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What is Braintree?

"Braintree is a web and mobile payments system that supports PayPal, Bitcoin, Venom, cards etc. — all with a single integration."

Braintree is a quick and easy way to accept payments online and on a mobile app. Users can start accepting Bitcoin, Venom, Paypal, Apple Pay, bank cards, and whatever’s next — all with a single integration.

Braintree works in 40 countries with 130 currencies. Payment processing is completely free for the first £30,000. Pricing is then 2.4% + £.20 per transaction. There is no minimum or monthly fees.

Braintree scored 74/100 in the Payments & Invoicing category. This is based on user satisfaction (43/100), press buzz (52/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Braintree gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has improved over the past month. What is this?

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Braintree Product Overview

  • Instant sign-up: start accepting payments in minutes.

  • Live customer support: you call, Braintree answers.

  • Accepts 130 currencies across 40 countries.

  • Fluent in 6 server-side languages and mobile SDKs.

  • Full PCI compliance.

Languages: English
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Braintree User Reviews

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2.13/5 based on 140 user ratings.
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A great product to manage payments!

// Marketing Specialist at

What do you like about Braintree?

It's a really good product to manage payments. You can connect it with your service and all payments for products or subscriptions made by your users will be processed by Braintree. It is a very intuitive tool - you see how many payments were realized day by day, month by month and in other date ranges. You can see the history, charts, the list of subscriptions and all helpful details. You can also manage subscriptions here, canceling, giving discounts and more. I really like this tool. It helps me to work more productive, it is very easy in use and the customer service is really fast and helpful. Highly recommended!

What do you dislike about Braintree?

To be honest, there is nothing that annoys me much, but if I could change something I would like to make the searcher easier in use. There are a lot of options to choose when you look for any subscription (like type of payments, its status, date range etc.) and sometimes I do not know what to choose from the big list. Maybe there are users that know the tool very well and it is easy for them, but for me it is not. And besides of this small thing, everything is perfect! I really like to work with Braintree and I know that it makes all payments easier for my customers. It is a very good tool to manage the payment process!

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