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Verified: Learn Skills Daily Android App

Verified application is the ultimate source for skills masterclass. Begin productive learning daily with a curation of daily learning content with articles, blogs, and videos. Medium is a great source for blogs, Youtube is another source for learning but dream of a centralized learning hub that tracks your skills development at every step with a personalized RSS. Everyday is for productive progress and we give it to you with this great tool.TURN LEARNING INTO A GAME FOCUSING ON YOUR SKILLSVerified is a masterclass skills-based learning daily app. Create a collection of your degrees, reach free learning content by watching videos or reading blogs curated based on your skills. It is the first of a kind daily mobile LMS. LMS should be a living thing. It should be mobile and let you learn new skills and collect degrees in the same place. It should also include tools to verify skills. Highlight and bookmark all the important blogs that you read. We created the greatest productive mobile LMS to make you get rid of RSS Feeds. You have been using Pocket, Feedly, Flipboard, and all other RSS Reader Apps. Now is the time to turn them into a daily learning game and be productive daily. By collecting your degrees in one place and consuming all free learning content daily, you will develop and verify your skills constantly and become productive.Learn it, learn, and masterclass skills daily from personalized and free learning content only curated for your interests. At the same time create a collection of your degrees to verify your skills. Tell us about your skills and we'll tell you what to learn and masterclass skills. Let us recommend new news, blogs, and read every day. There is an infinite amount of news, blogs that can be read and watched to masterclass your skills. We will follow your skills together as you learn. Everything you learn will enable you to improve your skills. As your skills develop, so will your CV. You will have a living CV. By including your degrees, you will have an opportunity to develop your cv further. Let’s turn learning into a game. Constantly track and masterclass skills development based on your peers and verify progress and be productive. The more you read and watch, the better results will be served for your daily RSS. By personalizing the in-app experience, you will achieve a better level of your professional progress, be productive. We will support you to constantly read and improve yourself with a personalized learning feed. LinkedIn, Medium, Pocket, Feedly, Masterclass, Skillshare, or any other similar app gives you only blogs and news and nothing to be productive in an RSS.It is enough for us to mention a single skill of yours. This skill can also be what you have or dream of having. We will have the rest. There is no artificial intelligence or machine learning here. We can prove that we know you better than you and let you masterclass your skills. Why you should download Verified and start learning and be productive daily, bookmark news, and blogs?- Find the skill that matches you best from a great pool of skills to a masterclass - Nothing you have to do next, we will handle the rest. Start learning by turning it into a game. - Stop searching for suitable reading or viewing content. We will curate, personalize then compile it all for you everyday in an RSS- Be able to follow your progress instantly as you consume the contents. - Reflect on progress directly on your living CV No more CV updates or worrying about "What to read now" lunch&coffee breaks. Verified will constantly curate, personalize, and updated content every day. As you read, you will access more personalized content. Verified Application Features The Verified app is the ideal place for personalized learning, reading, bookmark blogs, and news for productive progress about your masterclass skills.Skillshare, Medium, LinkedIn, or any other source do not track your skill progress. We do that. Everyday.

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  • Verified: Learn Skills Daily
  • Verified: Learn Skills Daily
  • Verified: Learn Skills Daily
  • Verified: Learn Skills Daily
  • Verified: Learn Skills Daily
  • Verified: Learn Skills Daily

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General Information:
Price: Free
Current Version: 3.3.29
Installs: 10,000+
Requires Android: Android 5.0 and up
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