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What is JazWings ?

JazWings is a lot of things. We are a platform that allows creators to upload their ideas for an opportunity to partner with a global toy and entertainment company, Jazwares, to make them real. We are a team of passionate industry professionals who want to support independent creators. We are a community of creators, innovators, inventors, and fans who want to be a part of supporting creativity and the next big thing. So what does JazWings do? We help creators build and launch their brands. Then we harness the power of Jazwares to handle the manufacturing, distribution, content creation, and retail placement to grow brands into worldwide sensations.


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JazWings Product Overview

  • Free community to upload and vote on the next big children's toy idea!

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JazWings FAQs

What is JazWings generally used for?

Taking an idea and turning it into a viable, marketable, and successful brand requires substantial expertise and resources. From design, manufacturing, and marketing to distribution, advertising, quality control, sales, and more, it is challenging as an independent creator to handle all of the various aspects of brand creation and building. We use our industry knowledge and experience, along with our extensive resources, to give your idea the best possible chance of success. We know what it takes. We’ve done it before. And we are here to help turn your idea into the next global sensation.

Who are the main user groups of JazWings ?

You must be at least 13 years of age to become a community member. We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to support the creative process and have a voice in building the next big brand. Or, who just wants hang out and look at all of the great ideas.

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