the approach to learning the basics of a programming language can differ a lot across various solutions, even if the subject matter looks the same.

Another important factor is the preferred method of learning, or teaching for that matter. For instance, you may prefer video lessons to practical examples and picking an educational software solution that allows you to learn by watching videos might yield more success. Or perhaps you are looking to educate your staff? Depending on the subject, you can direct them to one of the solutions from the MOOC segment, or create your own bespoke courses using a solution from the Authoring subcategory.

The third consideration is the availability of free content. Some of these software solutions offer free basic access and require paid subscriptions for advanced content. There are differences between educational software that offers freemium content and the ones requiring you to commit a budget up-front. Keeping all of these factors in mind, you will be able to decide on what education & learning software best suits your need, budget and specifications.

Subcategories of Education & Learning Software

  • Authoring: Software solutions used for creating multimedia content, designing and packaging e-learning content, etc. fall under the authoring subcategory. These solutions can be used to integrate an array of media formats and create interactive and engaging training programs. Combined with other types of educational software, authoring solutions are widely used in today's world of out-of-the-classroom learning.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): This increasingly popular educational software subcategory covers solutions used for delivery, tracking, reporting, documenting and administering training programs and educational courses. LMS solutions are used by instructors from various educational segments to administer tests, manage students' and trainees' records and perform other tasks related to online teaching. You can use LMSs to support already existing courses or design and deliver original teaching content across a variety of digital platforms.
  • Learn to Code: This is a self-explanatory subcategory that houses software solutions with a focus on programming courses. Solutions from this segment will enable you to master the basics of markup and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, Ruby and others. Used properly, you can achieve programming proficiency and develop coding skills comparable to the ones taught at the most prestigious colleges. You can also find courses on subjects other than programming that are closely related to your niche (design, production tool management, etc.).
  • MOOCs & General: MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Solutions from this subcategory are often run by academic or non-profit institutions and tend to be free educational platforms offering a variety of courses. MOOC software enables you to watch filmed lectures, give you access to audio and video courses and extensive literature on the respective subject. MOOCs were introduced as one of the original approaches to distance education and have since then become one of the most popular methods of digital learning.
  • Startups and Business: This subcategory houses software solutions with a focus on startups and business in general. From courses on business development and management to solutions that help you train and educate others within your organization, there is a plethora of solutions that will help you increase your business’s potential. The Startups and Business subcategory also houses solutions for creating and managing knowledge bases as well as offering resources commonly used in the process.

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