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What is solar design & proposal software?

Solar design & proposal software is an important tool for businesses, especially for engineers and solar companies whose main goal is to turn proposals to sales. It allows users to create designs that help customers and potential clients get a visual idea about what solar systems can do for their office or residence.

Instead of conducting more manual processes, solar providers can now do everything using just the software. This includes making the proposal, the creation and editing of the solar design and the proposed installation of the solar energy system.

Solar design & proposal tool minimizes and potentially eliminates the need to send printed proposals, dealing with large files or switching from one system to another. This automated solution is an all-in-one central location for everything essential for carrying out solar projects.

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Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar 91


Aurora Solar is a powerful solar PV design and sales software used by industry leading and growing solar companies of all sizes. View Listing...

Aurora offers a software platform for the design and sale of solar installations. The solution provides users with drag and drop components to create system designs, generate single line diagrams, create automated financial reports and create sales proposals using advanced analytics tools.

How is solar design & proposal software used?

Solar design & proposal software was created to address the need for an affordable but reliable and efficient tool for designing solar system projects. For project managers, it can help make processes easier and more achievable whilst increasing efficiency in your team.

There are basically three major aspects that a solar designer needs to focus on when creating a proposal or designing a system for clients. The first one is the location and size of the client’s property as this will help determine the number of panels needed. It’s also important to choose the right solar panel to use.

The second one is the condition of the location. Factors such as sun coverage, foliage and the surrounding areas that can affect solar performance need to be considered. This is important so designers and project managers can calculate how much energy the panels can produce, among other things.

The last aspect is related to how much energy the client consumes. Getting an idea of how much a homeowner or an office’s energy consumption is will be important for identifying the possible percentage a client can save using the solar panels.

More conventional methods mean solar installers had to do the entire process manually. This meant they had to go to each of their client’s locations just to take photos, measure and assess the site, which took a lot of time and effort. An automated, cloud-based and streamlined process is more favorable for the company. These are all essential for ensuring the project’s goals are met—especially in terms of energy savings and production.

With solar design & proposal software, all these tasks can be done remotely and in a reliable and accurate manner. It streamlines the process and business operations.

Aurora Solar allows installers to calculate a site’s environmental and physical characteristics as accurately as possible. The tool comes up with a 3D model for the site and this is then used to determine which solar system design that fits the client’s space or site.

Most solutions offer features including pre-qualification and financial analysis, drag-and-drop components for easier design management, an automatic designer and simulation features that can give installers an idea of the capabilities of a solar system.

The tool also has sales-related features. Aside from allowing users to create detailed proposals, the software also provides options for financing. It also helps with lead generation, which can help pinpoint businesses to the best potential clients.

Another major feature is the tracking option, which allows project managers and installers to monitor proposals. This helps identify factors that can help improve business sales and profit. The majority of solar design & proposal platforms also have 24/7 customer service.

What are the benefits of using solar design & proposal software?

Selling a solar energy project can be quite a challenge as the competition is tough. However, companies using reliable solar design & proposal software do have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. A company can benefit from the software in many ways, including:

One intuitive platform

This type of software provides businesses with an efficient option for creating quotes and proposals for solar projects. As mentioned earlier, there are several aspects installers need to focus on in order to come up with the right proposal. This automated, centralized software helps address those factors so clients are guaranteed efficiency.

visualization of projects

The platform allows project managers and installers to provide clients with advanced simulations of the solar panel system they want and need. At the same time, it helps providers determine the right kind of solar project for particular clients.

Increased sales

This software helps businesses sell more solar projects and proposals. Through using lead generation and other essential features, it will be easier for providers to turn leads to sales. Relevant client information can help them come up with successful selling techniques.

Proposal tracking

The software also allows businesses to keep track of proposals and how buyers react to them, which is essential for improved customer service.

Businesses effectively utilizing solar design & proposal software are provided with an efficient, accurate and cost-saving solution that assists with providing clients with the best solar energy systems.

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Aurora Solar 91


Aurora Solar is a powerful solar PV design and sales software used by industry leading and growing solar companies of all sizes. View Listing... From: $159.00/month trial/premium


Scoop Solar 84


Scoop is a cloud-based solar project management software that streamlines operations for sales, installation, service, and field teams. View Listing...


HelioScope 72


HelioScope is the solar industry's leading software platform for designing and selling high-performance solar arrays. View Listing... From: $95.00/month premium only


SunPro+ 46


SunPro+ is an end-to-end solar sales software that helps solar companies to eliminate inefficiencies in the sales process and empower the team to meet customer requirements. View Listing...

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