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Visitor Analytics Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Web Analytics Software Review Team

Visitor Analytics allows businesses to analyze the traffic and performance of their websites regardless of a user’s technical background. It does this through a comprehensive dashboard that displays important statistics at a quick glance. This lets them analyze the trends and insights into how well their business is doing. A wide variety of advanced web analytics tools can be found in Visitor Analytics, such as traffic geolocation, visitor behavior and history as well as URL campaign overviews. You can also gather details about your profit per site visit, the number of visitors who’ve engaged with your content, the worth of each visitor to your company, the rate of new and returning visitors and more.

Monitoring website traffic is a handy technique in enhancing lead generation as you can decide what kind of changes should be implemented on your website. You get insights about how to best tailor your content to a specific audience or can gauge how UI changes can affect how your pages look and perform. At the end of the day, this drastically improves your conversion rate and directly affects your overall website performance.

This solution is a viable option for teams of all sizes that want to analyze their website traffic and improve their marketing strategies. You don’t even need to have substantial technical expertise or an analytics background to get started with and navigate through the solution. It offers a user-friendly interface where all crucial data can be found in a single, centralized location.

Visitor Analytics Features

The two key functionalities of Visitor Analytics are statistical and behavioral analytics. However, in the future chat automation, feedback analytics, SEO analytics and advertising analytics will also be added to further expand the solutions offering.

Statistical analytics

The solution’s statistical analytics features focus on monitoring and managing four main aspects: visitors, pages, devices and campaigns.

For visitors, you can discover their visited pages and geolocation as well as the device type, operating system and browser used. Visitor Analytics will also assign a status to all visitors indicating whether they are new, returning, or previously converted. These details can let you know how the website as a whole is performing with certain audience segments and where to improve.

When it comes to tracking pages, details about all your pages’ performance are explained thoroughly. You get to see metrics such as how many people have visited particular pages and where they were referred from.

In terms of devices, you can optimize your customers’ browsing experience by catering to the type of devices they’re using. This could, for example, help you to resize or reorder sections of a website to better suit varying screen resolutions.

Lastly, you can also identify campaign performance using UTM parameters. This lets you track all incoming traffic from different sources such as social media outlets, promotions, A/B tests and more, allowing you to gauge how different channels are performing.

Visitor Analytics tracking

Behavioral analytics

This feature primarily focuses on generating visitor session recordings based on their cursor and browsing behavior. This enables users to evaluate whether certain areas of the website are receiving more attention than others and where improvements can be made.

Visitor Analytics also has visitor heatmaps, funnels, and forms functionalities coming soon.

With heatmaps, you will get to uncover an aggregated view of where visitors are most commonly clicking, scrolling or moving their cursor. This allows you to identify what problems your visitors encounter along the way, such as if a particular link or call-to-action is being passed over.

Funnels will help users to track how ‘deep’ into the website visitors reach. This can help to optimize the journey to conversion. For example, if a certain page is causing a large number of bounces prior to signup or checkout page then it could be reworked or removed entirely.

As for forms, the solution will help to generate insights into how visitors interact with each section and field of a form. This can include the number of interactions as well as whether certain sections are causing abandonment.

Visitor Analytics heatmap recordings

Visitor Analytics Benefits

User-friendly data analytics

This solution is helpful for those in need of the right tools to analyze website traffic and increase lead conversions. You get to easily view important information such as the numbers behind your website traffic and referrals from your visitors. The dashboard is easy to use, comprehensive and saves you time when you’re analyzing data.

Actionable insights

Data such as profits per visit, the number of visitors per page, the amount of time they stay on that specific page and orders per visitors can easily be captured with Visitor Analytics. This helps you understand which part of the site your customers focus on and why they stay on that specific page. Overall, you can expect a drastic improvement in how identity strong points and spot underlying issues on your website.

Tracking and monitoring

Your visitors’ demographics are made available for you to track and monitor with Visitor Analytics’ powerful features. You can track their location and browsing history and monitor your website’s statistics and metrics. This includes conversion rates, page performance, URL campaigns, etc. As a result, users can find it much easier to tailor website content towards particular demographics.

Visitor Analytics Pricing

Four pricing packages are made available by Visitor Analytics. What makes these plans different from one another is the number of visitors you get to record per month. But, overall you can still enjoy the same benefits across these four packages. These features are:

  • All available features
  • Unlimited agents
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Full online support

Additionally, Visitor Analytics offers a 30 day free trial for all of the plans with no credit card required to get started.


Priced at $3.99 per month with an annual subscription, you can enjoy a platform where you can analyze certain trends and growth. But with the monthly subscription, you pay $4.70 per month. It’s fitting for businesses that experience a monthly visit rate of 10,000. This plan also offers 15 visitor recordings; this feature allows you to record your visitors’ sessions and view them later. With this, you can understand the activity of your customers better.

Growing business

The second package is priced at $7.99 per month if you’re going for the annual subscription. The price changes to $9.52 if you opt for the monthly plan. This package lets you benefit from tools catered to businesses who experience 25,000 visits per month and allows for 10,000 visitor recordings.


The Professional plan’s price starts at $13.99 per month under the annual subscription but with the monthly one, the price is increased to $16.86. This is suitable for businesses that get 50,000 visits per month. 35,000 visitor recordings are also expected from this package.


The last plan is priced at $23.99 per month under the yearly subscription. If you want to try it out monthly, the price changes to $29.26 per month. This plan is catered for companies with 100,000 visits from customers monthly. You also get to record 80,000 visitor sessions.


If you’re looking for an intuitive and powerful website data analytics software solution, then Visitor Analytics is certainly worth considering. It focuses on aggregating the various metrics and data behind the people who click on your website and navigate through your pages. This enables users to improve the way they tackle their business since they can use actionable website traffic insights to their advantage.

Visitor Analytics allows you to see what your visitors are experiencing and lets you analyze every action they make when navigating through your site. This lets you gain insightful data that can be used for future purposes. At the end of the day, you get to implement effective campaigns and increase lead conversion for your business.

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