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What is Miscellaneous Software?

Miscellaneous software is a general section for software that does not fit conventional categories, such as marketing or operations. Software listed in this area varies a lot and provides businesses with a wide range of digital solutions for business and private use.

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  • Other: As the name suggests, this category of software includes all applications that don’t quite fit any other category. It includes software that helps businesses navigate varied problems like editing specialised documents, or managing team-related issues - in cases where this isn't already covered by other categories.

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Latest User Reviews in Miscellaneous

reviewed by Michael Scheller
31 Mar 2023
"With just one login pathway, accessing mul..."

I highly recommend NinjaAuth to anyone looking for a software solution to simplify their enterprise authentication pr... All NinjaAuth User Reviews

reviewed by Oli Jay
02 Apr 2023
"Was a great service — no longer avaialble"

While Roundme.com is generally an easy-to-use virtual tour platform, the reliability of the service has been a concer... All Roundme User Reviews

Shared Contacts for Gmail
reviewed by sekhar durga
09 May 2023
"Contacts that are shared Never let a conta..."

This is an option for people who simply do not have the time or patience to search their phone book for contacts, eve... All Shared Contacts for Gmail User Reviews

Exclaimer Cloud
reviewed by nani nagaraju
19 May 2023
""Releasing the Tempest: Exclaimer Cloud Au..."

Email Mark The board: Exclaimer Cloud offers a complete answer for overseeing email marks across an association. It p... All Exclaimer Cloud User Reviews

reviewed by Angel Mackerel
12 Jan 2024
"My review on aeromegh"

What I like about aeromegh is that it doesn’t lag or disconnect while using their platform All AeroMegh User Reviews

iBoysoft Data Recovery
reviewed by SHAKIL AHMED
17 Feb 2024
"Overall experience "

I love this software its can help to recover my data easily. Sone time I lost my Organization data, so its can help ... All iBoysoft Data Recovery User Reviews

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