Partner List - Human Resources (HR)

The following is a list of Crozdesk Ltd's partner vendors that are affiliated with the Human Resources (HR) software category. We may, on occasion, share data with these partners in accordance with our privacy policy.

Company Name Country
100Hires United States GmbH Germany
Accomplishep United States
Accordium Denmark
Actimo Denmark
ActivTrak United States
AcuMax Index United States
Adepto Australia
Advanced United Kingdom
AirMason Canada
AK Finserv LLP India
Anaek, Inc United States
Andy J. Egan Co., Inc. United States
Appogee HR United Kingdom
APS United States
Aptagrim Limited Ireland
Arab sea Saudi Arabia
Aspire United States
Asteor Software Pvt. Ltd. India
Aventr United States
Award Force Australia
Awarious Technology Solutions India
Awedus India
Axy7 Spain
BambooHR United States
Bargain Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India
Baseapp Systems and Software Pvt Ltd India
BASS Software Norway
Beeple Belgium
BerniePortal United States
Bertrand ANllard Canada
BizMerlin United States
Bizy Software Solutions India
Blink United Kingdom
Blynk Systems Pvt Ltd India
Bonfyre App United States
Bonrepublic GmbH Austria
bountiXP South Africa
Bridge United States
BrightHR United Kingdom
Buddy Punch United States
Cammio video recruitment experts Netherlands
Cansulta Canada
Capstera United States
CATS Software United States
Cerevrum Inc United States
Cezanne HR United Kingdom
Chrobrus Poland
citrusHR United Kingdom
Clarity Wave United States
CloudApper United States
Coassemble PTY LTD Australia
CommandHound United States
ComplyRight, Inc. United States
Compport United States
Connecteam Israel
Continu United States
ContinuSys Australia
ConvertBetter PH Philippines
Corplife Austria
Crelate United States
Crowdoscope Ltd United Kingdom
Cursum Denmark
Cybrosys Technologies India
Cynosure Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India
Darwinbox India
Das Meta Germany
Daxtra Technologies United Kingdom
Debble Netherlands
Digi-X Malaysia Singapore
Dividant Business Solutions Pvt Ltd India
Divine IT Limited Bangladesh
Diyos Infotech P Ltd. India
Docebo Canada
Dossy Australia
Dream71 Bnagladesh Ltd. Bangladesh
DronaHQ India
Dsoft Solutions Pakistan
Ducknowl United States
Duuoo Aps Denmark
DVSI - Humansourcing France
EBnavi Poland
Eddy United States
EDLIGO Germany
Edwave India
Eggup srl Italy
Ejada United Arab Emirates
eKnowID United States
Elevatus United Kingdom
EmiratesHR United Arab Emirates
Emplify United States
EmployeeConnect Australia
Employment Hero Australia
Emptrust HR United States
Engagedly Inc
Engagement Multiplier United States
Entire Software Australia
entit consultancy services India
Entromy United States
Epignosis LLC United States
ePROMIS Solutions United States
Equifax United States
Equilar United States
eTeki Inc. United States
EVA.AI United Kingdom
Excelity Global Singapore
Fakhruddin Information Technology United Arab Emirates
Finclock Enterprise Management Systems United States
Flapps Slovakia
Flentis Corporation United States
Fliplet United Kingdom
Frappe Technologies Private Limited India
FrontEdge Inc. United States
Fuel50 United States
Fusion5 New Zealand
Gallup United States
Geenio Cyprus
Geoxis iHub Private Limited India
Gibbous India
Glickon Italy
GoCo United States
Gratifi India
GreatPeople Applications AB Sweden
Greenhouse Software United States
GroSum India
GrowthSpace United States
HackerEarth United States
Happy Job United Kingdom
Hibob Israel
HighGround United States
HireBeat United States
Hiretual United States
HiringThing United States
Homebase United States
Honey United States
Hrblade United States
HR CLOUD, INC United States
HRLocker Ireland
HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd. India
HRnest Poland
HROne India
HR Sense India
HRSG Canada
huapii Belgium
Hyphen, Inc United States
Idalto Ltd. Greece
Ideal Canada
Idenfit Netherlands
iFlow Romania
iHASCO United Kingdom
IJS Technologies Hong Kong
IncraSoft Pvt Ltd India
Indeed, Inc. United States
Indivizo Hungary
Indorse Singapore
inFeedo India
Inflow Hiring United States
Ingentis Softwareentwicklung GmbH Germany
Interview Mocha India
IntVue United States
iPEGS Ltd United Kingdom
IRIS Software Group United Kingdom
iSmartRecruit United States
iTours India
Jibble Malaysia
Jobalaya United States
Jobma United States
Jobsurv United States
Jobtoolz Belgium
JustLogin Pte Ltd Singapore
Karma bot New Zealand
Keka Technologies Pvt Ltd India
Kickresume s.r.o. Slovakia
kiwiHR Germany
Knowledge Anywhere United States
Knowledge Anywhere United States
Konfirmo Solutions Private Limited India United Kingdom
Kronos Incorporated United States
Kv Infotainment And E-Commerce (Opc) Private Limited India
LEAD United States
Leapsome Germany
Learning Machine Technologies, Inc. United States
LeaveBoard United States
Leave Wizard Limited United Kingdom
legalesign United Kingdom
Leoforce United States
LEON United States
Madison Performance Group United States
Make My Office India
Manatal Company Limited Thailand
Meeds Association Switzerland
Meestory Solutions Hungary
Miles Technologies United States
MintHCM Poland
Mirro Romania
Mobile CV Oy Finland
Motion Software Ltd. Bulgaria
mplyees United States
myhrtoolkit United Kingdom
MyLenio United States
Nailted Spain
Namely United States
Nation Better United Kingdom
NeeyamoWorks India
Netcomm Labs Pvt Ltd India
Newton United States
N'Liven Technologies Private Limited India
Nortek Solutions Inc Canada
Novaders LLP India
Nreach Online services Pvt Ltd India
ObjectiveManager United Kingdom
Ocasta United Kingdom
Octus Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Odoo United States
Officina srl Italy
Omind Technologies United States
OnBlick Inc United States
oorwin Labs Inc. United States
OpenStudio Italy
OrangeHRM Inc United States
Orblogic United States
Out Crowd Ltd United Kingdom
Owiwi Greece
Papaya Global Ltd Israel
Papershift Germany
Pargesoft Ltd UK United Kingdom
ParkOffice Ireland
PayCaptain United Kingdom
Peoplebox United States
People Element United States
PeopleFluent United States
PeopleForce Ukraine
peopleHum India
PeoplesHR Sri Lanka
PeopleSpheres France
PeopleWeek S.A. Switzerland
Personio Germany
Persono Digital HR Turkey
Pingboard United States
Plai United States
Pocket HRMS India
Porsline Austria
Prescreen Austria
Primalogik Canada
Process Street United States
ProFinda United Kingdom
ProProfs India
PurelyTracking United States
Push Operations Canada
Qualee Technology Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Rakuna United States
Ramco Systems India
Raspberry IT Services United Arab Emirates
Recognize United States
Recooty India
Recruit CRM United States
Recruitee Netherlands
Reflection Russian Federation
Remedysoft, Inc. United States
Remotebond Netherlands
RemoteTeam Inc. United States
Restaurant Zone United States
Reward Gateway (UK) Ltd United States
Rippling United States
RM4Tech United States
Roll Call Solutions Australia
S4labour United Kingdom
ScreeningHive India
Seaside Application Software Ltd United Kingdom
Seb Azzo United Kingdom
SemosCloud United States
SISAR BV Netherlands
Skillset United States
SnapComms New Zealand
SolutionDots Systems Saudi Arabia
SoMeCentral Denmark
Spintr AB Sweden
Spotcues Inc United States
SquarePeg United States
StaffAny Pte Ltd Singapore
StaffConnect United Kingdom
StaffScheduleCare Canada
Staff Squared United Kingdom
Submotion Denmark
Subscribe-HR Australia
SurveyLab Poland
SurveyLegend AB Sweden
SurveySparrow Inc. United States
SutiSoft Inc United States
SyncHR United States
TailoredMail United States
Talenox Pte Ltd Singapore
Talentis Group SA Belgium
TalentLyft Croatia
Talentonic HR Solutions Private Limited India
Talismatic India
Tap My Back Italy
Tati Software South Africa
TeamUltim Software UG Germany
Testofy India
The Digital Group United States
The Sage Group plc.
The Talent Games Singapore
ThisWay Global United States
Thymometrics United Kingdom
Timecounts Canada
TimeDynamo India
TimeForge United States
TimeGuru A/S Denmark
TimeHRM Saudi Arabia
timeION Poland
timerusher Egypt United States
TimeTac Austria
TimeTrex Canada
Torch LMS United States
TrackingTime Argentina
Tracko Tech Morocco
Traffit sp. z.o.o. Poland
Tranetech Software Solutions United Arab Emirates
Transformify United Kingdom
Tremendous United States
TribePad United Kingdom
TripActions United States
Truein India
Tyconz United Arab Emirates
UbiTech Solutions Pvt Ltd India
UBS App India
Unit4 Netherlands
Universe Finland
UZIO Inc United States
Vacation Tracker Canada
Valotalive Finland
Vanilya Inc. Turkey
VCV United States
Verificient Technologies, Inc. United States
VerifyWP United States
Version Systems Pvt Ltd India
Vialect Inc. Canada
VoiceSifter United States
WeAct AG Switzerland
Weavee United Kingdom
Webperformance Srl Italy
WeCP India
weDevs Bangladesh
Weekly Update United States
When I Work
WhistleDrive Pvt Ltd India
Whiz Software Solutions Pvt Ltd United Kingdom
WorkBright United States
Workstars United Kingdom
WorkTango Canada
X0PA AI Pte Ltd Singapore
Xoxoday India
XpertsPool LLC United States
Yorosis Technologies INC United States
Youmanage United Kingdom
Zelos Estonia
Zenefits United States
ZenHR Solutions Jordan
Zimyo India
ZingHR India
Zoho Corporation United States
Zyple software solutions Pvt Ltd India
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