What is Netmon?

"Netmon is an all-in-one standalone network monitoring appliance for identifying and resolving IT infrastructure and network issues."

When detecting problems in your environment, visibility is the key to quickly and accurately identifying the root cause.

Netmon gives you that visibility in an affordable, appliance-based networking monitoring software solution that is trusted globally by large and small organizations from an array of industries including military, financial, insurance and information technology firms.

Bundled into a single appliance, Netmon offers an inclusive and full-featured Network Monitoring Software System.

Our Network Monitoring Software Tool will continuously scan, monitor, and report any activity throughout your network.

This real-time data will provide you with complete insight on anything happening within your network. Netmon tracks bandwidth consumption, network latency, disk usage, event logs, device status and battery backup states.

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Netmon Product Overview

  • Multiple Location Monitoring - Netmon can receive and generate NetFlow data enabling for advanced remote network analysis and monitoring in real time. With a centralized Netmon Appliance you can receive NetFlow data from other Netmon Appliances (or CISCO devices that transmit NetFlow) from any location.

  • Historical Reporting - One of the key components of Netmon is its reporting functions. With Netmon you are able to output fully customizable and highly detailed reports over any desired time range about anything and everything on your network. This provides extremely useful data for proactive network administration, problem analysis and future planning.

  • Event Log / SYSLOG Monitoring - Netmon gathers event logs created by devices that keep logs utilizing SYSLOG (and Event Logs on Windows Servers) and allows you to view and analyze logs from your entire network infrastructure in one centralized platform making them accessible faster. Netmon even allows you to create alerts based on specific event log strings so that you get notified when there are issues!

  • Alerting / Notifying - The key to any network monitoring solution is the ability to alert and notify users of malfunctions or any configured or set parameters.

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Netmon Features

  • Malware Protection
  • Bug Tracking
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Network Visualization
  • Network Device Performance Monitoring
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Netmon Pricing Plans

Netmon Software Edition (Netmon-VM-250)

(1) Netmon Virtual Machine (VM) Image
  • Downloadable VM Image
  • 250 Device License
  • 1-Year Maintenance and Support
  • Guided Deployment (Up to 8 hours at no additional cost)

Netmon Appliance (Netmon-APP-XX)

(1) Netmon Appliance
  • Guided Deployment (Up to 8 hours at no additional cost)
  • 1-Year Maintenance and Support
  • 1-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Unlimited Device Licenses
  • Next Generation Netmon 1U Server Appliance

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Netmon FAQs

What are some applications Netmon is commonly used in tandem with?

Wireshark can be used with Netmon for forensic deep packet analysis from Netmon traffic sniffing.

Does Netmon offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Yes. There is a resource guide on our website with written and video guides. Each appliance and VM instance comes with 1-year of comprehensive support, with option to renew after 1st year.

What platforms does Netmon support?

Windows Server, Linix Server, Networking Devices, UPS backup batteries, Enviromon Environmental Monitoring Systems,

Does Netmon offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes. Multiple user profiles can be created with varying degrees of accessibility.

What is Netmon generally used for?

Real-Time Network Monitoring
One of Netmon’s key and defining features is its ability to monitor and analyze the entire network infrastructure in real-time, giving you a powerful and complete view of the current status of your network.

  • Analyze Network Traffic
  • Monitor Bandwidth Utilization
  • Monitor Devices' Performance (Physical Network Infrastructure)
  • Show Real-Time Network Conversations

Who are the main user groups of Netmon?

Netmon is a Complete and Full Featured Network Monitoring System featuring industry leading tools that help IT Professionals solve problems and manage their IT environment & infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Network Administrators, Managed Services Providers,

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