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What is drag-and-drop website builder software?

Drag-and-drop website builder software is a practical, affordable and easy-to-use software solution for building a website that suits your needs and preferences for whatever type of website you want to design.

This type of software is specifically designed for affordability, efficiency and ease of use, with the implementation of the drag-and-drop method. Most small businesses and individuals who want a fully functioning website that is professional-looking, attractive and optimized for search engines are held back by three key factors; skill, time and money.

The term drag-and-drop simply refers to the way the user interacts with a particular computer program or software solution. Instead of manually writing code, which can be time-consuming and challenging for beginners, you simply drag the specific item you need and drop it on any location you want.

For example, if you want to create landing pages, all you have to do is choose from the different options available on the screen; images, video backgrounds, widgets, banners, contact forms, etc., and drop (or position) it on any real estate that’s available on the page.

The drag-and-drop approach has made web design and development significantly easier and more cost-effective for most website creators.

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Ucraft 90


Ucraft is a drag and drop website builder that can be used by anyone who wants to create a website for themselves. View Listing...

Ucraft is a drag and drop website builder for anyone who wants to create a professional and responsive website. Whatever you do, build a website and present your brand in the best possible way with free hosting, drag-and-drop feature and affordable pricing.

How is drag-and-drop website builder software used?

Drag-and-drop solutions can be used by any business of any size or industry who wish to create a website without the need of outsourcing web developers or incurring extra costs. Websites created on these solutions can be as responsive and engaging as professionally made websites when done effectively.

Most of the top-tier website builders in the market offer a wide variety of professional-looking, unique and easily designable website sections in every template provided. This will enable you to completely customize your web pages and make sure they are optimized for any screen size, including tablets, smartphones or any mobile device.

Drag-and-drop website builders are similar in functionality to WYSIWYG software, which makes things easier by implementing an approach similar to word processing programs like Microsoft Word. Website creators can easily add several elements to their website and landing pages, including tables, charts, images, videos and buttons with just a few clicks. You need to edit the HTML to successfully create a modern website for your business.

Once you have an account or have subscribed to a drag-and-drop website builder software service, you can immediately start designing your website. You begin by choosing a template that suits your vision of a business website and then simply pick the elements you wish to include in your design.

Drag-and-drop website builder software solutions implement the drag-and-drop function on almost every aspect of the website creation process, including the sections within the page. There’s really no formula or specific line of code that you need to learn to successfully create a modern website for your company or brand.

Wix, SnapPages and Ucraft are prime examples of website builders that implement the drag-and-drop function quite effectively. Ucraft is an all-in-one advanced CMS that allows users with no prior knowledge of coding or web design to easily create web pages complete with features such as landing pages, blog creation and publishing tools, logo and emblem generation, designer tools and eCommerce functionality with marketplace and social media support.

A few core features you need to look out for when choosing a user-friendly website builder are point and click editing, SEO tools, contact forms creator, shopping cart, useful eCommerce tools, fully customizable templates, analytics and visitor tracking capabilities and social media support.

What are the benefits of using drag-and-drop website builder software?

When it comes to drag-and-drop website builder software, there are many benefits that all users can gain from using the software, including:

Ease of use

When you compare a drag-and-drop website builder software solution to other more advanced solutions that most web developers use, you will see a stark contrast in the “ease of use” area. While seasoned web designers and developers can say that the website creators or the software tools they are using are simple enough to use, that statement certainly does not resonate with individuals with no experience in web creation whatsoever.

The drag-and-drop approach to building a website allows beginners and inexperienced users to dive into the web design and development process even without the three main concerns previously mentioned; skill, time and money. You don’t need to be skilled in HTML coding and web designs and it doesn’t take long to get familiarized with how the platform works and start creating your website.

Engaging page design

Another advantage that drag-and-drop website builders provide is allowing you to design your web pages more intuitively. Apart from the vast selection of templates, you can also choose specific sections and elements to put in each individual page. There are available embeds for every kind of element you can imagine, including widget embeds, connection to APIs, video and gallery embeds and the ability to edit code and add your own custom CSS code wherever needed.

Affordable pricing

Considering that this type of website builder is essentially a web-based or online tool, you can also expect cost-savings to come with it. There’s a reason why software solutions delivered as a service via the cloud is gaining popularity across all industries. It’s less expensive and the provider/vendor retains all management and maintenance responsibilities.

Drag-and-drop website builder software can really benefit all users of the solution who are looking to create a modern website that suits their unique needs, all without spending hours having to learn HTML coding or other complex processes and techniques just to get their site up and running successfully.

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ClickFunnels is cloud-based funnel builder and landing page designer. View Listing... From: $97.00/month trial/premium ClickFunnels Pricing

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Ucraft 90


Ucraft is a drag and drop website builder that can be used by anyone who wants to create a website for themselves. View Listing... From: $6.00/month trial/premium Ucraft Pricing

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Wix 87


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Levo Builder 87


Build your dream website in under an hour. No coding and no developer needed. Shockingly easy to use. View Listing... From: $9.99/month trial/premium Levo Builder Pricing

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Pagewiz 86


Pagewiz is the do-it-yourself landing page generator that lets its users create, publish, and split-test landing pages on the fly. View Listing...

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Product Leader

SnapPages 84


SnapPages is a drag and drop website builder solution that allows anyone to quickly and easily create a website View Listing... From: $4.00/month trial/premium SnapPages Pricing

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Product Leader

Webydo 83


Webydo is a cloud-based web design platform that allows designers to create advanced, responsive HTML5 websites with a built-in CMS, without writing code. View Listing... From: $90.00/month premium only Webydo Pricing

Product Leader



Blocks empowers designers to build great websites without touching a line of code. View Listing...

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