Best Localization Software in 2018

Companies targeting new markets often need to localize their software products or website to make those useable for local customers. This often requires translating a product’s user interface to a local language and adapting the product to the cultural and legal requirements of the target market. Software products in this category help take the hassle out of localization by automating tedious translation tasks and by streamlining process communication. This helps overcome cultural and linguistic barriers and reduces time to market for fast expanding companies. More advanced products integrate localization into the product development process, rather than viewing it as an additional task. Some products automatically notify the translators whenever any changes are made to a project. 


PhraseApp 84


Translate your software better with PhraseApp More Information...


Smartling 81


Smartling is online translation management and localization software. More Information...


Qordoba 61


Qordoba is a SaaS solution that provides localization for humans and machines. More Information...

Text United

Text United 38


Text United is a Translation Management System for continuous translation that allows you to translate while you are developing your products and content. More Information...


LingoHub 68


Continuous translation made simple: Gain customer satisfaction by automating and managing localization, release frequently and building software in their native language. More Information... 60


Custom map creator to pin multiple locations. More Information...

StoneFly SCVM

StoneFly SCVM 50


The StoneFly Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM) Software-Defined HyperConverged Storage using the existing resources of your VMware or HyperV Host virtual server. More Information...


OpenBack 31


OpenBack enables apps to access hundreds of user data points and machine learning to deliver notifications at the best moment for each user. More Information...

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