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Zendesk is considered as one of the top live chat software and help desk software in the current market. Zendesk provides organizations with a simple ticket system that allows agents to answer customer queries easily. Zendesk also includes a full customer history, call recording, automatic ticket creation and CRM management tools. 

Zendesk provides users with customer engagement, sales and support tools. Users can easily view all customer interactions in a single, centralized dynamic user interface. The processes involved in the daily operations are managed seamlessly and efficiently with the help of Zendesk. 

Zendesk not only provides you with a wide range of tools to address your business needs. It also comes with the option to set your software solution with different channels, such as web, mobile and messaging. Zendesk integrates with all the ways your customers can reach out to you through an easy-to-understand terminal. When you receive messages from the phone, email, chat or messenger, then you’re easily notified. 

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Zendesk Features

Zendesk provides users with many intuitive features that help assist with the customer service and experience of an organization, including: 


Zendesk offers an integrated support system, which focuses primarily on prioritizing, tracking and solving customer support tickets. It’s user-friendly and efficient in unifying all customer support interactions in a single, centralized platform.

Agents can solve issues quickly with the help of Zendesk’s support system. Here, you’ll be able to use ticket forms, SLA views, seamless channel integration and custom ticket fields. 


This feature speaks for itself, allowing organizations to create more personal connections with their customers and communicate with them well. Using live chat and messaging features, you’re able to anticipate customer questions, increase your sales revenue and reduce the wait time typically experienced by your audience.


Guide is useful in empowering your agents for better self-service. You can customize your help center to configure a responsive and branded solution for your customers. Robust reporting, automation and collaboration options are all available under this feature. You also have access to custom themes, rich text editor, content history and control access. 


Talk makes it easier to communicate with your customers through the phone. Features include inbound and outbound calling, voicemail, customized greeting and unlimited concurrent calls. 


A sales CRM software solution, this feature is designed to maximize turning conversations into conversions. The top features found in this category include email tracking, activity reporting, email automation, email notifications and mobile CRM. 


Explore refers to a tool where you can measure and improve a customer’s personalized experience. You can now export your findings, receive data faster and dig down into the details of each ticket. Here, you’ll benefit from intuitive features such as customization, more than 20 chart types and a drag-and-drop editor. 


By letting your customers gather in a responsive community, Gather is a feature that helps you start the conversation, trust the experts and connect with everybody else. This helps them feel valued and gain feedback from your audience. Available features include a powerful search engine, voting polls and seamless navigation. 


Using the Connect feature, you’re able to better manage customer communication through different omni channels. The following tools and functionalities are personalized variables, conditional logical and ticket history. 

Zendesk Features

Zendesk Benefits

With Zendesk, you’re equipped with a software solution that provides quality tools and powerful features for your customer service needs. It becomes less of a chore, empowering your agents in engaging with high-value prospects and maximizing your content effectively. 

The benefits of using Zendesk include:

Unified platform

Zendesk combines all aspects of your customer service and experience operations into one platform, meaning that everything can be handled quickly and easily by agents. This allows for better productivity and improved processes when it comes to handling customer queries.

Advanced reporting

Zendesk allows for in-depth insights and analytics into customer service operations. Using the data, organizations and management can make better decisions based on the data and analytics that are produced.

Inbuilt tools

Zendesk has a wide range of tools designed to cover all aspects of your customer service, ranging from call capabilities, reporting, ticket system, live chat and customizable email templates and macros.

Zendesk Pricing

Zendesk’s pricing is split into three categories, namely Support, Sales and Platform. This is useful in utilizing your budget for the one aspect your company is in need of. For example, if you want to focus primarily on support, then you can check out the ones found under that specific category.

All plans come with free trials to help you get used to their features. In line with this, here are the specifics per pricing package: 


The packages under this category are perfect for businesses of all sizes. The starting price is set at $5.00 per agent. Furthermore, three packages are made available for you to choose from. 

Support plan

This plan is helpful in tracking, prioritizing and solving your customer support tickets. The available channels under this category are mobile, public social media platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook), web and email. You get to work with business rules, integrate with other popular applications and gather insightful data from analytics and reporting. 

Here are the details for each pricing plan found under Support: 

  • Essential is priced at $5.00 per agent and per month. 
  • Team is priced at $19.00 per agent and per month. 
  • Professional is priced at $49.00 per agent and per month. 
  • Enterprise is priced at $99 per agent and per month. 
  • Elite is priced at $199 per agent and per month. 

It should be noted that all of these plans come with the following products: Guide, Talk and Chat. 

Support Suite

The support suite provides users with a full service experience through all your preferred channels. It has everything offered in Support, along with additional features and tools such as live chat, social messaging (Facebook Messenger, LINE, Twitter and WeChat). Additionally, you can have live chat, voice and SMS options and omnichannel reporting. 

Here are the details for Support Suite’s pricing with varying details per plan: 

  • Professional is priced at $89.00 per agent and per month. 
  • Enterprise is priced at $149.00 per agent and per month. 


The last package in the Support category is called Custom-built, which offers a personalized approach for all your omnichannel support systems. It’s perfect for customers working in large enterprises.

You’ll gain access to everything offered in Support Suite, along with advanced security and compliance options, Sunshine CRM platform, launch and implementation services and change management. 

This plan doesn’t have any set prices. Instead, you need to contact them for a quotation. 


The Sales category is perfect for those who are in need of a full-featured sales CRM. The price starts at $19.00 per seat. In line with this, two packages are available: 


Sell helps businesses and organizations in managing deals, tracking leads and growing customer relationships. The features found in this package include a customized sales pipeline, a fully featured mobile CRM, analytics and reporting options and email integration. You can choose between the four plans: 

  • Team is priced at $19.00 per seat per month. 
  • Professional is priced at $49.00 per seat per month.
  • Enterprise is priced at $99.00 per seat per month. 
  • Elite is priced at $199 per seat per month. 

Sales suite 

This package is useful if you’re in need of a sales CRM that has a fully integrated live and lead enrichment options. It has everything offered in the previous plan, along with prospect list building, contact enrichment and live chat. You can also use the sales pipeline management feature, which lets you use native voice, email tracking and SMS. 

Here are the pricing packages as outlined: 

  • Professional is priced at $79.00 per representative per month.
  • Enterprise is priced at $125.00 per representative per month. 


With the help of Sunshine, users are now equipped with an open and flexible CRM platform that is native to AWS. Different features and functionalities are offered in the packages. The more expensive your plan, the more tools you’re given. 


This plan is completely free and is included in Support Enterprise and Support Suite Enterprise. It comes with a 90-day event retention, Zendesk profiles, Lite API limits and 100k custom object records. 


For a price of $19.00 per month, Professional helps your organization get set up, provided you already have Support Enterprise or Support Suite Enterprise installed. Here, you’re given 500k custom object records, a one-year event retention, pro API limits and five external profiles per person. 


This solution comes with 25M custom object records, a three-year event retention, Zendesk events which let you set up 100k custom events per day, 15 external profiles per person and enterprise API limits. It’s priced at $59 per agent and per month. Before getting this platform, it should be noted that it requires Support Enterprise or Support Suite Enterprise beforehand. 

Other products such as Guide, Chat, Gather, Talk and Explore are also offered by Zendesk. 


At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and popular help desk software solution, then consider Zendesk as one of your top viable options. Zendesk provides organizations with tools and features that can help greatly improve customer experience and service operations, gain better insights and understanding of operations and a unified platform that combines everything you need from your platform.

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