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What is JazWings ?

"Helps you build and launch brands, then handles the manufacturing, distribution, content creation to grow your brand into the next big thing. See what we do and how we do it."

JazWings is a lot of things. We are a platform that allows creators to upload their ideas for an opportunity to partner with a global toy and entertainment company, Jazwares, to make them real. We are a team of passionate industry professionals who want to support independent creators. We are a community of creators, innovators, inventors, and fans who want to be a part of supporting creativity and the next big thing. So what does JazWings do? We help creators build and launch their brands. Then we harness the power of Jazwares to handle the manufacturing, distribution, content creation, and retail placement to grow brands into worldwide sensations.


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JazWings Review

Editors' Review by the Ideas Management Software Review Team

Jazwings is an online animation and idea management solution. Designed for toy and cartoon creation companies, you can build brands for any product on sale. You can pitch different ideas directly to the site for new items and toys. A fanbase can be built up through social media with likes and shares. Subsequently, if you succeed, you can enter the “Jazwares” phase to conceptualize and develop the actual products themselves. Emphasizing online growth and creativity, Jazwings helps grow your ideas into profits.

Jazwings Features

Jazwings is an internet-based platform where you can create different proposals for new brands and products. You can login to the site then access the community. Once you sign up, you can send presentations to the creators to show off your idea. Afterward, you can then post on the community forums and get votes to encourage the development of your idea. When finished, you and the creators can work together to design the real thing. Ideas for toys, animated shorts or series, games, and mascot characters are accepted.

Simplified Pitching and Funding

Jazwings encourages you and other users to build your ideas quickly and methodically. To do this, it has a four-step procedure on how to present and develop the concepts you make. All these steps can be done online through the Jazwings website.

The first step is the pitching of your concept. When you finish creating it, you can upload a presentation to the site. This includes text summaries, concept sketches or art, images, videos, and comics to demonstrate the story or idea.

Target parameters must be filled out to find out the concept’s potential audience and genre. You need to identify the category, target audience, and intended age demographic of the brand.

Online Community Collaboration

Once you finish creating the pitch, you must gather support online to reach the next phase of development. In this stage, you can post your presentation or concept videos and articles. These can then be added to the Jazwings community and your social media accounts.

Your material can be shared on various social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to get wider support. It can be voted on and shared on the community page to get support from other users.

To be successful, Jazwings has a required number of votes. When you reach this threshold, a panel will review your pitch. If they approve of your idea, you move on to the actual development phase.

Cooperative Product Development

Once the Jazwings team approves of your concept, you get to work with them to build the product. Here, you only need to provide the creative vision and input for your idea. The team handles the rest of the development process.

The team can create graphics and branding templates for you to approve or improve. Samples for products can be made and tested like drafts of episodes or demo versions of toys. Campaign videos, crowdfunding, and advertisements can be published either separately or as an official part of Jazwings.

The team also negotiates for shipping and manufacturing of the games or toys. For animation series’, they present your idea to different animation partners to get approval for developing a series. They can also pitch it to content and product line companies for expansion of the brand. All expenses are covered by Jazwings. You also gain profits through bonuses and a net percentage of the revenue made.

Jazwares and Monsterbrand

The brand can expand upon approval to wider distribution and advertisement with Jazwares, the parent toy company behind Jazwings. With this, you can build several toy and animation deals with external companies. You officially end up as a partner of Jazwares and gain 5% of the net revenue for your idea.

If your brand gains even more traction, the Monsterbrand expansion includes licensing and additional product manufacturing. This means you can get exclusive movie, TV, comic, and extra toy deals. You can build a bigger brand with increased retail partnerships for your idea. This also sends you 5% of the total net revenue gained from all the products.

User-To-Community Functions

If you are a user supporting other creators, the site has several capabilities that let you engage and contribute more to the community. When you log in, you can see several updates and new posts from either other creators or the Jazwings team. This is displayed on the dashboard, which you can personalize according to who you follow and what updates you want to see.

You can vote using a five-star rating system. A comment section is available for each pitch and post.

If you enjoy a particular product and want further updates, you can follow its creator. Votes automatically let you follow the more viable ones but you can also choose to follow creators who haven’t pitched yet. Moreover, you can start a crowdfunding campaign on the site. This can be integrated with different sites such as Kickstarter.

Help Guide and FAQ Section

In case you get lost during the process, Jazwings has an FAQ and digital guideline page. Here, you can learn tips and tricks on how to build a product. You can also check information and rules about upcoming or ongoing contests.

There are video tutorials on the YouTube and the Jazwings site. These tutorials can cover the steps for the entire development process. It can also teach you how to design products, make simple sketches, and short animation clips.

There is also a section for creators. Details on how to improve their branding on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are available. System requirements and file formats are clearly delineated.

There is also a list of terms and conditions for both individual creators and community members. Here, you can learn what posts and comments are restricted. You can also see what each creator is entitled to, based on their ideas. This includes the proof of originality, legal guardianship, appropriate content, and shares in net revenue.

Jazwings Benefits

Jazwings is a standout solution for idea management thanks to its accessibility. You can use all the pitching, branding, and community capabilities without shelling a dime.

The solution has a well-defined yet simplified outline for its entire pitching and development process. Upon login, you can immediately upload presentations and images for the initial proposal. Throughout the entire process, the system guides you. It alerts you of possible follow-ups, notices from the team, and suggestions for the next steps.

The solution also has an active online community. It supports collaboration among users with a weighted voting system and comments section. It also has a dashboard where you can view updates from other creators or the team itself.

The solution has an in-depth manual and a help guide. Different tips and tricks can be learned for improving the branding of your idea. You can also learn the limits of your agreements and the rights you are entitled to for your product. Additionally, you can even see community rules to find out what users can and cannot do to each other online.

Jazwings Pricing

Unlike most pitching and idea development platforms, Jazwings is free. The only requirement is to be 13 years or older to create your official account. You can log in with a unique profile, a Facebook, or a Google account.

Once you login to the site, you have access to the following features:

  • Video and image uploads – This feature allows for several file sizes and formats. These are:
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • MPEG
    • MPG
    • GT
    • ASF
    • AVI
    • FLV
    • M4V
    • MOV
    • MP4
    • M4A
    • 3GP
    • 3G2
  • Social media integration – The platforms include:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Picasa
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Google
  • Online community features – These include:
    • Crowdfunding
    • Follow/Unfollow creators
    • Timelines
    • Voting


Jazwings is an online idea management and development software solution. It is free and available for users over 13 years of age. It has several creator and community features such as user profiles, video and image uploads, weighted online voting, and crowdfunding. It stands out thanks to a well-defined development outline, simplified interface, and hassle-free mechanics. This is recommended if you want to turn an idea into a profitable brand without spending money.

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JazWings Product Overview

  • Free community to upload and vote on the next big children's toy idea!

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JazWings FAQs

What is JazWings generally used for?

Taking an idea and turning it into a viable, marketable, and successful brand requires substantial expertise and resources. From design, manufacturing, and marketing to distribution, advertising, quality control, sales, and more, it is challenging as an independent creator to handle all of the various aspects of brand creation and building. We use our industry knowledge and experience, along with our extensive resources, to give your idea the best possible chance of success. We know what it takes. We’ve done it before. And we are here to help turn your idea into the next global sensation.

Who are the main user groups of JazWings ?

You must be at least 13 years of age to become a community member. We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to support the creative process and have a voice in building the next big brand. Or, who just wants hang out and look at all of the great ideas.

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