What is KPI Watchdog?

"KPI Watchdog is an online reporting tool for online businesses."

Use our Google Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Facebook Insights, Wordpress Woocommerce, MySQL database and other API connectors to automatically collect your business data.

Create dashboards, reports, and compare results from your database with Google Analytics and Facebook to get an instant visual overview of how your e-shop or e-commerce business is performing.

Share dashboards or report with your team members or investors. Get notified by intelligent e-mail alerting system.


  • KPI Watchdog
  • KPI Watchdog
  • KPI Watchdog

Business Management Market Radar

KPI Watchdog Product Overview

  • Dashboard creation

  • Data visualization

  • Creating and sharing reports

  • Alerting system

  • Collecting data from different sources

Languages: English
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like it. Flexible and cheaper than competition

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