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Mobilimeet - Making Meetings Efficient iOS App

Get organized and productive in your meetings with Mobilimeet.

Mobilimeet allows for everyone to be more effectively involved in meetings, from planning to execution. Whether it’s a management meeting, team meeting, status meeting or any other type of meeting, it will be more productive and organized with Mobilimeet. Agenda, meeting details, supporting materials, messages and more are all saved and accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer - anytime, anywhere. Mobilimeet is simply one solution for all your meetings.

Planning, preparation, execution and follow-up of your meetings don’t have to be cumbersome anymore. Mobilimeet brings it all together for you. It relieves your already flooded e-mail inbox by allowing all related discussions to take place within Mobilimeet. It integrates with your calendar and helps you to keep track of who’s attending. It enables you to easily create and share agendas, documents and more, instead of having them spread out on desktops/laptops, in e-mail attachments, in online storage folders or in print-outs. It’s all available in Mobilimeet.

Mobilimeet strives to improve how you manage meetings and to help you be more structured and organized before, during, after and in-between meetings. With meetings taking up a major part of our time in a week, it’s important to always be prepared and up-to-date. Mobilimeet sets out to enable you to be just that. It also lets you collaborate with your coworkers and other participants with ease.

- Schedule or draft meetings on the go and see all the meetings you’ve set up or been invited to at a glance.
- Set meeting locations with route guidance using the map function and provide additional information about meeting rooms and more.
- Integrate with your calendar to have it show your meetings scheduled with Mobilimeet.
- Keep track of everyone’s RSVP status for every meeting.
- Define a clear purpose with a meeting and inform everyone involved.
- Create detailed agendas for everyone to collaborate on using a simple-to-use template.
- Share any information, documents and more that you have on Dropbox or on your computer and let other participants do the same.
- Take your discussions out of your flooded e-mail inbox and let them take place in Mobilimeet by commenting and chatting directly with all participants.
- Categorize every meeting to keep your meetings organized.
- Receive instant notifications of any changes, whether someone has posted a comment, added a new document, updated the agenda or otherwise.

In addition to this, all information is saved, so you can go back to a previous meeting with all details for a recap at anytime. This means you’ll be better prepared for upcoming meetings. Moreover, no matter when and where you or your participants are, accessing and updating is a breeze. And with Mobilimeet everyone always knows where all the material is, at all times.

Mobilimeet is dedicated to offering you anything and everything you need to master meetings, so keep a lookout for updates and more features to come.

Download a free version of the app now and find out how meetings can get better with Mobilimeet!

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  • Mobilimeet - Making Meetings Efficient
  • Mobilimeet - Making Meetings Efficient
  • Mobilimeet - Making Meetings Efficient
  • Mobilimeet - Making Meetings Efficient

Mobilimeet - Making Meetings Efficient iOS App Information

General Information:
Price: Free
Current Version: 2.3.3
Size: 34 MB
Apple Watch: No
Languages: English
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What's New in Version 2.3.3
* Fixed a bug where app icon notification badge became out of sync. * Fixed a bug that made it impossible to add an agenda for a meeting created on other platforms. * Fixed a bug where changes to the location wasn't visible on other platforms.
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