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What is TalkToUsers?

"TalkToUsers allows your website users to explain to you exactly what they're thinking about different aspects of your website by pointing, clicking and explaining in seconds."

TalkToUsers is a point and click feedback tool that allows your users to quickly and easily tell you what they’re thinking, or what’s stopping them from completing a transaction.

TalkToUsers lets you ask the right questions at the right time, without distracting your customer from your flow. It is designed to make e-commerce and web design feedback smarter.

The TalkToUsers platform replaces annoying email and survey feedback that users tend to avoid. The system allows you to see your site through your users’ eyes by taking a screenshot of the user’s screen, so you see exactly what they saw when they were leaving feedback. All feedback received through TalkToUsers is stored in one place and can be integrated into your CRM system.

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TalkToUsers Product Overview

  • Point and click feedback: Let your users quickly and easily tell you what they’re thinking about your site.

  • Ask the right questions at the right time: Say goodbye to annoying email support or asking your users to fill out surveys. Ask them questions at the exact point you’re curious about.

  • See your site through your users’ eyes: TalkToUsers takes a screenshot of the users' screen, so you see exactly what they saw when they were leaving feedback. All feedback is in one place on a customisable dashboard, and can be intergrated into your CRM.

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