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Zoho Analytics Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Business Intelligence (BI) Software Review Team

Zoho Analytics is a ‘business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution’ that enables users to generate detailed reports, facilitating visual analysis of business data for more informed decision-making.

It is a robust self-service BI and ‘analytics platform’ that helps businesses and organizations get the most insights out of their business data. It is specifically tailored to help organizational teams and departments effectively analyze critical business information and then create detailed dashboards based on the acquired insights for a smarter and more calculated decision-making process. The software gives users the ability to create, analyze and share comprehensive ad hoc reports within just minutes and without any IT assistance.

Zoho Analytics also features an advanced but easy-to-use assistant called Zia, which is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), language processing and machine learning technologies. By leveraging the full capabilities of this powerful assistant, businesses and organizations will not only be able to incorporate comprehensive analytics into their strategy, but they may also use Zia to find answers and come up with viable solutions through crucial performance indicator widgets and reports in an effort to enhance their services even further.

Zoho Analytics provides users the ability to perform a broad range of analytical tasks, crunch a significant amount of datasets, combine data and then visualize the obtained results in clean and easily digestible graphs in order to discover actionable business insights. The platform is available through the cloud and on-premise, which benefits small and midsize businesses, startups as well as larger enterprises and organizations. They can use the software to sync up or upload business data from the web, spreadsheets and other more conventional applications.

Building powerful detailed reports and dashboards within just minutes is one of the key functions of Zoho Analytics as it ensures a user-friendly operation courtesy of a drag-and-drop interface. Users are also provided the option to share information via insightful reports and dashboards complete with key performance indicators (KPIs). The software solution can be implemented and utilized across a wide variety of functional areas and by a broader range of users to facilitate their reporting and analytics requirements.

With the most recent version of Zoho Analytics, the software solution has become even more powerful and efficient with features such as its unified data management and analytics platform, Zoho DataPrep, its deep augmented capabilities by way of conversational BI and Zia insights, its data storytelling capabilities and the over 60 updates available. The software has effectively cemented itself as one of the most comprehensive, all-in-one business intelligence and analytics solutions in the market.

Zoho Analytics Features

Zoho Analytics is equipped with various features tailored around business data management, business intelligence and analytics. Some of the core features that the platform provides its users out of the box are as follows:

Data integration

Zoho Analytics allows you to analyze your company data regardless of where it is stored or wherever it’s from. The cloud-based solution is capable of integrating with more than 250 data sources. You have the ability to connect to your data from a wide range of relational databases, whether they are hosted in-house or on the cloud. You can also integrate the software with custom and traditional business applications, using its robust data import and integration APIs. Connect with some of the most widely used business apps in marketing, sales, finance, human resources, help desk, information technology and so much more.

Self-service data preparation and management

Zoho Analytics offers a self-service data preparation and management solution, known as Zoho DataPrep, designed to help you clean your raw data, transform and enrich them for easier and more efficient analysis. The app uses an auto model function to automatically identify different types of data that are coming in. You can get recommendations for combining or joining datasets and you may also create custom data types to help detect and fix invalid data.

Smart-cleanse is a specific function within Zoho DataPrep that works to filter and cleanse data by using smart suggestions. This tool can help improve the quality of your data by getting rid of duplicates and invalid entries. The next step of the data prep and management process is the transformation, i.e. you can choose to get your data formatted and modified without the need to write code. You can reshape your data by using any of the more than 250 transform functions such as summary, pivot, unpivot, etc.

You can then enrich your data with transformation processes powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. This includes language detection, keyword extraction, sentiment analysis and other technologically advanced data transformation capabilities.

Visualization tools for visual analysis

Zoho Analytics offers a wide variety of visualization tools designed to help you visually analyze all your data. There are many different visualization options available, from different types of charts and widgets to pivot, tabular and summary views, any of which you can use to create visually insightful reports and dashboards. You can build meaningful reports through quick and easy drag-and-drop functionality with a very intuitive user interface.

You have the option to bring together or combine multiple meaningful reports into tabbed dashboards, using the drag-and-drop designer tool. You may enrich your dashboard by incorporating images, widgets, formatted text and various web components in a flexible designer layout. You have the power to make it easier and less confusing for stakeholders, executives and other users to keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs).

There are also dynamic and interactive options available to help you enhance your visual reports and dashboards even further. You have a wide range of interactive options such as drill-downs, view underlying data, contextual filters and more, to help you perform more efficient ad-hoc exploratory analysis. Moreover, there’s the geo-visualization tool to help you analyze geographical data and image-based visualizations for plot location data analysis.

Unified business insights

With Zoho Analytics you can easily combine and unify your business data throughout the entire organization, from different functions such as sales, marketing, finance, support, DevOps, human resources, etc. with a more unified business data, you can easily and seamlessly analyze and obtain valuable end-to-end insights. The software is equipped with smart data blending, pre-built analytics and easy connectors that support more than 50 widely used business applications.

Zoho Analytics Dashboarda

Zoho Analytics Benefits

Zoho Analytics is a BI and analytics platform that is designed for ease of use. It gives anyone within an organization the power to analyze data regardless of their technical know-how. The software is built to help simplify data analytics, eliminating the often overwhelming and time-consuming process of collecting and consolidating data in order to generate meaningful insights.

One of the more crucial benefits of using Zoho Analytics is how it helps to streamline the data gathering process. The software makes use of an easy-to-follow wizard to guide you through the process of gathering relevant data, analyzing them and eventually generating actionable insights that you can then share with company executives and stakeholders. It lets you capture and analyze data from different sources like in-house or external databases, cloud storage services, as well as offline and online applications.

Zoho Analytics also makes it easy and less time-consuming to create charts, dashboards and other data visualizations. Creating a data chart is quick and simple as it is located right on the dashboard and has a drag-and-drop interface. You don’t have to know how to write code just to be able to create your data charts and other visualizations. There is a wide selection of different chart types to choose from, including geographical maps, heat maps, tables, as well as bar, line and pie charts.

The BI and analytics platform optimizes pivot tables within its feature set, since this kind of reporting and analytics approach allows for dynamic and interactive analysis, specifically for big data sets. It can be grouped in different levels in order to build more detailed summaries and then sorted based on the required options and columns. The process of highlighting data cells within the pivot table can easily be done through conditional formatting so they will reflect or match the right conditions.

Zoho Analytics Pricing

Zoho Analytics offers different pricing plans for their cloud-based and on-premise solutions. The cloud-based solution comes with a free plan, a custom plan and four fixed-rate pricing plans, which are Basic, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. Billing can be monthly or yearly, depending on what you choose. A 15-day free trial with no credit card requirements is also available.

The Basic plan is priced at $30/month or $24/month when billed annually. The Standard package costs $60/month or $48/month for the annual billing. The Premium plan, which is the most popular according to their website, is valued at $145/month or $115/month billed yearly. The Enterprise package will take you back $575/month or $455/month for the annual billing option. The custom package is quote-based, so you will have to contact the vendor directly.

The on-premise solution, for a local server, provides a couple of options: Personal and Professional. The former is free to use, while the latter costs $30/user/month billed annually for a minimum of five users total. You can contact the vendor to get a quote.


Zoho Analytics is a robust, feature-rich business intelligence and analytics platform that offers cloud-based and on-premises reporting and analytics solutions. It effectively fills the void within the market between general-purpose software like Microsoft Excel and more advanced and rather expensive enterprise-grade BI solutions such as Cognos. It’s definitely worth a try if you want to start getting actionable insights from your business data.

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