What is Dreamstime?

Dreamstime is an online collection of free and royalty-free stock photographs and illustrations.

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Dreamstime Awards

Dreamstime currently scores 88/100 in the Media Stock Files category. This is based on user satisfaction (84/100), press buzz (70/100), and other relevant information on Dreamstime gathered from around the web.

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Dreamstime Review

Editors' Review by the Media Stock Files Software Review Team

Dreamstime is a platform for people to discover and use professional stock photos, videos, audio and illustration. It’s currently one of the leading agencies when it comes to providing stock media for professional use. They offer more than 46 million images, variety in themes and styles, multiple usage rights, full ownership of an image if you buy it, images prices based on popularity and size, subscription plans for large volumes and new images every week.

Navigating Dreamstime is fairly simple. If you want to buy an image, you need to buy credit packs to be able to do so. You’ll be using the credits to pay for each image. However, you’ll pay less if you’re part of an existing plan.

Some images can be priced to $0.20 each, especially if you’re part of a subscription. It’s noted that with credits, you’ll benefit from cheap prices but with subscription plans (where you’re expected to be using large volumes of images), you’ll get super cheap prices.

Dreamstime lets you own images if you buy their rights. It also offers you several usage rights with a one-time and flat fee. However, not all images in this platform are available for a buyout since they can still remain in use by the people who licensed them in the first place.

Additionally, people should consider the various factors behind each price. While it is based on popularity and number of downloads, file size also plays a crucial role. File size can range from extra small to extra large and the images are ranked by levels (0-5). The higher the level, the more expensive it is.

One of the main issues people find with this platform is how it’s not priced unusually. Instead, you need to pay for credit packs just to buy the images you want. The actual price of the credit pack doesn’t mean you’ll have the same amount of credits as well. For example, if you want 30 credits, you must play $34.99.

Dreamstime Features:

Dreamstime provides users with many benefits, including:


Professional stock images can be difficult to find on the web. People spend hours every day, trying to find the perfect photo. Instead of creating their own photos, which can take time and professional expertise, most people turn to stock photos. However, the key is to find the most reliable and trusted one.

With Dreamstime, you’ll find what you’re looking for after a quick browse. Since the pictures are priced reasonably, you can use photos that don’t require the help of a professional photographer. In this stock photos agency, you’re given categories to choose from such as landscape, nature, animals, holidays, architecture and more. Additionally, you can browse through Editor’s Choice and featured collections.


Vectors can’t be used for a variety of reasons. This includes logo templates, web elements, decorations, textures, patterns and background. Dreamstime lets you discover scalable vector graphics and illustrations for personal use (as long as you pay for them) and download them in EPS or AI format.


Dreamstime isn’t just limited to pictures or vectors. They also have illustrations created by artists. With more than 120 million images and graphics, you’re given so many options to choose from, all ranging from hand-drawn art to computer-generated drawings. You can find illustrations pertaining to abstract, web design graphics, people, technology, etc.


Under this category, you’ll find images displaying social events, sports, political, events and celebrities from across the globe. This is helpful for editorial purposes, where you want to feature a specific event and publish it to the world. It’s a cheaper alternative than paying photographers for their services.


Other than having pictures and vectors, Dreamstime also has royalty-free videos and clips, which you can browse and use for your own benefit. They’re produced by talented producers. This category is divided by abstract, business, editorial, holidays, industries, nature and more. Footage from around the world can be found easier and you don’t have to get the clips using your own resources.


Dreamstime offers royalty-free music, stock audio and sound effects for you to use in projects. This allows you to find the most suitable audio and integrate them creatively into your productions. You can find audio related to instrumentals, specific themes, audio SFX styles and others.

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Dreamstime Benefits

With Dreamstime, you’ll benefit from the following:

Large stock photos library

As Dreamstime is one of the largest stock photos library in the world, you don’t have to search long and hard to find the perfect image to use. Since it’s been properly categorized using AI and ML, looking for pictures has become significantly easier and more efficient. Additionally, with its credit packages and subscription plans, the more photos you download and buy, the cheaper each picture is priced at.

Not limited to images only

Another benefit people praise Dreamstime for is how it’s not limited to images only. You can find vector graphics, hand-drawn illustrations and stock footage. It’s a platform where you can discover and use a variety of media for personal projects or entertainment purposes.

Dreamstime Pricing

Dreamstime is split into two categories for users who want to check out their offers. These categories are credit packages and subscription plans. Currently, Dreamstime is offering discounts to their prices for a limited period. In line with this, here are the details behind each package:

When it comes to Dreamstime, credit is what you’d consider currency in buying your images or any form of media. For credit packages, you’re given nine options.

While the image’s price is determined by popularity, file size and number of downloads, you can pay for cheaper alternatives. The larger the credit package is, the higher the discount for each image. The cheapest price you can pay for is $0.70.

Below are the credit packages:

11 credits – $14.99
15 credits – $17.99
30 credits – $34.99
60 credits – $68.99
120 credits – $124.99
260 credits – $250.00
500 credits – $470.00
1000 credits – $900.00
2000 credits – $1,760.00

On the other hand, you can also check out subscription plans. This is catered primarily for individuals or companies that require large volume downloads. These packages come with monthly download limits but let you download all types of format and file size. These include RAW, TIFF and vector files.

Here are the subscription packages:

5 images
5 downloads, priced monthly at $23.58

10 images
10 downloads, originally priced at $40.88 with a one-week free trial

50 images
50 downloads, priced monthly at $74.54

750 images
750 downloads, priced monthly at $206.62

750 images for three months
2,250 downloads, priced at $591.54 for three months

750 images for six months
4,500 downloads, priced at $1,126.46 for six months

750 images for twelve months
9,000 downloads, priced yearly at $1,806.97

If you’re satisfied with any of these options, you can contact support and ask for a customized plan to better fit the requirements of your business. This comes with multi-seat licenses and multiple accounts management feature. This option is tailored for large industries and bigger corporations where you can create multiple accounts, control the number of image downloads, administer the purchase process, monitor sub-account activity, set automatic renewal and more.


Finding the best photo can be challenging. While others would opt to hire a professional photographer to capture the perfect moment for their personal use, users are happy to use stock photos. They’re cheaper and less time-consuming to acquire. With Dreamstime, you can find thousands of photos, videos and audio clips to choose from. This is helpful for personal projects, entertainment purposes or even artistic endeavors. Overall, you’ll get to buy all kinds of media in a legal and cost-efficient manner.

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