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What is insurance software for agents?

Insurance software, also referred to as agency management systems, is a type of software solution designed for insurance companies, brokers, and agents. It is an industry-specific platform that combines the key features of CRM software and ERP systems. The CRM side, or customer relationship management, is meant to serve the clients, while the ERP side, enterprise resource planning, is intended for internal/company use.

Any business nowadays is aware of how important and useful CRM and ERP solutions are. In the insurance industry, however, there are unique requirements and standards that have to be present in the software solution they incorporate into their processes.

Insurance software comes with tools that are effective for business management. But this kind of system is not limited to basic business management. Insurance software for agents also addresses other key aspects, such as the enhancement of client relationships, the processing of commissions, and the automation of other day-to-day processes of all insurance agencies.

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Insly 73


Insly is the only global SaaS solution for insurance brokers and agents. We offer our solution to our clients regardless where they are situated. View Listing...

Insly is an insurance software development company offering insurance policy management for insurance brokers, insurance agents and MGAs. Their intuitive insurance management software has all the features that an insurance broker or insurance agent needs for its business.

How is insurance software used by agents and brokers?

When used within an insurance agency, insurance software solutions can greatly benefit the agents as well as the organization’s sales team. This kind of system enables agents, brokers, and other staff members to maintain comprehensive yet accurate information regarding past, present and future clientele.

Agency management systems help insurance firms monitor and maintain customer relationships, improve marketing and make sales processes more efficient. These platforms also facilitate the process of monitoring sales and agent performance. The bottom line, this kind of software solution helps boost the efficiency and productivity of agents and the rest of your insurance team.

Most insurance software for agents that are available in the market comes with a few core features, which includes the following:

Centralized data storage

A good insurance software solution must have a robust storage facility for data related to the agency and its clientele. This centralized storage is where policy documents, notes, statements, and other important information are kept. This feature should provide insurance agents easy access to the information they need at any given moment.

Process tracking and monitoring

Insurance software systems should also be able to keep track and monitor key processes, such as insurance sales, claims, and other transactions. This feature also covers policy and regulatory compliance, making sure your company and your insurance agents are observing best practices and industry standards when conducting their business.

Insurance commission analysis

This feature is quite important when it comes to insurance software for agents, as it affects their earnings. For insurance agents and brokers, the majority of their earnings come from insurance sales commissions so it is understood insurance firms should have a reliable software solution that analyzes insurance commissions efficiently.

Analytics and reporting

Making reports of sales performance, drawing analysis of account status, and generating other critical data useful in the decision making process part of the responsibilities of insurance agents and their managers—it’s because of this that most insurance software and agency management systems are equipped with analytics and reporting capabilities. To serve the specific needs of agents and brokers.

Integration with third-party solutions

A good insurance software platform should support seamless integration with existing third-party solutions. It’s not uncommon for businesses to use multiple business process solutions, i.e. CRM, ERP, employee management systems, appraisal systems, and so on. For this reason, it’s crucial for these types of software solutions to have integration capabilities in order to streamline multiple business processes.

Of the many different insurance software solutions in the market, there is one particular system that’s designed specifically for insurance agents and brokers. Insly is an insurance software for agents and brokers with features made available to help with the day-to-day processes of such professionals.

The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, online cloud storage and quality customer support. The best thing about this system is you only have to sign up and you can start working immediately. Full system setup can be completed in less than a day.

What are the benefits of using insurance software for agents?

Insurance software solutions benefit both agents/brokers and their clients. Insurance agents take advantage of the full capabilities and automation, giving them more time to spend on other aspects of their daily responsibilities, while clients benefit from better customer service and efficient processing of their applications and claims.

Using insurance software brings agents many benefits, including:

Feature-rich policy administration

Insurance software systems support the processes involved in the entire lifecycle of client management. With this system, you will be able to compile and issue policies, store and organize important documents, issue and send out invoices to clients in bulk or automatically, keep track of payments and overdue bills, track policy changes and cancellations, monitor the life of claims from the FNOL stage to settlement and automate policy renewals with automated reminders.

Improved customer service

Good insurance software systems can help you take your customer support capabilities to the next level. Many of the top platforms out there can help agents identify new leads and find the right opportunities that will help convert those leads into new customers and policyholders. When it comes to policies, agents can add, amend and renew them with ease. They can set up premium and favorable fee payments as well as link claims and associated documents for efficiency and collaborative purposes.

Insurance claims processing is also made easier and more efficient. Agents and brokers can track all necessary information and other important paperwork in a single location.

Quick-and-easy policy administration

Policy administration can be tedious and time-consuming. Most often there are time constraints that can make the whole process even more stressful for insurance agents and brokers. Among the main functions of agency management systems is to reduce the time spent on tedious tasks, eliminate or minimize human errors, and streamline workflows.

Insurance software solutions allow users to craft and disseminate client invoices individually, in bulk, or automatically. Payment processing is also done through automation, as well as policy renewals, and debt management by way of automated notices and individual customer notifications on outstanding bills.

Insurance software for agents is a useful tool for independent insurance agents, brokers, and firms of all sizes. It allows for efficient agency management and business processes for the insurance industry by combining the functions of CRM and ERP, among other industry-specific features and capabilities.

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An easy to use and affordable SaaS Platform for Insurance Agencies & Call Centers. A combination of CRM, Marketing Tools & VoIP Technology. View Listing... From: $75.00/month premium only TLDCRM Pricing


Vertafore Agency Platform 83


Vertafore Agency Platform is an insurance agency management system. View Listing...


Macaw 80


Macaw is an end to end solution for Insurance Agencies, Brokers, and Managing General Agents. It includes CRM, Sales, Policy Servicing, Claims, AR/AP, and Customer self-service. View Listing...


Insly 73


Insly is the only global SaaS solution for insurance brokers and agents. We offer our solution to our clients regardless where they are situated. View Listing... From: $219.00/month trial/premium

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