What is CourseGenius?

"CourseGenius is an online platform for creating learning courses."

CourseGenius is a web-based software that enables its users to train the staff, or to sell created courses. They are empowered with a comprehensive platform to not only create but also to market and track interactive courses online.

The software is easy to use, thanks to its drag-n-drop interface, so no professional development skills are required. Questions can be illustrated with pictures and multimedia, and it is also possible to make assessments or certificates for learners.

When it comes to selling courses, CouseGenius offers secure payment integration, free or paid courses, branded online courses store, as well as various marketing tools. Users can deliver courses using a fully hosted platform, without software installation.

CourseGenius scored 62/100 in the Learning Management System (LMS) category. This is based on press buzz (28/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on CourseGenius gathered from around the web.

The score for this service has declined over the past month. What is this?

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CourseGenius Review

Editors' Review by the Learning Management System (LMS) Software Review Team

CourseGenius is an online training management solution designed to let you easily compile and sell courses. You can create and deliver different training programs on one platform. These can include videos, pictures, and quizzes. With mobile capabilities and data reporting, you can provide your services to all types of customers. To make checkouts faster, its developers have made it so that you can integrate payment services.

CourseGenius Features

The solution lets you create different customizable internet lessons. Interactive tools can be created such as questionnaires, exams, or video and audio clips to enhance the experience. Needless to say, you’re free to set the prices for the training modules. You can even have viewers access the lessons—all of which are mobile-friendly—freely. Moreover, CourseGenius’ analytics let you analyze data gathered from users.

User-Friendly Creation Process

Training new recruits or discussing important topics online can be challenging without proper guidance. With this software’s user-friendly authoring tools, you can build entire lesson plans within minutes. This comes with a step-by-step automated wizard to guide you.

As you build the lessons, you can add multimedia files. This can include images, videos, and audio clips related to the topic. You can also add interactive components such as a questionnaire to challenge your users. These components can be modified to produce different test types such as multiple choice and true-or-false tests. At the end of the course, you can provide a quiz. You can even automate the grading process.

Once you finish making the entire training program, you can add certificates and licenses at the end. The awarding of these certificates is automated and those who pass your course can easily print the documents. Surveys and feedback forms can also be attached to help you improve your lessons in the future.

Regarding access, the platform automatically adjusts to any device it is used on. All the content is updated automatically whenever you make changes.

Streamlined Transactions

After creating your course, you can choose what type of access it provides to prospects. It can be a free course to entice new customers. Alternatively, it can be a paid course whose price you can set and adjust at your discretion.

To make sales easier, you can make a centralized digital store that showcases all your classes. Snapshots of different sections for each course can be added, allowing prospects to preview the product. Moreover, additional information like summaries, titles, and duration can be added.

The checkout process is automated and customers who decide to avail of the courses can pay using their PayPal accounts. This means you can save time and money since it eschews the need for a large support team.

Hassle-Free Product Dissemination and Guaranteed Security

After purchasing the courses, your customers can immediately access them through whatever browser or device they use. The entire platform is web-based and hosted, negating the need for additional apps. The developers have also added a useful feature: Whenever users avail of a course, their email addresses are added to your contact list. This enables you to easily entice them with promotions, special offers, and other services online.

In addition, backups and updates occur regularly, minimizing glitches.

Customer and User Analytics

When using your courses, all customers are directed to a personalized dashboard. Here, they can see what they’ve bought and how much progress they’ve made. They can access this interface from any device.

They can check and download several attachments you’ve uploaded such as PowerPoint and Excel files. Once they finish their courses, they can also download the certificates and send feedback immediately.

Meanwhile, you can track all your users to see their performance and completion rates. You can even opt to integrate Google Analytics to provide even more detailed reports.

CourseGenius online e-learning platform user friendly

CourseGenius Benefits

The platform stands out in how it builds a user-friendly online educational experience for your buyers. Through enabling the creation of customizable lessons, CourseGenius lets you easily build a course you’ve thought up. Components can be added (such as quizzes) and even rewards (like licenses) also. Afterward, you can then set the price for each of your courses or even give them away for free. This is made smoother thanks to payment integration and accessibility on any device.

CourseGenius Pricing

The software has four different package deals with various fees based on the number of users. You can sign up for a free trial that lasts thirty days or schedule a free online demonstration.

If your company focuses on a small group of students at a time, you can use the “Starter” deal. It costs $49 a month and has a learner cap of five people. The features found here are:

  • Unlimited courses and content
  • Unlimited admin accounts
  • PayPal integration
  • 1-on-1 sessions – You and your learners can engage in a special session at the start and end of a course.
  • Feedback surveys
  • Customized branding – Add your own logo to all your courses.
  • Email support
  • Extra users – Because of the low price of the deal, extra users cost $10 per head.

If your company wants to improve access and build a bigger customer pool, there is the “Standard” deal. It costs $249 a month and has a learner cap of 50 people. All previous features are included, as are the following extensions:

  • Customizable certificates
  • Course previews
  • Discount codes
  • Email and live chat support
  • Extra users – Extra users cost $5 per head.

If your company accommodates several cities and regions, there is the “Premium” deal. It costs $499 a month and has a learner cap of 150 people. All previous features are included, as are the following extensions:

  • Customizable URL
  • MailChimp integration
  • Essay questions – Your users can give written answers.
  • Email, live chat, and phone support
  • Extra users – Extra users now cost $3 per head.

If your company serves several clients worldwide, there is the “Enterprise” deal. The price is negotiable. However, this plan has a cap of 500 people. All previous features are included as are the following extensions:

  • SSO Access
  • API Data
  • Professional Services – These include:
    • Extensive branding
    • Custom reports
    • Merchant banking integration – Users can now buy your courses through any major bank.
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Extra users – Extra users depend on the pricing negotiation.


CourseGenius is a fully customizable learning and marketing solution. It has a bevy of features such as easy-to-build courses and exams, attachable files and licenses, online purchasing options, and extensive promotion tools. The fees for each package, however, are quite substantial, especially if you factor in user count. Still, it’s a software product worth considering.

  • CourseGenius
  • CourseGenius
  • CourseGenius
  • CourseGenius
  • CourseGenius

CourseGenius Product Overview

  • Content Import / Export

  • Self-Paced Courses

  • Course Publishing

  • Instructor-Led Courses

  • Interactive Content

  • Storyboarding

  • Template Management

  • Test / Quiz Creation

  • Video Management

Languages: English
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CourseGenius Features

  • Corporate/Business
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • Employee Training
  • External Integrations
  • Gamification
  • Multi-User
  • Personal Learning
  • Scheduling
  • Video Courses
  • Class Management
  • Student Registration
Compare Pricing

CourseGenius Pricing Plans


Monthly Subscription
  • Unlimited Courses and Content
  • Brand with Your Logo
  • 5 Active Learners
  • Unlimited Admin Accounts
  • 1-On-1 Quick Start Session
  • 1-On-1 Course Feedback Session
  • Use Video, Pictures & Questions
  • Collect Learner Feedback
  • Branding: Logo
  • Support: Email
  • Take Payment by CC


Monthly Subscription
  • Support: LiveChat and Email
  • Branding: Logo & Certificate
  • 50 Active Learners
  • Customisable Certificates
  • Course Previews
  • Discount Codes


Monthly Subscription
  • Support: Phone, LiveChat and Email
  • Branding: Logo, Certificate & URL
  • 150 Active Learners
  • Custom Domain
  • Mailchimp
  • Long Answer Questions

Plans starting from: $37.50/month Credit card required: No

CourseGenius FAQs

Does CourseGenius offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Support: Phone, Live Chat, Email, Account Manager, Knowledge Base.

Does CourseGenius integrate with any other apps?

Integrations available: MailChimp, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, PayPal, Facebook, AdRoll.

Does CourseGenius offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

There is a multi-user capability offered.

What platforms does CourseGenius support?

This is a web-based platform.

What is CourseGenius generally used for?

CourseGenius is used for creating online courses for staff learning, or for sale.

Does CourseGenius offer an API?

Yes, it offers REST API.

Who are the main user groups of CourseGenius?

Main user group of this service are small to medium-sized enterprises.

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