Best Site Search & Web Forms Software in 2018

Site search software helps improve search experience on a website by allowing visitors to conduct quick searches from a single search box. More advanced products allow visitors to search in multiple languages and provide relevant results in milliseconds. On the other hand, web form builder software helps create different types of online forms, including sign up forms, contact forms, surveys, feedback forms, and registration forms. Most web form builders feature drag-and-drop components and multiple design templates; while some products even allow you to create responsive designs and custom fields. 

Site Search 360

Site Search 360 53


Site Search 360 is an easy to setup site search solution for any website. It is highly customizable to fit exactly your site's look and feel. More Information...


GetSiteControl 78


GetSiteControl is a set of tools for website visitor engagement - lead forms, contact forms, surveys, live chats, promo popups and floating bars, 'follow' and 'share' tools. More Information...


Wufoo 89


Wufoo is online service that enables its users to create HTML forms for their website, and to use the information collected. More Information...


Algolia 84


Algolia is a powerful real-time search engine for your website. More Information...


Swiftype 76


Swifttype is a plug-and-play site search for any website. More Information...


PublicWWW 57


PublicWWW is a digital marketing and affiliate marketing research tool that finds any alphanumeric snippet, signature or keyword in the web pages HTML, JS and CSS code. More Information...


TravelTime 56


TravelTime platform is a site search API that analyses location data using minutes, not miles. Ask where's within 30 minutes drive, not 5 miles radius. Converts 3x more users. More Information...


SearchBlox 46


SearchBlox is a leading provider of enterprise search solutions. SearchBlox is the most common replacement option for Google Search Appliance and Google Site Search. More Information...


Getform 39


Getform is a web form management tool that serves web form processing for designers and developers to control their form data with no hassle. More Information...


FormBit 30


FormBit lets you build custom forms and collect data your way. More Information...

Insight Stash

Insight Stash 29


Fast, Simple Visitor Feedback Forms for your site. Gather insights from your visitors about your site, service, product fast. Improve your business based on feedback. Repeat. More Information...


Survicate 88


Survicate allows website owners to collect feedback and leads on their websites using widgets. Gathered data can be exported to CRM or marketing automation systems. More Information...


IP2Location 86


IP2Location is a non-intrusive IP geolocation solution to help you to identify visitor's geographical location. The solution is available as database, API and hosted. More Information...


Nextopia 72


Nextopia is an eCommerce site search and navigation solutions. More Information...


SmartSite 59


Ability Commerce SmartSite e-commerce platform has many built-in features, including an adaptive mobile site for fast loading– favorable to both search engines & mobile shopers. More Information...


Funnel 33


Funnel enables website owners to process work-related inquiries and keep track of their contacts through contact forms. In other words, it's a CRM for the rest of us. More Information...


Synthetix 28


A complete suite of attractive, integrated customer contact tools incl. Virtual Agents, Dynamic FAQs, Live Chat, Agent Knowledge-base, Email Management & Intelligent Web forms More Information...

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