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What is GotoMeeting?

"GotoMeeting is a professional online meeting software."

GoToMeeting is a web-based video conferencing and collaboration solution in high-definition. This platform makes it easy for users to meet with customers, clients or colleagues in real time.

GoToMeeting is mostly used for organizing professional meetings, webinars, training, conference calls, and presentations. Strong and robust, the solution comes at the reasonable price, so there are more businesses that switch to GoToMeeting form other similar products. It is simple to use and doesn't require users to navigate any menus.

This service also offers scheduled meetings, desktop and mobile options, personal meeting room, HDFaces video conferencing, desktop and app sharing, drawing tools, and more. When it comes to deployment, there are cloud and installed versions, available for Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices.

GotoMeeting scored 85/100 in the Video Conferencing category. This is based on user satisfaction (79/100), press buzz (61/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on GotoMeeting gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has declined over the past month. What is this?

GotoMeeting Awards

GotoMeeting Internal Communications Software Award 2020 GotoMeeting Quality Choice Badge 2020 GotoMeeting Trusted Vendor Badge 2020
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GotoMeeting Review

Editors' Review by the Video Conferencing Software Review Team

Available on-premise and in the cloud, GoToMeeting is considered an ideal alternative of entry point video conferencing platforms such as FaceTime, Google Hangouts and even Skype.

The tool is commonly used for conducting online meetings and teleconferences, lectures, demonstrations and training. It’s easy to use and accessible from your browser or mobile device. In addition, you don’t have to have a camera to utilize its features.

Created in 2004, GoToMeeting is broadcast to different users and their computers, which are connected to the host computer (as it is where the software is installed) via the Internet. What is transmitted to these devices is the host computer’s desktop view. These transmissions are encrypted and then provided with passwords so absolute protection is guaranteed.

There are many things you can do with GoToMeeting. Aside from hosting online conferences and meetings, you can also schedule and record your session, which makes it extra convenient for everyone. It’s like an all-in-one tool for online communication and collaboration.

GoToMeeting Homepage

GoToMeeting Features

GoToMeeting has many useful features and is popular with some of the top businesses, groups and organizations in the world. The features include:

Video conferencing

GoToMeeting allows you to conduct online meetings with your colleagues or employees face-to-face. It can accommodate up to 25 users in one conference.

It’s easy to use, so you won’t need to have highly advanced technical skills. You won’t have to do manual adjustments either. For example, your bandwidth is automated and set according to the hardware and resources you have.

You also have the option to move away from the camera without having to interrupt, cut or leave the meeting. In addition, GoToMeeting is simple and easy to use as you won’t have to interact with complicated processes or with a lot of controls and processes.

Conference calls

Another essential feature of GoToMeeting is being able to conduct conference calls so you can continuously communicate with your colleagues, partners, clients and prospective customers. To start one, all your need is to connect to the internet through a web browser or mobile device.

You’ll be able to set up conference calls even with your colleagues and clients in other countries. GoToMeeting has an add-on feature that gives you access to some toll-free numbers you can use for over 50 countries. You’ll have to spend for it but only for when you use it and how much of it you use.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about going over the limit because GoToMeeting offers unlimited audio conference calls. Other sub-features include integrated scheduling, email invitations (that you can customize), one-click meetings and reserved connections.

Screen sharing feature

When you need to do a presentation or when you need to do some brainstorming, GoToMeeting’s screen sharing feature is a big help. It allows you to visually present your ideas or concepts to your colleagues and team members in real-time.

As such, everyone attending the meeting or conference will be able to see your presentation, making communication more effective. You can choose whether you’ll share an app or your whole monitor.

The GoToMeeting screen sharing feature can be accessed using your Chrome web browser. Likewise, you can use your iPad and iPhone for screen sharing, too, and you can even switch from one iOS device to another.

Like the video conferencing feature, you can move away from your device if a conference or meeting is taking too long to finish, and you won’t have to leave or interrupt the meeting.

Mobile conferencing

GoToMeeting also has features that cater to remote employees who are always on-the-go. Whatever their tasks are, there are times when they won’t be on their desks and their computers. This is where GoToMeeting’s mobile conferencing features can be utilized.

Whether you’re using an Android, iOS or Windows smartphone, you’ll be able to host conferences and join and schedule meetings.

The mobile conferencing functionality carries the same features—such as recording meetings and screen sharing. Likewise, you’ll also be able to use your device for conducting video and audio conference calls. Also, the bandwidth will also adjust automatically to match the best quality you need regardless of your location.

Recordings and transitions

Meetings and conferences, even the virtual ones, always turn in a lot of information, especially those with multiple participants and the ones that last long. Oftentimes, you’ll find it difficult to take down notes efficiently, so GoToMeeting offers transitions and recordings functionally.

All this information will then be recorded and stored in the cloud or locally.  Transcription is automatic due to the Smart Meeting Assistant feature.

Essential hardware

GoToMeeting also comes with bundles of hardware that will help ensure efficient meetings and conferences. For assurance of good quality for audio and videos, there’s the Poly and Dolby Voice technology.

There are a number of reliable and user-friendly solutions, so you won’t have to deal with third-party providers. All the essential hardware you need is already in GoToMeeting.

Best of all, the hardware system is simple so setting it up won’t take a lot of your time.

Personal meeting room

When you invite your colleagues and clients to a web conference or meeting, they don’t have to do anything except click on the customized URL that you’ll send. This will get them into the personal meeting room intended only for your conference. This feature is known as GoToMeet.Me and the room you create will then become your regular venue for all your online meetings.

For the customized URL, you can choose to make it something that’s connected to or easy to identify with your brand, business or event.

Drawing tools and plug-ins

GoToMeeting also has drawing tools that can help make your presentations more visually efficient and interesting. You can use the tools for drawing and highlighting.

The software also comes with plugins and add-ons like iOS calendars, Google calendar, Outlook and other apps.

GoToMeeting Features

GoToMeeting Benefits

GoToMeeting comes with many features that bring a lot of benefits to its users, including:


GoToMeeting can be accessed using a variety of devices and platforms. You can schedule, join and conduct meetings on your PC, Chromebook, iOS device, Linux or your Mac, and many other devices. Likewise, you can choose to use your smartphone or tablet for the meetings. As such, looking for compatible devices won’t be a problem.

Ease of use

GoToMeeting is user-friendly and can be used by anybody who has reliable internet connection. Meeting participants do not need to download anything. They only need to click on a personalized meeting room URL.

Convenient features

GoToMeeting has features that help make every meeting a convenient one. The toll-free numbers, for example, are a big help to those who are working on a budget. Its video conferencing and audio features are available for multiple users and even works well even if the participants are in different countries.

Meetings are also conveniently confidential because you can create personal meeting rooms that only you and your colleagues or teammates can access and use.

GoToMeeting is secure

Although meeting participants are given a URL that will connect them to the meeting, they are also given a PIN that they have to enter before they can get into the meeting or conference room. This ensures you of reliable security.

Comprehensive platform

GoToMeeting is a comprehensive web conferencing tool as it provides all the features you need to help you make your meetings easy to facilitate. You’ll have access not only to video conferencing but also to audio tools, transcription, recording and mobile functionalities, among others. It provides a complete centralized platform for anything related to online meetings and conferences.

Good customer support

If you need help with anything, you’ll find it easy to talk with GoToMeeting’s customer support staff. Additionally, you’ll also have easy access to PDF guides and training videos. Live training is likewise available and GoToMeeting’s live chat representatives are accommodating and ready to help at all times.

GoToMeeting Pricing

GoToMeeting has three different pricing plans—the professional, business and enterprise plans.

The professional plan is worth $12 per organizer per month and is ideal for 150 participants. Business plans are at $16 per organizer every month for 250 participants and enterprise plans have custom rates and are available for more or less 3,000 participants. You’ll have to call sales to get the specific rates though.

All plans are equipped with video meeting features, mobile features, security compliance features, workflow integration, add-ons like enhanced audio and GoToRoom and account management. You can choose to get add-ons for a minimal fee, some examples are GoToWebinar and the Call Me feature.


GoToMeeting is a comprehensive web conferencing tool that offers many benefits to businesses, groups, organizations and personal/individual users. It allows for convenient, safe and high-quality communication and collaboration between teams either in the office or remotely thanks to accessibility across all devices.

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GotoMeeting Product Overview

  • Instant meetings with a single click

  • One-time scheduled meetings

  • Recurring meetings

  • Integrated scheduling with Microsoft Outlook®

  • One-click high-definition HDFaces™ video

  • Audio conferencing via phone and computer

  • Full desktop sharing

  • Recording

  • Drawing tools

  • Virtual Whiteboard

Languages: English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Hindi

Video Conferencing Software Buyer Guide 2020

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Software products in this communications segment offer video calls and conferencing services. These solutions provide two-way audio and video communication regardless the participating parties’ location. Saving time and money by avoiding travel is an import...


GotoMeeting Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • Corporate/Business
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • Email Integration
  • Employee Database
  • External Integrations
  • Feedback Management
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Google Apps Integration
  • History/Version Control
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Social-Media Integration
  • Supplier Management
  • Task Scheduling/Tracking
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Timesheets
  • Video
  • SMS
  • Call Recording
  • Custom Data Forms
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Disposition
  • Softphone
  • Time Management
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Collaboration Support
  • Report & Compliance
  • Hardware Integration
  • Software Integration
  • Mobile App
  • Participation Statistics
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Auto Dialer
  • Call Logging
  • Call Monitoring
  • Call Scripting
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Audio Recording
  • Workflow Management
Compare Pricing

GotoMeeting Pricing Plans


Monthly Subscription
  • 10 Participants
  • Web Audio
  • Screen Sharing
  • 1-Click Meetings
  • Dial in Conference Line
  • Call Me


1 user(s) / month
  • Drawing Tools
  • Recording
  • Personal Meeting Room
  • Mobile Apps
  • Keyboard & Mouse Sharing


1 user(s) / month
  • InRoom Link
  • Active Directory
  • Sightboard

Plans starting from: $19.00/month Credit card required: No

GotoMeeting FAQs

Does GotoMeeting offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Support: Live Support, Phone Support, Help Center, Community, and Live Training.

What is GotoMeeting generally used for?

This service is used for professional, HD video and conferencing.

Does GotoMeeting offer an API?

Yes, it offers API.

What are some applications GotoMeeting is commonly used in tandem with?

It is commonly used in tandem with Microsoft Office and email apps.

Does GotoMeeting integrate with any other apps?

Integrations: LearningCart, JoomlaLMS, ActiveDEMAND, MangoApps, Matrix LMS, Clearlogin, Bitium, Whaller, Paradiso LMS, Ryver, Lead Guerrilla, Courseplay, Highspot, Landslide CRM, Slack, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Acuity Scheduling, Wrike, Microsoft Office 365, Zapier, SharpSpring, Configio, Hatchbuck, HipChat, Podio, ActiveCampaign, Gmail, Google Calendar, Accord LMS, LearnUpon, Comm100 Live Chat, ConvergeHub, 1CRM, Vision Helpdesk, Docebo, NEO LMS, VisitorTrack, GreenRope, AWeber, BizLibrary.

What platforms does GotoMeeting support?

GoToMeeting offers cloud-based and installed versions, available for Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices.

Who are the main user groups of GotoMeeting?

Main users of GoToMeeting are enterprises, regardless of their size or industry.

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GotoMeeting User Reviews

Average User Rating:
3.94/5 based on 1376 user ratings.
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Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"GoToMeeting is Software designed to run online meetings"

What do you like about GotoMeeting?

GoToMeeting is the excellent choice in video calls and audio acceptance in fitness. Through this platform it has been possible to meet several expectations that help and encourage work in the company, it is an incredible platform that brings many benefits, as well as it is super easy to access, maintain and use. It has a platform completely suitable and programmed for the corresponding and appropriate use of the platform, a platform of this tool I can organize meetings online, run videoconferences and video calls online to discuss issues relevant to the work and the actuality of the increase in productive activity. Access to the application is super simple and compatible with the entire tool

What do you dislike about GotoMeeting?

GoToMeeting is a very good platform, but like every tool it has several important disadvantages to highlight in order to achieve the optimal work of the application. Among those details, there is a need for every tool to work in the right way, and for this it is necessary to have a good and solid internet connection that in this case allows online meetings, video calls and videoconferences to be easily carried out. and in the correct way, there is no interference or failure that may occur at the time of communication. It is also important to highlight the topic of the chat while the video call is running since it generates a lot of interference between them there.

What have you been using it for and what problems did GotoMeeting solve?

GoToMeeting has given me great benefits fully recommended for the growth of my company, through this platform I can meet with friends, colleagues and members of the work to run videoconferences, video calls and online meetings that allow comfortable and fast interaction for everyone, It really is an incredible tool that increases the productivity of the entire company in the most sincere and fast way possible. The access is completely simple, since it has an adaptable and compatible interface with any user, it is easy to use and easy to interact with each user. Interactive platform designed to improve everyone

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"GoToMeeting is a very useful tool for today's world, it is a high-tech software."

What do you like about GotoMeeting?

I like GoToMeeting because it is very easy to use and handle, unlike other software, this is very simple to learn how to use, this saves a lot of time in learning how to use and handle it; Something that is very positive, since many people are not skilled with the new technologies of today and being easy to use improves the performance of the time used. I also like its functionality from any device, everything I can do with this tool is amazing. All the services and benefits offered by this tool have helped me a lot from all communication areas. It is a software with great features that has improved my business life.

What do you dislike about GotoMeeting?

What I don't like about GoToMeeting is that they don't offer the same services on all platforms; that is to say, it does not offer the same services for mobile devices and for fixed devices such as computers, making it dependent that for communication to be efficient, all the members of a conference or meeting all have to have the same devices. Something that sometimes becomes cumbersome when all the members need to use all the services.

What have you been using it for and what problems did GotoMeeting solve?

I have been using GoToMeeting to make video conferences and long-distance meetings, as well as to schedule meetings; I have also taken advantage of all the services it offers, mostly when I use the boards in the video conferences
  The problems that helped me to solve this software have been: That at any time you can hold a meeting with the permanent meeting link, without creating another. Also be able to connect with any client or advisor anywhere in the world. In addition, its functionality has meant that there are no interruptions in videoconferences where images are required to be fluid.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Most Stable tool for Webinars"

What do you like about GotoMeeting?

The great connectivity... I've used the other competing tool for webinars, but never couldn't have a conversation without getting disconnected. Many thanks to GoToMeeting for letting us have a stable communication stream.

What do you dislike about GotoMeeting?

The current trend is about Material design when it comes to applications. I would like if GoToMeeting changes it's UI to be less complex and UI/UX-wise

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Good video conferencing quality"

// Product Manager at vrTech Trade

What do you like about GotoMeeting?

GoToMeeting is great for virtual meetings, classes, and conferences. It is easy to use and you can have multiple people log on and all be looking at the same shared screen. And the software GoToMeeting is the right one for me and my team. I can easily reach my clients in every part of the country and spend with them all the time I need.

What do you dislike about GotoMeeting?

Well, you pay for the full GoToMeeting license or service and yes it is more expensive than many others that we've tried but we haven't had any problems either. Also, it would be nice if I had a visual indicator when a client joined an active session.

What have you been using it for and what problems did GotoMeeting solve?

I actually use GoToMeeting for my consultation work. Also, big plus that my customer can join our meetings just as easily, and they don't need any download required.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Easy messaging and video conferencing"

// Event Manager at Extra Vital Science

What do you like about GotoMeeting?

Super easy to use! The meetings and webinars are set up easily and the app makes it fast to get in the conference and use it. Call quality is great, screen sharing and recording are easy to use. The browser extension is easy to install and generally "just works". I also enjoy the ability to see who is in attendance. Screen sharing doesn't lag, and being able to share a zoom link with others is so convenient. GotoMeeting video conferencing is much better than many other alternatives that I've used in the past.

What do you dislike about GotoMeeting?

I want a better mobile experience. Also, I wish that webinar attendees didn't have to download an app to attend webinars.

What have you been using it for and what problems did GotoMeeting solve?

We use this for team meetings, interviews, and external collaboration. It is easy to connect to, the quality to very good and it is great to use. It was easy for everyone to just pick up and start using this new tool.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"The best service for business communication"

// System Integrator / DevOps at vrTech Trade

What do you like about GotoMeeting?

GoToMeeting is service with a good video quality. You will have an affordable high quality and convenient interface; even a new user will easily understand the toolbar and all the functions of GoToMeeting. You can communicate not only at work using a desktop but also on the road by your mobile phone. There is a personal meeting room, the ability to record meeting, drawing tools, sharing screen function and group chat, where everyone can comment and supplement the previous speaker. I am pleased with the work of this software. I did not have any failures with audio or video communication. I am satisfied with everything that the GoToMeeting developers offer us.

What do you dislike about GotoMeeting?

Many of my colleagues complained that the video and sound did not coincide a bit, it was inconvenient to work, but then, as it turned out. This problem was not in GoToMeeting, but in the lags of the Internet, when everything was set up, there were no more such failures.

What have you been using it for and what problems did GotoMeeting solve?

Most of our deals occur precisely through video conferencing and so that customers would be sure that we are a serious company, we needed a quality video connection. So you do not need to save on communication, I know for sure that GoToMeeting will not let me down at an important moment.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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