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Karma Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Employee Engagement Software Review Team

Karma Bot helps businesses to improve their work culture and overall productivity through integrating with Slack, MS Teams and Telegram. It functions as a powerful analytical tool for managers and team leaders alike. Not only does it allow users to set goals for their team, but it also lets you track and analyze karma requests. It does this through a simple method of collecting “karma points” which can be exchanged into “karma coins”.

Karma points allow teammates to reward each other for a job well done. This can be used when they finish projects early or when they assist other people with their tasks. It’s a good way to increase company morale, motivate your members to work harder and improve overall performance. Additionally, karma coins can be converted into tangible rewards. Examples are cash, parties and anything your team might like.

To better appreciate your employees’ achievements, no matter how small, Karma Bot uses three types of Karma:

  • Micro-karma – reactions on your posts; one reaction is the minimum, amounting to 0.1 karma.
  • Regular karma – day-to-day achievements and teamwork; 1-on-1 karma request is equal to one karma.
  • Channel karma – major parts of work delivered; where channel-wide karma equals karma to everybody.

With the Karma Mantra, businesses and organizations can better track the work of their employees and award them after they’ve completed their tasks. Team leaders and managers are given the option to either award karma for individuals or for entire teams. Both have their benefits. With individual karma, you can increase a person’s motivation. On the other hand, when you award karma for whole teams, you can encourage playful competition within the company.

Karma Bot Features

Karma Points

Karma points let teammates and supervisors award each other for a job well done—they can do this every time somebody finishes their tasks early or when certain goals are met within a specific time frame. Users have the option to award individual or group karma. At the end of the period, people can see how much karma they’ve accumulated, which can be used to recognize their individual strengths.


Depending on the karma requests, the solution lets companies build detailed user profiles of their employees and their corresponding strengths. When teams are created for new projects, team leaders and supervisors can use these profiles to get to know their employees better. This also helps in knowing which tasks to delegate to certain people.


Karma points can be converted into karma coins that can be spent on tangible or monetary bonuses and awards. With customizable incentives, you can boost morale for all types of employees. It doesn’t even have to be directly related to project tasks—you can send and receive Karma points for people who are always punctual.


Users are given an interactive dashboard to view their employees’ profiles and Karma Mantra. It gives you graphic representations about team members currently dominating the leaderboard, the latest karma statistics and the amount of karma that’s been given from one person to another. You have different views, depending on your position. If you’re an admin or a moderator, you’re given more settings on your dashboard.

Karma Bot reward points

Karma Bot Benefits

Increased productivity

Karma Bot motivates your employees to work better at their tasks. This is done by appreciating the little things they do for their company. The overall performance of your workforce can be tracked and reported through the help of this solution. As such, you get to easily set goals and monitor the progress of your team.

Employee tracking

Each person can be awarded individual karma. This is helpful in knowing what their best traits are and recognizing where they work best in group work. Through this application, you can give your employees the proper recognition they deserve.

Monthly and quarterly performances

After each month or quarter is finished, you can backtrack and check the records on your employees’ performance. This helps you keep track of how well they did during these specific periods. These monthly and quarterly performances also let you know each person’s karma meter and help you give them the recognition they deserve.

Karma Bot reports dashboard

Karma Bot Pricing

Karma Bot has three pricing packages catered to its users. Its prices are based on the number of users you plan to have. They have different sets of features and levels of functionality. In line with this, here are the pricing plans:


The first plan is free and is perfect for businesses of any size. However, it’s limited in terms of the features it offers. You can have unlimited users, weekly karma limits, a one-week leaderboard and low-priority support. This plan is suitable for people who want to test out Karma Bot before upgrading to a premium plan. If you’re not satisfied with the free option, you can always upgrade your plan to suit your business needs.


For the Pro plan, the price changes according to the number of Slack users you have. It also has two payment methods—monthly and annually. You can save more if you avail of the annual plan. Before subscribing to this package, you’re given the option to test out the features found in Pro with the 30-day free trial, as secured by Stripe.

The price is based on the following number of Slack users:

  • Small – fit for businesses with 1-19 users; costs $24 per month under the annual plan.
  • Medium – for companies with 20-199 users; priced at $72 per month if paid annually.
  • Large – for enterprises with 200-499 users; price is fixed at $160 per month for annual subscriptions.

Under the Pro plan, you can enjoy the features found in the previous plan. However, you won’t be nearly as limited. You can benefit from unlimited users, unlimited karma requests, unlimited leaderboards, company values, a customizable dashboard, performance reports, rewards and priority support. The priority support also ensures a 24-hour response from Karma Bot’s support team.


The last pricing package does not have a fixed price. It’s completely customized to your business requirements which means you must contact the sales team to get a quotation. However, you get to enjoy the most out of this package since you get all the features promised in the Pro plan and some key additional ones as well. This includes product customization, onboarding tools, active project counter and performance reviews.

Enterprise is catered for organizations with more than 500 Slack users.


For most companies, employees are only awarded bonuses or additional benefits at the end of quarter. This can take a long time, which is why daily or weekly karma is considered a smarter and better alternative to improve your workplace culture. It can also be used as a form of performance review for each of your employee’s records. This gives supervisors and managers the platform to add reasons or explanations as to why these specific people have a good karma rate. At the end of the day, Karma Bot allows you to track the best qualities of the people working for you and use them as a reference for future tasks.

Overall, Karma Bot brings teams closer together. Employees work better when they see that their work is appreciated and incentivized. This solution helps build stronger and happier teams within an organization. Additionally, HR staff and team leaders are given insights on what keeps their team motivated. They can use this to foster a workplace culture of healthy competition and increased effectiveness.

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