What is yourbrowser.is?

"Recognize your customer's browsing environment in seconds. Operating system, browser version, mobile device, screen resolution, social login status and more."

Create a custom checker page, send it's URL to your customer and receive a full report on their browser the moment they open the link. Include your own variables in the URL to recognize the user.
Browser make & version, operating system, mobile device, screen resolution, current viewport, pixel ratio, color depth, JavaScript, Java, Flash, SIlverlight, cookies, IP address, geo-location, language, time zone, social login status (Facebook, Twitter, Google), ad blocker plugins, connection speed.

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yourbrowser.is Product Overview

  • Custom variables

  • Instant reports by email

  • Custom checker pages with branding

  • Detecting user browser and operating system (make, version, settings, plugins)

Languages: English
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yourbrowser.is FAQs

Who are the main user groups of yourbrowser.is?

Web Developers and SaaS Customer Service Consultants.

What is yourbrowser.is generally used for?

For recognizing customer's browsing environment (browser, operating system, plugins, settings, etc.).

What platforms does yourbrowser.is support?

Web browsers on all operating systems and devices.

What are some applications yourbrowser.is is commonly used in tandem with?

Ticketing/helpdesk systems.

Does yourbrowser.is integrate with any other apps?

A simple integration with some ticketing systems can be done by adding a "subject" variable to the URL, including a ticket number.

Does yourbrowser.is offer an API?

Not yet, but we're working on it.

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