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TrendKite Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Analytics Software Review Team

TrendKite is a public relations (PR) monitoring, measurement, and reporting solution designed for brands and agencies of different sizes across industries, specifically those with a business-to-business (B2B) focus.

The platform helps media companies and brands measure the impact of their PR campaigns by providing highly efficient media monitoring capabilities, as well as measurement and reporting tools that generate up-to-date and accurate results. With timely, accurate, and comprehensive data, you are able to properly assess PR efforts and gauge whether or not they are generating significant returns.

TrendKite Features

TrendKite helps organizations easily and effectively measure the impact that PR campaigns and news coverage has on their brand’s reputation, business objectives, as well as website traffic. The software solution offers advanced analytics capabilities and comprehensive reporting to accurately measure the true impact of your efforts on your business brand.

As a PR analytics platform, TrendKite provides just the right tools and services to help measure, monitor, and gather accurate reports about the real impact of your PR efforts. They offer a number products and solutions to make PR analytics much more effective and accurate.

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PR Measurement

TrendKite offers PR measurement tools designed to help quantify public relations impact from start to finish, all the way from building your brand to driving revenue. The platform provides a bevy of PR measurement metrics. It allows brands to scale up their measurement process by leveraging flexible and intuitive dashboards to properly quantify return-on-investment (ROI).

With the TrendKite PR measurement solution, you get a complete analysis of brand impact using data derived from various sources, which include article impact, social amplification, readership, mentions by geography, sentiment, key message pull-through, sharing of voice and headlines, and featured articles.

PR Media Monitoring

Another solution offered by TrendKite is monitoring—accurate and meaningful media monitoring. The solution provides comprehensive and up-to-date information to help brands and businesses efficiently monitor media trends, which subsequently facilitate the process of shaping PR strategies.

The TrendKite media monitoring solution provides users with a single, comprehensive look at their entire coverage across multiple media types, including blogs, print, broadcast, radio, premium paywall subscriptions, and traditional news. It pulls relevant data from a myriad of national and international sources to deliver an accurate and more comprehensive picture of your coverage.

PR Reporting

The TrendKite PR reporting solution enables you to quickly and easily transform media dashboards into engaging, shareable, and interactive PR reports. With this solution, generating interactive and engaging PR reports for actionable media analysis is done with just one click. Users may then share their findings as an interactive report or opt to export the data to PDF.

TrendKite PR reports do not require users to maintain spreadsheets of mentions, create PowerPoint slides, or generate charts and graphs via Excel. This means you are able to cut down the hours spent doing manual work. With just a single click, there is the ability to generate comprehensive and accurate media analysis reports.

Pinpoint Media Contacts

TrendKite analytics enable users to effectively uncover and pinpoint more journalists through a personalized discovery engine. Find the right contacts based on specific campaigns and topics and take advantage of the platform’s powerful analytics.

This discovery engine for media contacts allows you to quickly and easily find new journalists who were previously outside of your radar. You are essentially able to pinpoint relevant media contacts, the most powerful and influential writers and bloggers producing high-quality articles about the industry, your competitors, and the recent trends.

TrendKite products monitoring screenshot accurate meaningful media monitoring pr strategy global sources coverage

TrendKite Benefits

TrendKite boasts of quite a few benefits for brands, businesses, and PR professionals. Unlike other similar software solutions, TrendKite is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It is a platform specifically tailored to make it easier for users to add and crowdsource media data sources, helping to facilitate the comprehensive and up-to-date TrendKite library of trending news and content.

Seamless Integration with Website Analytics

The TrendKite PR Measurement solution integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to provide agencies, brands, and PR professionals a more complete view of their data so they are able to generate reports of PR campaign results in comprehensive ways to executives, stakeholders, and decision makers.

Intuitive Dashboards

TrendKite features very intuitive and highly flexible dashboards with advanced PR measurement tools that enable users to filter out any unnecessary aspect of their data with just one click. This way you can focus on what really matters when analyzing your coverage and PR campaigns.

Conduct Market Research with Ease

With the solution, you are able to conduct research on various media and influencers currently dominating the industry you operate in, as well as figure out the best approach for your own brand’s PR strategy.

TrendKite gives you the ability to shape emerging trends, get the advantage from your competitors, and leverage the right media monitoring data to figure out what strategy works and what doesn’t for your brand, as well as your competitors.

Team Collaboration Capabilities

TrendKite comes with productivity and collaborative tools to ensure teams keep on collaborating in synchronization as far as productivity, performance, and making project deadlines are concerned. The platform’s sharing capabilities help to create consistency with reporting. Moreover, it helps to promote teamwork and support among teammates.

Clean, Interactive and Mobile-Friendly Platform

When it comes to reporting and public relations, a quality presentation is crucial as it directly impacts how a brand is perceived by the target audience. TrendKite provides the most intuitive, mobile-friendly, and attractive PR reports to make sure you always have your best foot forward when dealing with stakeholders and clients. Furthermore, it bodes well for your brand that your PR reports are shareable via a simple link.

Quick and Simple Customization

TrendKite is designed so that it is easily customizable. Users don’t have to settle for boring or static PR reports. They have the tools and capabilities of the solution at their disposal to tailor reports so they match the audience they’re trying to impress.

With quick and easy customization, users have the ability to deliver engaging and attractive reports by simply customizing titles and analysis. You are also able to add custom slides as well as provide comprehensive reporting on any PR metric across a variety of medium.

TrendKite products reporting screenshot simple fast beautiful pr reporting no design skills

TrendKite Pricing

Pricing for TrendKite analytics software solution has not been made available publicly. Current pricing information is available only upon request. Interested parties will have to contact the developer’s sales team directly to ask for a quote.

You may visit the TrendKite official website for more details about their products and services. You may also request a demo to get a better idea of how the platform works and whether or not it fits your current business processes.


TrendKite is a unified analytics platform for PR professionals, agencies, and brands of various size or scale. It is a public relations reporting, monitoring, and measurement solution equipped with powerful features and capabilities.

The ease-of-use combined with seamless integrations, customization, and advanced analytics make TrendKite one of the better PR analytics platforms for any type of business requiring an effective way to manage their PR campaigns and strategies. Check it out and find out how it can help your business.

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