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What is salon booking software?

Salon booking software is a cloud-based software solution for salon owners, stylists and independent hair and makeup professionals to help them organize their client booking process.

A salon booking platform isn’t that different from most online booking software solutions used by other professionals in various industries like therapists and legal professionals. However, it does have a few key features and capabilities that are virtually exclusive to the salon and spa business.

As a standalone product, salon booking software solutions are more than capable in facilitating your entire business process.

The system automates a wide range of tasks and processes, including online appointment scheduling, appointment confirmations and cancellations, inventory tracking, secure data storage, staff management, customer interactions and even the implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns to help grow your business.

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Phorest 90


Phorest Salon Software helps salons & spas get their clients in more often, spending more, through industry leading management & marketing tools and smart payment solutions. View Listing...

Phorest Salon Software is for salon owners who want to create better client experiences. It provides salons with the technology and marketing tools to make life easier, such as the ability to manage appointments, scan products and make sales anywhere on the salon floor.

How is salon booking software used by salons?

Busy salon businesses and independent styling professionals dealing with multiple clients may find it difficult to juggle general business tasks while they schedule appointments at the same time, especially during peak hours.

A salon booking solution can automate the online booking process for them and also automate the client-facing experience too. Clients who wish to schedule an appointment have to simply book it on their own using the booking features of the software.

Salon booking software solutions are equipped with a variety of features and functions to help users manage appointments, accommodate new client requests, reschedule existing appointments when necessary and send automated notifications and reminders to clients regarding their upcoming appointment.

Most of the top salon software systems in the market are quite comprehensive and capable of doing much more than their intended function. Apart from the standard scheduling features, this type of system is also capable of serving as a sufficient business process management software solution. It allows you to market your salon business through the marketing tools that are offered.

A good example of this kind of software solution is Phorest salon software. Phorest is a salon booking software solution that is capable of so much more. On top of the scheduling tools it provides, the product also comes with a fully functioning salon management and marketing suite.

The salon management function allows salon owners/managers to effectively manage their staff, inventory, point of sale and client information in a centralized location.

Marketing and CRM

The full marketing suite is designed to help you promote your salon business to the right audience at the right time. It allows users to fill appointments quickly, receive more 5-star reviews on Google and it even has a loyalty program function to help retain existing clients and assist with finding new clients.

Some best-in-breed salon booking platforms available also provide CRM tools for more efficient customer management. The same platform that you use to organize appointments you can use as a tool to capture relevant customer data. This data you can then use to supplement your targeted marketing campaigns.

Salon booking software systems often include tools that allow users to properly segment and categorize their target customers, monitor their spending habits, as well as gather valuable customer feedback.

Reporting and analytics

Smart reporting and analytics have also become common features in many of today’s salon management solutions. They can generate customized reports on the efficiency of marketing campaigns, staff performance, revenue trends and customer satisfaction either through service or stylist categories.

Payment processing

Invoicing and POS processing are two functions that have become a staple in most best-in-class salon software solutions. With these features, you will be able to generate invoices for customers and process payments through various methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets and cash.

The point of sale solution can also be used by customers to redeem gift cards and other rewards you may have in store through your loyalty program and other promos.

Mobile apps from Android and/or iOS allow salon businesses to manage their calendar, contact customers and process payments. They can also be used by customers to schedule appointments, confirm or cancel their booking, post reviews, send suggestions and make purchases and payments.

What are the benefits of using salon booking software?

Busy salons and styling professionals dealing with multiple clients can find it difficult to properly manage their schedules. The main purpose of this type of software is to help streamline your appointments. There are many benefits of using salon booking software, including:

Better scheduling

This type of software allows users to get better visibility over the daily schedules and help plan and manage them accordingly. When using the schedule correctly, clients can find a time and date that suits them and book their next session on the day using the user-friendly interface.

The platform can also help reduce no shows, as you have the ability to send automated reminders to clients who have already scheduled an appointment, ensuring they don’t forget and they arrive on time. If they do have to cancel or reschedule the appointment, they can easily do it through the mobile app.

Process and task automation

Using this software helps automates time-consuming tasks and processes, meaning users of the software can provide better service to their clients. Paperwork, scheduling and general tasks can be done automatically by the platform.

Centralized system

The centralization of customer data allows you and your staff to easily access customer information, which will help you come up with more effective marketing campaigns that will not only benefit your business but your customers as well.

Better customer insights

With customer data readily available, you will have access to dates of birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions specific to each individual customer. You can use this information to promote special discounts and other rewards that will make your client-base happy and satisfied.

Salon booking software solutions are vital components of any salon and spa business that wish to grow their customer base and accept more appointments. This kind of system will help you streamline your daily tasks and processes, help you accept more online booking applications and allow you to improve your service and keep your clientele satisfied.

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Phorest 90


Phorest Salon Software helps salons & spas get their clients in more often, spending more, through industry leading management & marketing tools and smart payment solutions. View Listing... From: $99.00/month premium only

2 Award(s) 89

99 offers a simple and extensive online booking system that works for all companies which accept appointments. View Listing... From: $9.90/month freemium Pricing

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Picktime 89


Picktime is an appointment scheduling platform that enables businesses to manage appointments, staff and services hassle-free. It is a one-stop solution for businesses that need scheduling of any kind. Be it... View Listing...

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Booker 86


Cloud-based online booking, scheduling, point-of-sale and marketing software. It has everything you need to run your salon better. View Listing... From: $85.00/month premium only Booker Pricing

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MioSalon 69


Free Forever - All in one Salon & Spa Software. No Credit Card required. View Listing... From: $0.00/month trial/premium

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Skinic 62


Skinic is a free web-based beauty & SPA management software with every feature you need to run your business: online booking, calendar, appointments, clients and many more. View Listing...

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