What is CleverBrush?

"CleverBrush is a web based vector editor, photo collage builder, and photo gift builder for web2print and digital printing industries."

CleverBrush is precisely what the name suggests. We are clever, we are efficient, and we are here to get the job done, just the way you want it. How many times have you had to make a poster? Then, once done, you realize that due to one or the other technical glitch, all your work will go to waste because the printer wanted vector graphics. For a professional graphic designer, these are not issues worth looking twice at, but for the business with much to lose, with access to only the internet, there is CleverBrush. CleverBrush is a sleek, fast, intelligent, and perfect in every other sense online vector editor that gets tasks done without the worries of whether the end product will look the same or not.

Business needs can differ. Some work by making a graphic poster to ensure maximum reach on their social media pages. Others go one step ahead by stepping into the printing field, making up a range up customized products. With today’s ease of customizable consumer goods, there are endless possibilities. CleverBrush works seamlessly in providing you with an easy-to-use interface that can be used by all kinds of businesses with all sorts of needs. With the exclusive features that our vector editor offers, be prepared to easily conjure vector graphics from files that uploaded directly from the PC. On our layout, everything in sight is editable. With the great variety of tools that CleverBrush offers, any business will be sure to get dazzled by hundreds of brushes, gradient fills, and patterns to incorporate into their professional marketing work.

Moreover, CleverBrush also has a dominant photo collage maker, perfect for everyday needs and all else. With the current rising trend in customized products, especially those adoring pictures in a bundle, photo collages have seen a huge surge in popularity. CleverBrush very conveniently handles this for all kinds of business needs with its handy resizing tools that can set multiple images in one layout. Add to that the benefit of throwing in a custom background and your collage stands out. Another important characteristic that stands out is that of applying filters to pictures even after they are set in the collage, ensuring complete control until the last moment. The collages are also available for free download of the website.

For corporate needs, CleverBrush remains the top choice given its easy usage and trustworthy clientele. Our web2print services ensure high-quality vector graphics for all sorts of images and logos that we receive from the worldwide web. The tools available with CleverBrush are some of the most precise and technically sound ones available in the market. Point Edit and Text path are some of the unique tools that CleverBrush offers to its users.

For enterprises that know what they want but are unsure in what order to proceed, we have something for them too. All they need to do is head over to the projects section of our website to see ready-made templates. Easy previews of these help businesses select the right one in no time.

For any queries, write to us without hesitation at contact_us@cleverbrush.com.

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CleverBrush Product Overview

  • Gift builder platform for web2print providers and digital printing businesses

  • Online vector graphics editor

  • Different product types

  • Fast export to ready to print formats (SVG, PNG, JPEG)

  • Multi-language and themization support

  • Use last technologies, all modern browsers are supported

  • Big resolutions support

  • It's possible to create a highly-customizable products

Languages: Russian, English, Spanish

CleverBrush Features

  • API
  • CAD Tools
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Pixel Graphics
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Vector File Support
  • Video

CleverBrush FAQs

What platforms does CleverBrush support?

For now, we concentrated on the development of our web-based application, but in the future, it can be adopted for main mobile platforms.

What is CleverBrush generally used for?

Any kind of vector designers and web2print photo gift builders. Our solution could be easily adapted to solve problems of Variable Data Printing or Packaging Design.

Who are the main user groups of CleverBrush?

Our products could be useful for anybody who needs any kind of vector editor for their business, for example:

  • Digital Printing Services
  • Web2Print software services
  • Web2Print store owners
  • Photo stocks
  • Design companies
  • etc.
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