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Invoicing Software for Contractors and Freelancers

Invoicing software solutions for contractors and freelancers are tools designed to simplify the process of tracking expenses, sending invoices and filing taxes For people engaging in freelance work or contracting jobs, handling invoices can take up a significant amount of their valuable time. These hours would also not compensated for, which can accumulate into large losses. Since these people are not part of a corporate workforce with a dedicated and separate finance department, invoicing customers can be difficult to do without a proper invoicing tool. This particularly affects self-employed people.

Getting the job done is one of the easier tasks when you’re a freelancer or a contractor. The invoicing is the unexpectedly difficult part. Several financial tasks have to be done in regularly carried out to keep any small business afloat. Bookkeeping, the activity of keeping records of financial affairs, is one of the many things a freelancer or contractor has to learn to master.

However, not all freelancers or contractors adapt to effective bookkeeping. Mistakes are easy to make if it’s done manually, especially when it comes to tedious, repetitive tasks. Missing files and inaccurate numbers are just some of the few examples that can easily go unnoticed. If done incorrectly, invoicing can do more harm than to your business than good. It can also cost you time and consequently, money.

Today’s marketplace constantly evolves to become more and more competitive. Businesses, retailers and enterprises are all making constant improvements to how they handle their customer services. Most of them make use of cloud-based software to enable easier access for their employees and to attract clients with quality websites and applications. The same strategy can be applied to the self-employed.

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InvoiceBerry 84


InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software designed for small business and freelancers. View Listing...

InvoiceBerry is an invoicing solution that was tailor-made with contractors and freelancers in mind. The flexible solution covers all core invoicing features as well as the more specific needs of a wide range of industries.

How is invoicing software used for contractors and freelancers?

Invoicing is relatively similar across all fields of business and expertise. All expenses and payments must be accounted for, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the cost might appear to be. The primary difference between companies and freelancers regarding their invoicing systems is the person responsible for it. Companies have dedicated finance departments to process these tasks while freelancers and contractors have to do it on their own.

For contractors and freelancers, a cloud-based invoicing software system is the best software solution to implement in their daily businesses. Since they’re always on the move, it’s essential to have an application they can easily bring around to stay updated on payments received and invoices issued. Most invoicing software solutions enable automation, accessibility and accuracy.

InvoiceBerry, a cloud-based accounting software solution effective for small businesses and freelancers, simplifies several processes involved in invoicing. It’s a reliable invoicing tool with an easy to use interface. Several key features such as invoice creation, client management and report creation are synonymous with most invoicing software offerings in the market. Additionally, features including the following can also be expected:

Online invoices

When it comes to invoicing, it is important to have accurate numbers and details when requesting payments. Customizable invoices provide options around what details to put on the invoice sheet and how many you send out at a time. Since this software solution is specifically tailored to freelance work and contractual jobs, features enabling multiple invoices to be sent out concurrently can be extremely helpful in keeping up with payments and tracking client interactions. Additionally, the invoicing process for self-employed workers can also be adapted to include their own payment terms.

With customizable invoices, there are several templates available for you to choose from. Professional templates come with the software, which you can easily add your brand logo to. Additionally, you are also given the option of creating your own invoice. This could help your work stand out, and gives you a chance to be creative with your invoice sheets.

One of the many benefits of having online invoices is the ease of use which comes along with it. You can easily send professional invoices, automate payment reminders and even accept payment online from banks all across the globe. This is because invoicing software solutions usually support multiple currencies and languages. The more payment methods a customer has, the less time you spend chasing your clientele for payment.

Another function is the recurring invoices feature, which serves its purpose by automatically invoicing recurring clients based on a fixed schedule. This helps in eliminating the redundancy of sending out the same invoices manually and allows your time and effort to be spent on other projects.

Payment and expense tracking

When you’re a freelancer or contractor, it’s necessary to track each payment you’ve received and every expenditure you make. Invoicing software solutions provide an overview of where your money is going. Additionally, they allow you to take pictures of your receipts and upload it to the cloud.

Furthermore, if you have periodic expenses, this type of software lets you set up a recurring expense profile to avoid wasting time creating them again. This saves time and effort. Another function the payment and expense tracking feature serves is displaying a pie chart which provides an easy visual of where your areas of highest expense are. This allows you to always track, and keep in check your current finances.

Report generation

By automatically generating reports on your expenses and payments, this feature provides a hassle-free tool that can help you analyze and interpret the flow of your business. Since it’s automatic, you don’t have to go over all of the previous transactions since it’s already there in the system. This eliminates the chances of faulty reports or inaccurate numbers. As long as everything is processed within the invoicing software solution, the need for double-checking details is diminished.

Mobile application

Another feature useful to freelancers and contractors is the mobile application adaption. Since most invoicing software solutions are cloud-based, it is never difficult to access your system from different devices. For self-employed people who are always on the go, having live notifications when customers pay or when a new job order comes in is essential in keeping track of their work.

What are the benefits of invoicing software for contractors and freelancers?

Invoicing software provides automation, accessibility, and accuracy. With less time needing to be spent on bookkeeping tasks, freelancers, contractors and the self-employed can focus on making their small business grow. Since features include online invoices, payment and expense tracking, mobile application and report generation, it is as if you gain your own easy-to-understand finance department in the form of an invoicing software system.

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