Partner List - A/B Testing

The following is a list of Crozdesk Ltd's partner vendors that are affiliated with the A/B Testing software category. We may, on occasion, share data with these partners in accordance with our privacy policy.

Company Name Country
AB Tasty United States
ABTesting AI, Inc. Uruguay
Adoric Israel
AuditsHQ India
Benhauer sp. z o.o. Poland
Bouncezap Ltd. United Kingdom
caspa AI United Kingdom
Churned Netherlands
Claspo Ukraine
ClickGum United States
Conversion Expert GmbH Germany
ConvertFlow United States
Convert Insights Inc. United States
Convertize United Kingdom
Cordial United States
DataAegis Software Pvt India
Dealo United Kingdom
emfluence United States
Emozo Labs, Inc. Canada
Exitget Canada
ExpressPigeon United States
FashTime United Kingdom
Featureflow Australia
FigPii United States
GazeRecorder Poland
Geniuslink United States
Haptik United States
HarborNation UG Germany
Hey Oliver Cyprus
IO Technologies United States
Kameleoon Canada
Kasplo Internet Pvt Ltd India
Kejp Software Lithuania
Landingi Poland
Leadpages United States
Looker Data Sciences United States
MarginDriver United States
Marketizator Friends SRL Romania
MPZMail United Kingdom
Netcore Cloud India
Neuro Flash Germany
Octeth United States
Octo Browser United Kingdom
Omnia Retail Netherlands
Optiin com Bulgaria
Optimizely United States
Osmnez Technologies Inc. United States
Pepo, Inc. United States
PIAproxy LLC United States
Poptin Israel
Preely Denmark
PriceRocket Poland United States
Ptmind Japan
RedTrack Lithuania
SAS United Kingdom
Scaled Inference United States
Scriptshub Technologies United States
Sentience Korea, Republic of
SimpleHeatmaps United States
Smart Software Testing Solution Inc United States
spicesend Canada
Statapile United States
Stormly Netherlands
Tggl France
TrackingDesk Ltd Israel
Unbounce Canada
Unstack United States United Kingdom
Wayne Cloud Marketing Digital Solutions Inc. Canada
WebEngage India
Webtrends Optimize United Kingdom
WEVO United States
Will They Buy? Germany
Wingify India United States
Zoho Corporation United States
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