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What is Edmodo?

"Edmodo is a learning management system for teachers, students, schools, and districts."

Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for teachers and students to collaborate, share content and access homework, grades, and school notices.

Instead of catering to business or higher education, Edmodo is firmly rooted in K-12 education, and rather than offering tools for creating stand-alone online courses, its electronic features are complementary of traditional classes and conducive to blended learning initiatives.room for each and every learner.

It is an entirely cloud-based solution that’s available to users through a web browser in two ways: Freemium, that operates as a social platform, and Premium.

Edmodo scored 85/100 in the Learning Management System (LMS) category. This is based on user satisfaction (84/100), press buzz (60/100), and other relevant information on Edmodo gathered from around the web.

The score for this service has declined over the past month. What is this?

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Edmodo Review

Editors' Review by the Learning Management System (LMS) Software Review Team

Evaluating the Role of Edmodo LMS Both inside and outside the Classroom

Edmodo is a learning management system (LMS) designed for K-12 students, teachers, schools and districts. It is a safe, free communications center that connects students, educators, parents and school districts through a system that promotes social learning as well as classroom education.

If the goal is to make sure all students reach their full potential through proper guidance and education, then Edmodo is the learning software that will enable teachers and parents to engage students as well as allow the students to enjoy and appreciate the learning process in a 21st century setting.

What does Edmodo do and how does it work?

As a learning management solution, Edmodo attempts to expand classroom learning with social learning. The LMS software enables students to communicate with their teachers and vice versa. Teachers can communicate with parents and other teachers. Parents can talk to other parents as well as their child’s teachers in a manner similar to popular social networking sites.

Edmodo is set up just like Facebook or any social network where users can access feeds, communicate via posts and add comments. School districts can post announcements, upcoming exams and events. Teachers can post class assignments to remind students and inform parents.

Additionally, users can search for other people from their school who are already on Edmodo and connect with them, just like you normally would on any other social media platform. You can create and join groups, or setup an online classroom.

When setting up a closed group or an online classroom, educators must first assign a name for their class, set up the grade level and then the subject area. A unique group code is then provided by the system, which the teacher can distribute to his or her class to allow them to join the online group/classroom.

What are the advantages of Edmodo? How can it help improve the learning process for students? And how will educators, students and their parents benefit from it?

Edmodo Review

The Core Benefits of Edmodo Learning Management System

It helps bridge the gap between the classroom in the physical world and the virtual world where almost all young individuals and adults, frequent in the 21st century.

Living in the digital age means accepting the fact people nowadays are dependent on the internet as a resource, not just for information, but for addressing different aspects of their daily lives. Edmodo is a software solution, which strives to connect the real world with the online world for educators, students and schools.

With the way this learning management system is set up, Edmodo aims to create an entirely different learning experience for K-12 students and teachers.

It promotes more engagement and participation from students.

The online discussion forum allows students to express their concerns, clarify any confusion about specific topics discussed in the classroom, or simply speak out in a setting that they’re comfortable in.

This particular software allows students who are otherwise reluctant to speak out or participate inside the classroom to be more comfortable and confident contributing to classroom discussions, which in turn elevates their achievement levels.

Using Edmodo will allow educators to save time in the classroom.

The Edmodo learning management system is not just intended for socializing. With its virtual classroom feature, teachers can post details and set assignments for their students. And students can submit book reports, essays and other exercises online, instead of having to print them out and handing them in.

Now, teachers can focus on actually teaching inside the classroom, instead of spending too much time discussing an exercise or the assignment that isn’t due for another two to three days.

The software allows teachers and parents to track and monitor the progress of students.

Teachers have a single resource to accurately monitor the progress of their students, while parents can keep track of their kids’ performance and behavior through a central,  cohesive, and user-friendly learning management system.

Furthermore, teachers can award badges to students based on their performance and behavior in the classroom. The software keeps track of the badges as well as the grades, which can easily be accessed by the teachers and the parents.

You will have access to a wide array of resources and suggestions based on specific topics.

Just like any other social media platform, Edmodo LMS provides easy access to a variety of resources based on predefined (??) topics. If you look at the homepage, there’s a tab called “Discover.” This tab allows the user to perform a search on any topic covered in class.

Suggestions and possible resources for that particular topic will then be provided by the system, along with a list of online exercises, educational games and even a list of teachers who are associated with the subject matter.

So how much does the Edmodo learning management system cost?

Edmodo is free for educators and students. All you have to do is register and complete a few simple steps to create your account, then you are ready to go.

For schools and learning facilities, Edmodo offers an affordable premium plan. The plan includes advanced analysis features, school information system integrations, a variety of training options and technical support. The plan costs about $2500 per school year.


Edmodo LMS is a great software solution for educators, students and parents. It’s a twist on social media that doesn’t just focus on the social aspect, but the educational and learning aspect as well.

And because of the social network model it follows, Edmodo feels and looks familiar – so most users will find the system easy to use.

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Learning Management System (LMS) Market Radar

Edmodo Product Overview

  • Share resources from across the world

  • Increased connections between different groups and communities

  • Integration of quizzes, polls, and snapshots

  • Create polls for students

  • Measure student progress

  • Lead online class discussions

  • Network that connects students, administrators, and parents

  • Personalize with apps

  • Accelerate learning goals

Languages: English

Edmodo Features

  • Corporate/Business
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • Employee Training
  • External Integrations
  • Gamification
  • Multi-User
  • Personal Learning
  • Scheduling
  • Video Courses
  • Class Management
  • Student Registration

Edmodo FAQs

Does Edmodo integrate with any other apps?

Yes, Edmodo integrates with Microsoft Office, Google Apps, WizIQ, and Student Information System (SIS).

Does Edmodo offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Edmodo provides both online support and phone support, in addition to FAQs and training programs.

Does Edmodo offer an API?


What is Edmodo generally used for?

It is used as a secure, social learning platform.

What platforms does Edmodo support?

Edmodo supports cloud-based platforms, including iOS and Android.

Who are the main user groups of Edmodo?

The main users of Edmodo are teachers, students, schools, districts, and small businesses.

What are some applications Edmodo is commonly used in tandem with?

Edmodo is frequently used in tandem with Microsoft Office and Google Apps.

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