Best Stock Trading & FX Software in 2018

Stock Trading software helps business keep on top of their equity portfolios. Many solutions provide a trading environment and offer data / market analyses to streamline investment processes. On the other hand FX solutions allow you to track currency exchange rates and to mitigate FX related exchange risks. 


Carta 69


Carta is an online platform for issuing, signing, and receiving electronic shares, options, convertible notes, and warrants. More Information...


FinSentS 42


FinSentS is a cutting edge information portal powered by proprietary Natural Language Processing technology. It is coupled with a low latency algorithmic trading portal. More Information...

Trading Blox Builder

Trading Blox Builder 37


Trading Blox Builder is a sophisticated trading system development environment for historical simulation and trading. More Information...

PairTrade Finder PRO

PairTrade Finder PRO 36


PairTrade Finder PRO™ is the industry-leading pair trading software for online traders, having been downloaded more than 6,000 times and selling over 2,000 licenses worldwide. More Information...

Easy Accountax

Easy Accountax 31


Easy Accountax is online cloud based accounting software that provide book keeping, payroll, self assessment, CRM, HRM, Stock Management and function. More Information...

Formula Stocks

Formula Stocks 28


Formula Stocks provides access to stock recommendations with a historical 92% win rate and average annual returns of up to 35%. Invest intelligently! More Information...


RootAnt 9


RootAnt provides global financial institutions with easy to use and user-friendly investing platform that improve the investor experience. More Information...

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