Best Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Software in 2018

This group of software helps make a company’s current product pricing instantly available to its sales representatives working from different locations. Salespeople can also use this software to generate quotes for highly configurable products. CPQ software helps an organization’s sales department to accelerate its sales cycles, identify up-sell opportunities and improve quote accuracy. Key features include the ability to define pricing hierarchies, the ability to make price adjustments on the basis of current offers and discounts and the ability to create proposals and set discount limits. 


uCalc 45


uCalc is a service that helps you create and maintain calculators to estimate services and delivery costs as well as build booking, feedback, and event registration forms. More Information...


BlackCurve 32


BlackCurve is software that effortlessly manages and optimises your prices. You can instantly implement advanced pricing strategies which will increase your profits. More Information...


Inkybay 24


Let your customers design for themselves, right on your website to increase sales, reduce errors, and save production time. Get an instant price quote based on added design. More Information...


OroCommerce 61


OroCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform built from the ground up for B2B companies in manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, and retail. More Information...

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