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What is Miscellaneous Software?

Miscellaneous software is a general section for software that does not fit conventional categories, such as marketing or operations. Software listed in this area varies a lot and provides businesses with a wide range of digital solutions for business and private use.

Most Popular Miscellaneous Categories

Subcategories of Miscellaneous Software

  • Other: As the name suggests, this category of software includes all applications that don’t quite fit any other category. It includes software that helps businesses navigate varied problems like editing specialised documents, or managing team-related issues - in cases where this isn't already covered by other categories.

Latest User Reviews in Miscellaneous

Mo Cusato, -
"Easy to Use and Free"

The best feature of TweetDeck is that it's free. It's also easy to use and has a simp...

StorPool Storage
Michael Kutzner, CEO - virtion GmbH
"Block storage, fast, secure and scalable –..."

We chose StorPool not just because of the better price/performance ratio, but also be...

StorPool Storage
Suha Onay, CEO - DİA Yazılım A.Ş.
"We are very happy with StorPool"

Simplicity and compatibility – StorPool is intuitive and can be managed with minimal ...

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