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Best App Builders Software in 2018

One major benefit of using a cloud-based app builder is that they typically don’t require you to download or install anything. You can get started quickly and often without any knowledge of coding. However, not all app builders are made for non-coders. Some products come with advanced features that only experienced developers can handle. Some products in the app builder category are suitable for making native apps, while others allow you to build applications for almost every device, including Android, iPhone, and Windows mobile. Other things to consider include your UI customization needs or what kind of graphic design support you require, whether you need advanced content management features, whether you want to develop eCommerce apps with features like customer loyalty program, shopping cart, etc. You’ll also find DIY app builders with social API integration features and a range of other add-ons and plug-ins. 


QuickBase 88


QuickBase is an app development tool for building custom-made business software. More Information...

Odoo Studio

Odoo Studio 87


Odoo Studio is an intuitive user-friendly app builder with drag & drop blocks, making creating apps easy with or without developers skills. More Information...


Appian 86


Appian is a low-code software development platform for business process management applications. More Information...


PhoneGap 83


PhoneGap is an open source mobile development platform that allows mobile apps to be created using standardized web APIs for the platforms you care about. More Information...


Como 78


Como is a leading do-it-yourself app builder for small businesses around the world. More Information...


WaveMaker 74


WaveMaker is a leading Rapid Application Development software platform to build enterprise-grade multi-device apps, that can be easily extended or customized. More Information...

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere 73


Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere platform is a complete business application development and deployment environment that enables users to quickly become proficient in creating mobile business forms and applic... More Information...


CloudApper 63


With this revolutionary, dynamic, user friendly rapid development tool create your own enterprise cloud application within moments. More Information...


bobile 62


bobile is a native mobile app creation platform for small businesses, without any coding needed, that enables simple launching to Apple store, Google Play & Amazon App Store. More Information...


OutSystems 88


OusySystems is a low-code development tool that gives IT departments control over the entire application lifecycle. More Information...


Plesk 88


Plesk is the leading WebOps platform to run, automate and grow applications, websites and hosting businesses. Available in more than 32 languages. More Information...


Twilio 82


Twillio is a cloud communications service that allows software developers to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs. More Information...


SnatchBot 77


SnatchBot ‘s platform allows companies to create chabots for free with no coding skills. Omni-channel oriented, SnatchBot’s tools support the entire lifecycle of a bot. More Information...


ScreenCloud 72


ScreenCloud makes it super simple for a business to turn any screen into a digital sign using consumer hardware (e.g. Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TVs, etc.) More Information...


Back4App 67


An easy way to build, host, and manage apps using the open source Parse Server. More Information...


Aspectize 33


Architecture as a Service: a platform for developing custom Web and Mobile applications. From idea to product, 5 times faster and with 50 times less code. More Information...


Kumulos 62


Kumulos is the White Label, Multi-tenant, Mobile App Management Platform used by thousands of developers in 25+ Countries across 5 Continents. More Information...

n-aos Builder

n-aos Builder 29


n-aos Builder is cloud-based, data-driven, database application builder. It creates web apps through effective procedures with minimal programming and enormous time savings. More Information...


mesibo 29


A cloud communication platform that makes it remarkably simple to add real-time chat, voice and video to mobile apps, and websites, in just a few hours. More Information...


Fieldbook 59


Fieldbook is an information tool that is as simple as a spreadsheet, but as powerful as a database. More Information...


Kotive 25


Kotive is a meta-app with which you build taskflow apps. Make-tasks-flow faster & more effectively by making custom-made taskflow apps without doing any programming. More Information...


StoreHippo 57


StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform that offers turnkey solution for starting an ecommerce business anywhere across the globe. More Information...

Aritic Mail

Aritic Mail 56


Transactional Email Delivery API for Applications & Enterprises More Information...


SourceLair 55


Online Integrated Development Environment for efficient Python and Node web developers. More Information...


CadmiumCD 49


CadmiumCD's event management software lets you collect and review submissions, manage speakers and exhibitors, and deliver exceptional experiences to your attendees. More Information... 47


Outsmart AdWords Competitors. Maximize Ad Revenue. Create Content That Converts. More Information...


UX-App 41


Mock up with real html components, prototype with the most powerful visual javascript engine today More Information...

Cab Treasure

Cab Treasure 34


The Cab Treasure website booker is online taxi booking platform. The 3-click booker can be integrated into the dispatch system. More Information...


Liquid 32


Liquid combines mobile app analytics and content personalization in a single, one-stop-shop suite. More Information...


UXRecord 32


Mobile user research with: Videos, Screenshots, Heatmaps and End-user Feedback. More Information...


Exzbit 28


Exzbit incorporates e-commerce into exhibitions, conventions and trade shows through the creation of a virtual marketplace. More Information... 26


Web Vulnerability Scanning suite for Agile Teams, that automates the scanning of Web Applications and lets you efficiently manage the lifecycle of those vulnerabilities. More Information...


Placebag 26


Placebag enables restaurants, clubs, and hospitality brands to provide online ordering on their own website, Facebook account, and an optional downloadable mobile app. More Information...

Tailor Page Builder

Tailor Page Builder 26


Tailor is a true drag and drop page builder for WordPress. More Information...


FormBit 25


FormBit lets you build custom forms and collect data your way. More Information...


Traken 22


With Traken you can build clear mobile dashboards that keep your teams instantly informed. More Information...

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