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With increasing network complexity, most organizations today are shifting from manual to automated network management. Software products for network management help save time and money on network monitoring, performance management, fault analysis, and service quality maintenance. There are different types of products to suit different requirements. For instance, some products are designed for network device monitoring; some are more suitable for WiFi management. Products in this category usually monitor network components, send alerts and notifications, identify performance issues and fix them quickly.  Read the full software guide...

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What is Network Management Software?

Network management is defined as a process that involves monitoring, configuring, testing, and troubleshooting a myriad of network components for the purpose of meeting a set of standards required by the organization.

Network administrators and/or managers handle the network management process by utilizing and taking advantage of some type of network management system, or NMS. An NMS is a set of fully integrated applications that provide network administrators the ability to manage and maintain their entire network infrastructure, regarding both software and hardware components.

The network management system utilizes hardware components, software solutions, and the expertise of IT personnel and system administrators.

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Types of Network Management

The network management process is divided into a handful of key functions, which network administrators and managers are responsible for. There are five core functions or categories generally performed by network admins and network management systems: configuration management, fault management, performance management, security management, and accounting management.

Configuration Management

Configuration management relates to the process of managing each and every entity within the network, with regards to the status of each individual component and their relationship with other components in a particular network setup.

Medium to large networks are typically made up of a multitude of entities that are connected to each other either physically or logically. More often than not though, these entities have a default or initial configuration when the network is first set up, but they can change over time.

This is where configuration management solutions, such as Tanaza, Device42, and Cloud With Me become useful, especially for large networks.

Tanaza is a software solution designed for multi-vendor, cloud-based Wi-Fi network management processes. It allows users to set up and monitor clients’ networks as well as both their free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots.

Device42 is a network management software solution that allows you to discover, visualize, and understand your network infrastructure and IT interdependencies, all from a single and well-optimized dashboard.

Cloud With Me is designed to help simplify AWS (Amazon Web Services) adoption. The solution allows users of any knowledge or skill level to easily and effectively install AWS servers within just a few minutes.

Fault Management

Fault management is a part of the network management process that mainly deals with troubleshooting and finding potential issues within the network infrastructure before it becomes a serious problem for both the business and its customers.

Fault management pertains to ensuring proper operation of the individual components within a large and sophisticated network setup. Some of the software solutions that fall under this category include USB-Lock-RP, PRTG, and Intermapper.

USB-Lock-RP offers centralized access control to all of your devices. It helps protect your entire network setup from possible data loss and systems infection through unauthorized device usage, especially in IT or industrial networks.

PRTG is designed to help users keep track of their entire IT infrastructure 24-hours a day. The system will send out alerts to your network administrators so potential issues can be taken care of before customers will even notice problems.

Intermapper is basically a network mapping and monitoring software solution. It is designed to help network admins and IT teams to properly map their networks and stay ahead of possible network outages.

Performance Management

The performance management process involves monitoring and managing the network to ensure the consistent and efficient performance of each individual component. Through effective performance management, the network administrator can make sure all systems in the network infrastructure are performing as efficiently as possible.

The overall performance of your network system relies on a few key parameters: capacity, throughput, traffic, and response time. Some of the software solutions available for this aspect of network management include, StormForger, and VM Performance Analyzer. is a service that specializes in internet traffic optimization. The network management solution intelligently reroutes dynamic traffic to enhance network performance and maximize availability.

StormForger, on the other hand, focuses on load and performance testing tailored for Agile and DevOps teams. The solution is designed to perform continuous performance testing, all performed in the cloud.

VM Performance Analyzer is a feature-rich and fully integrated software solution designed to help IT teams and network administrators to quickly and easily analyze all performance metrics of Hyper-V hosts, all their virtual machines, and the entire network setup.

Security Management

Security management is one of the most important aspects in any network management process. Through security management, network administrators will be able to control access to the network based on predefined policies and role-based permissions.

Some of the software solutions that fall under the category of security management include NordVPN, Genian NAC, and HaltDos.

NordVPN is a form of security solution that applies robust encryption to all your internet traffic in an effort to stop or block unauthorized third parties from breaching your business communications. Genian NAC, on the other hand, will help ensure a secure communication of all connected devices to your network using cloud-based technology.

HaltDos is a software-based service which provides a fully functional and comprehensive web application firewall and DDoS mitigation for your website and entire network setup. This will help ensure 24/7 uptime and enhances overall performance.

Accounting Management

Accounting management relates to the control of all user access to network resources through charges. Under this particular aspect of network management, individual users, projects, departments, or divisions are charged for the services they obtain or receive from the network.

How to Choose Network Management Software

When choosing a service or a software solution, it is important to look at the features they offer in order to determine how the solution fits into the scope of your network management setup.

A few of the key features you may want to consider when choosing a network management solution include an intuitive user interface, reporting capabilities of actionable information, configuration import and analysis, automated discovery, policy-based configuration and deployment, real-time data collection capabilities, policy-based auditing, and the ability to set a baseline.

Of course, the features alone are not the only deciding factors, although they are important. The best way to find the most suitable software solution is first to figure out what it is you need and/or want from that particular solution, what you want to accomplish, what you need in order to perform a task, and so on.

Benefits of Network Management Software

When it comes to managing network infrastructures, the processes involved can be difficult, especially considering today’s increasing network complexities. To find success, most organizations nowadays are moving from the traditional methods of network management and embracing the automated form of managing large and sophisticated network systems.

Software solutions designed for network management help businesses and organizations to save time and effort on a wide range of tasks and responsibilities such as network monitoring, fault analysis, performance management, and service quality maintenance. With the right network management solutions, any business, organization, or IT professional will be able to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Common Features of Network Management

Bug Tracking Log and track issues to capture, report and monitor bugs for the purposes of software development and maintenance.
Malware Protection Protect your computer from malware, viruses and worms.
Network Device Performance Monitoring Measure and monitor the performance of device within your network
Network Traffic Monitoring Monitor traffic within your network and with external sources.
Network Visualization Emulate networks and virtual endpoints within your network

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