Partner List - Agile & Other Methods

The following is a list of Crozdesk Ltd's partner vendors that are affiliated with the Agile & Other Methods software category. We may, on occasion, share data with these partners in accordance with our privacy policy.

Company Name Country
3SL United Kingdom
Achieved Belgium
Agilean Solutions India Ukraine
airfocus Germany
Anywhere India
Appfire Poland
Avion United Kingdom
Binfire Corp United States
BrainLeaf United States
Bugcutter India
Bunnyshell Romania
Business Sorter New Zealand
Can Do GmbH Germany
Cardsmith United States
Code and Effect Inc. Canada
Codegiant Inc United States
Collaboard Switzerland
CoSchedule United States
DailyBot United States
DATPROF Netherlands
DCKAP Inc India
Delibr Sweden
DevMads Ltd. Hungary
Digicoop France
Digite United States
EasyCorp China
Evadastudio Romania
Eylean Lithuania
Forecast Technologies ApS
Freshworks Inc
Fuel Cycle United States
GLIDR United States
Hygger United States
Ideanote Denmark
Inflectra United States
Innohabit Technologies Pvt. Ltd India
ITM Platform United States
Jibility Pty Ltd Australia
Kaleidos Spain
Kanbanize Bulgaria
Kanban One Italy
Kelloo United Kingdom
Koekiebox B.V. South Africa
Krosswall United Kingdom
Kualitatem United States
Laevo Australia
Lana Labs GmbH Germany
LeadEasily GLB GmbH Germany
Logic Software Canada
MeetNotes United States
MeisterLabs GmbH Germany
Methvin Ltd New Zealand
MindGenius United Kingdom Ltd. Israel
Mooncamp Germany
More than Metrics GmbH Austria
MPOWR Envision United States
Nutcache Canada
Office Timeline United States
Ora Bulgaria
Oryx Digital Ltd United Kingdom
Panoply United States
Parabol United States
Perdoo Germany
Plandek United Kingdom
Planio GmbH Germany
Planview, Inc.
ProjectWizards GmbH Germany
RedmineUP Russian Federation
Reetro aps Denmark
Shore Labs Poland
Simplicité Software France
Stormboard Canada
Tappointment Hungary
Targetprocess Belarus
TASKCADE INC. United States
Taskworld Inc. United States
Tata Consultancy Services India
Teamgage Australia
Tricentis United States
Tricentis APAC Pty Ltd Australia
VivifyScrum Serbia
WEEEK Russian Federation
Wimi France
Workpath Germany
WorkSavi Ltd United Kingdom
Wremia, Inc. United States
XB Software Ltd
ZenHub Canada India
Zinnov United States
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