Discover, compare & review the best mobile and website search tools to add great search to your website or app.

Algolia 85


Algolia is a powerful real-time search engine for your website. More Information...

Wufoo 77


Wufoo is online service that enables its users to create HTML forms for their website, and to use the information collected. More Information...

Nextopia 76


Nextopia is an eCommerce site search and navigation solutions. More Information...

Survicate 77


Survicate allows website owners to collect feedback and leads on their websites using widgets. Gathered data can be exported to CRM or marketing automation systems. More Information...

Funnel 75


Funnel enables website owners to process work-related inquiries and keep track of their contacts through contact forms. In other words, it's a CRM for the rest of us. More Information...

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