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Zistemo Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Time Management Software Review Team

Zistemo is a complete software suite that has been designed to provide a safe and efficient set of cloud computing tools capable of managing business processes as well as tracking time and projects.

Previously known as MoneyPenny, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution has recently been rebranded to Zistemo, a comprehensive and feature-rich task management platform designed to serve businesses of different sizes and scales across multiple industries. It delivers end-to-end cloud computing solutions optimized for Windows, Android, and iOS. The cloud-based software offers a broad range of tools and capabilities within a single, unified platform. This includes status tracking, percent-complete tracking, issue management, and a task board view, just to name a few.

Zistemo gives users the ability to keep track of various aspects of project management and their business processes. This includes the hours worked by employees, the time spent by individual team members on their respective tasks and projects, as well as all the documentation and records associated with each project, from project proposals all the way to the receipts and invoices upon completion. This software has been clearly designed to serve as a one-stop shop for managing business processes, and time tracking tasks and projects.

Zistemo works to centralize and synchronize all business and task-related information, such as project times, work hours, and business processes. It then provides users with a clear and real-time view of all relevant data, including their spending budget and other available resources. The software is suitable for a wide range of businesses and organizations, but it is particularly well suited to corporate departments, human resources, management consultants, agencies, accountants, legal firms, gyms, home and garden services, property and construction, as well as small businesses and freelancers.

Zistemo Features

Zistemo offers a number of features that are helpful not just for your time tracking and invoicing requirements but also for time and attendance, task and project management, as well as all your business processes and bookkeeping. The following are the three main features available with the Zistemo one-stop suite:

Attendance management

This Zistemo feature provides users with an instant overview of all present employees and team members. It is a time and attendance solution that is fully integrated into the Zistemo suite. It allows users to dynamically and flexibly control various working time models as well as easily manage work schedules, time off, and vacation days. The attendance management module also offers functionalities such as employee maps and team calendars, which can be accessed with a single click. The module has to be activated by the user, so they have the option to not use it at all if they already have a preferred time and attendance tool. This helps keep the user interface simple and clean.

The attendance management module lets users create their own attendance templates, allowing for customization and flexibility. They can create attendance templates for full-time and part-time employees, as well as for specific departments like production, accounting, marketing, and sales. The templates can also be set to support flextime models and even individual breaks. Users can easily switch between attendance templates, making the tool remarkably flexible and adaptable to suit the organization’s specific attendance management requirements.

The module offers up to five different flextime models for you to choose from. You simply pick the model that you believe fits your requirements best, and all that’s left to do is set up the appropriate flextime plan for your team members and employees. You can easily manage the definitions and rules of your flextime escalation by specifying when and how employees should get their notifications. You may also specify the exact number of overtime hours and/or absences that will automatically trigger the notifications. Once the flextime escalation rules are properly set up, the system will automatically take over. It’s a set-and-forget setup, which is great.

The attendance module also lets you set the rules for employee check-ins, meal breaks, and the required daily working hours, which may vary by state, municipality, or country.

Project time management

The project time management module is a flexible solution that enables you to manage various budgeting strategies and billing methods. It also gives you the ability to effortlessly create custom invoices that match your own corporate design from the available time records and generate detailed reports on demand. The flexibility of Zistemo is quite great, as it allows you to customize the modules, including project time management, to work according to your specific requirements; i.e., it adapts to your established business processes and not the other way around.

One of the key functions of the project time management module is to provide a detailed overview of any ongoing project. All project details are instantly visible in the project overview display. Here you also have the option to manually modify a project’s parameters and status, as well as create a new project at any given time. If you choose to create a new project, you have to enter the basic information about the project along with more specific details. You have the option to modify project details based on an existing bid or create an entirely new project from scratch. In any case, once the project data has been entered, you won’t have to reenter it again.

After entering the basic information and the specific details of the project, you can then use the function to add your team members and the tasks that will be assigned to them. You have the option to add new tasks or group existing individual tasks into the new project. You also have the ability to assign individuals or entire teams to the newly created project.

Business process management

Zistemo’s business process management module, known as System 360, is being marketed as the one-stop tool for all business processes, from the bid that you’ve created for a prospective client to the receipts that are kept and forwarded to your accounting team. The module is meant to help you keep track of the spending and cash flow of your company while also making the bookkeeping process a lot easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

The business process management module offers CRM functionality, allowing you and your team to maintain a good relationship with customers and clients. It provides information regarding the lifetime value of each individual customer, along with an overview of the previous projects that have been delivered to them and the revenue that was generated. You can give your clients login credentials so they can log in to Zistemo to get their bills and contact or send your team a message if necessary.

Zistemo Dashboard

Zistemo Benefits

Simple yet very intuitive design

Zistemo is designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. Its approach greatly reduces the learning curve for most individuals, resulting in much more successful adoption among first-time users. It has a clean user interface, removing any possible confusion and ensuring a pretty easy navigation process. There are concise and easy-to-understand tooltips for every function, which are available on hand. These tips should help users when they use the solution for the first time.

Robust data security

Zistemo offers an efficient data security system. While Zistemo is acknowledged as the one-stop shop for business process management, attendance management, and project tracking, providing strong and reliable data security has always been at the forefront for the people behind the web-based platform. Its data security system is developed in Switzerland, hosted on Swiss servers, and certified for compliance with Swiss security standards.

Offers great flexibility and mobility

Zistemo provides its users with great flexibility not just in terms of time, but also when it comes to convenience and practicality. With this all-in-one platform, you can work whenever, wherever, and however you want. You can work on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone from any location, at the office, from home, or on the field. Zistemo and all of its available modules work seamlessly on any supported device of your choice.

Zistemo Pricing

Zistemo’s pricing plans are pretty straightforward. It offers three packages with two billing options: monthly and yearly. Opting for the yearly billing option will save you up to 12% on the overall cost. The three pricing plans are Starter at €15/month with 1 user, Pro at €35/month with 5 users, and Enterprise at €55/month with up to 20 users.

There are also company and department-based pricing options with Starter, Small team, Team, Large team, and Studio+ packages. The Starter, Small team, and Team plans are priced the same and have the same number of users as the Starter, Pro, and Enterprise packages, while the Large team package starts at €355/month with up to 95 team members. The pricing for Studio+ is quote-based, with a maximum of 200 team members, so interested parties must contact the vendor directly to request a quote.


Zistemo serves as a full-featured, all-in-one software suite for tracking time and projects, as well as managing various business processes. It offers three main modules for attendance management, project time management, and business process management, all of which are easy to use and highly intuitive. It doesn’t just help you manage your projects and employee attendance; the web-based software also helps with creating and sending recurring invoices that are corporate branded. It also allows your company to receive online payments.

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