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What is nonprofit fundraising software?

Nonprofit fundraising software is a platform for nonprofit volunteering organizations that want to properly manage donations and collections as well as develop fundraising projects and campaigns. Designed to help streamline tasks relevant to funding, donor retention, and retaining donor relationships, it is an essential tool for nonprofits.

A fundraising platform focuses on helping nonprofits to determine, sustain and improve the efficiency of a campaign or initiative. Monitoring campaigns can be quite challenging nowadays, especially since there are various venues for carrying out these activities. Email is one but social media is bigger and more influential.

While several fundraising solutions are normally integrated with other tools like accounting software or a donor management tool, or even a nonprofit CRM solution, there are those that are smaller in scope and focus specifically on the task of raising and keeping funds.

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Flipcause combines fundraising solution and community engagement platform to give small nonprofit organizations all the tools they’ll ever need to manage events, from volunteers to sponsors to crowdfunding. This all-in-one approach is made possible with apps that come with the system, including a CRM and payment processing.

How is nonprofit fundraising software used?

Nonprofit fundraising software is the central platform and database of nonprofit organizations for all their fundraising strategies. What nonprofit groups normally do is use the software to funnel the funds they get to specific needs or requirements such as event expenses and overhead costs, among others.

Although the organization’s employees are usually the ones who regularly use the software, some leaders and managers often use it to collect data. Whatever information they will then find is used to formulate ideas and strategies for their fundraising goals. This also provides them a good overview of the organization’s standing in terms of raising and maintaining funds.

More specifically, nonprofit fundraising software solutions often include the following features:

Monitor information on potential and current donors while also serving as an avenue of communication for the organization and its sponsors and supporters. As such, it acts as a donor database.

Serve as a platform for providing a variety of choices for gifts and donations.

Offers features for online fundraising, which means donors can send their gifts and donations through online sources—whether recurring or one-time-only payments.

Give organizations the freedom to monitor, manage and create campaigns intended to draw in more donors.

Provide an overview that can help evaluate the status, performance or impact of contributions and fundraising goals.

Several fundraising software have also embraced the popularity and effectiveness of social media. As such, several platforms that come with features allowing nonprofits to link their campaigns to their social media network exist. This further helps improve their fundraising efforts, giving them better chances of landing good deals with donors.

A wide array of nonprofit fundraising software solutions is being offered and these solutions have different features. Knowing the types of tools available will help determine which one has the functionalities ideal for your organization.

Groups or organizations

For organizations that run campaigns to raise funds, fundraising software for crowdfunding is the ideal platform. One of the popular features of this software is the ability to share campaigns to as wide a network as possible. This gives the campaigns a wide reach, so more people and groups get to learn about it. Crowdfunding software also helps campaigns become viral and, in the process, get more opportunities to achieve their money-raising goals.

P2P tools

One of the latest fundraising software types for nonprofits is the peer-to-peer fundraising tool. Many nonprofit groups prefer this type because it helps them expand their reach. Its concept is quite simple: instead of putting all the work of looking for funds on the organization, the software includes the donors in the process.

The donors then become advocates (for the organization’s cause) and they can campaign by reaching out to their network. As such, the number of people and groups working to raise funds expands depending on how big the donors’ networks are.

This nonprofit fundraising software type is focused more on donations that are team-based as well as on events specifically created to raise funding. It’s a fundraising tool for teams and each of the members are provided with a donation page that they can use to spread information about their nonprofit campaign.

Flipcause, a popular fundraising and donor management solution, uses the peer-to-peer type and offers both team and individual pages. Initially, supporters and donors can join as an individual fundraiser and then create their own team. They can also choose to become part of a team already signed up with the platform.

Philanthropic missions

For companies that engage in philanthropic missions, the matching gift nonprofit fundraising platform is the best option. Aside from solidifying a company’s corporate social responsibility or CSR goals, this tool also helps business support and encourage their employees to keep supporting their advocacies and charitable activities. With the help of this matching gift fundraising tool, companies can match the donations to the organizations supported by their employees.

There are also quite a number of nonprofit groups that raise funding for their campaigns through auctions. The auction nonprofit fundraising software helps these organizations facilitate the auctions efficiently and effectively. The text-to-give fundraising platform partners with mobile phone companies so they can gather donations by sending text messages to possible donors. This software is especially helpful during events where the donors are invited.

Nonprofit fundraising platforms are useful not only for large and established nonprofits but all the more so for the smaller ones. It does not matter whether the group is big or small; what’s important is that it is able to function efficiently with the help of a good fundraising tool.

What are the benefits of nonprofit fundraising software?

There are many benefits for organizations and groups that use nonprofit software, including:

Centralized platform

The main benefit of using nonprofit fundraising software is access to all the most important tools for collecting donations: donor information and interaction, campaign management, peer-to-peer fundraising, and funds tracking. All of these are available in one centralized, easy-to-use platform.

Integration capabilities

Automated and seamless integration allow organizations to improve their chances of collecting funds and allocating them to the proper campaigns. This does not only save time but also effort and money as organizations can view and collect funds and donations from one platform and easily track metrics.

Better donation experience

Well-managed fundraising campaigns help increase the chances of organizations to get donors. Likewise, nonprofit organizations will find it a bit easier to encourage existing or current donors to become recurrent contributors to their campaigns.

In addition, this all-in-one software also contributes to a better experience for donors and probable contributors as they can donate using many different methods and are safe in the knowledge that their donation is being put to good use.

Nonprofit fundraising software is an important investment for organizations as it not only helps inspire team members; it also guides the group, providing it with more opportunities to become effective, efficient, and empowered.

When used effectively, nonprofit fundraising software can help organizations properly manage donations and collections as well as develop fundraising projects and campaigns. Designed to help streamline tasks relevant to funding, donor retention, and retaining donor relationships, it is an essential tool for nonprofits that wish to improve their donation processes.

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