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What is iStockphoto?

iStockphoto is the web’s original source for royalty-free, international microstock photography and media. Artists, designers and photographers from across the globe distribute their work on iStockphoto. This work can then be purchased by consumers royalty-free, which means they only have to pay once to use the file multiple times.

iStockphoto also offers a Legal Guarantee —a promise that any content purchased from the site will not infringe on any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property right.

Images cost between 1 and 150 credits, depending on size and image collection (with credits ranging from $0.95 to $1.50 USD each.


The Media Stock Files application iStockphoto scored 93/100 (No. 1 in Media Stock Files). This is based on user satisfaction (80/100), press buzz (67/100), recent user trends (rising) and other relevant information on iStockphoto gathered from around the web.

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iStockphoto Product Overview

  • Millions of royalty-free stock files: 5 million royalty free stock photos, vector art illustrations, stock footage and audio for print and use on websites and presentations.

  • Low cost: Images and collections at great prices to fit every budget.

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