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Zapier Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Marketing Automation Software Review Team

Zapier is a cloud-based platform that offers automation features to a workforce, allowing for productivity and efficiency in their daily operations. It’s open to most industries, such as small and medium businesses, developers, salespeople, marketers and designers.

What it does is it brings together multiple applications (e.g. Mailchimp, Slack and Gmail) through an API and connects them to accelerate the flow of information being passed from one platform to another. With the help of this platform, businesses can focus more on their products and improve the productivity of their workforce.

Zapier Features

Zapier offers many features to users, including:


When setting up your Zapier with your connected applications, you’ll come across the Zap feature, which refers to a component that automates repetitive tasks in the workflow happening between your applications. You get to set up what these Zaps are supposed to do and what trigger needs to take place for the Zaps to do their jobs. Depending on your subscription, you have two levels of Zaps to work with: Single-step Zaps and multi-step Zaps.


Tasks refer to the actions Zapier finishes for you. For example, if Zapier has automatically added 50 emails to your Dropbox, it means Zapier has finished 50 tasks. Each pricing plan offered by this software solution relies heavily on the number of expected tasks in your business. It’s crucial to know the level of your workload to ensure you’ll find the right plan that’ll fit your business needs.

Import and export through Google Sheets

A downside to Zapier is its inability to mass import/export data from most of the applications it integrates with. However, you can use Google Sheets as an alternative to this problem. Just export your CSV file and paste it on Google Sheets. Afterward, you can set up triggers to ensure your Zap will automatically create leads, contacts and opportunities for you. But this requires a different Action from the Zaps.

Zapier Homepage

Zapier Benefits

Zapier also provides users with many benefit, including:

Automation and efficiency

You don’t want to waste time manually following up on leads, updating your Google Sheets and checking your emails for you. With Zapier, you can benefit from a cloud-based tool that will ensure the productivity of your workforce. Since they don’t have to do repetitive tasks, they can focus on other important matters of the business and allocate resources elsewhere.

Easy-to-navigate dashboard

Zapier offers a capable and scalable dashboard that lets users manage their applications and Zaps easily. Seeing details regarding the actions and tasks finished by the Zaps is made easier with the dashboard. Additionally, these details are updated every few minutes. Depending on your subscriptions, you’re updated every 15 minutes or every minute.

Task history

Knowing the history behind each task is helpful in determining which actions were successful. It also lets you know if any errors have been made and what you can do to fix the triggers behind each Zap. You have the option to replay these tasks automatically or manually.

Zapier Features

Zapier Pricing

When it comes to Zapier, its pricing packages are designed to address your time-saving automation needs regardless of the size of your business. Because of this, it offers five packages with different levels of functionalities. Also, the plans are based around the number of tasks you get to do per month, which is the main feature of Zapier. Tasks refer to the actions Zapier finishes for you. The larger your workforce, the more expensive your plans get. In line with this, here are the details behind each pricing bundle:


Completely free of charge, this plan is suitable for individuals who need a simple and basic software solution to automate their work. For each month, they get to benefit from 100 tasks. Additional features include five Zaps (workflow connections) inside your workforce and 15-minute update time. You also get to benefit from single-step Zaps, which only allow for one trigger and one action.


The next plan is priced at $19.99 per month under the annual payment plan. If you pay monthly, the price increases to $24.99. Compared to the previous plan, you get to benefit from more tasks, specifically 750 of them and 20 Zaps. You still have the 15-minute update plan in which Zapier checks up on new data. Other features include Multi-step zaps, three premium applications, filters, formatting and custom integrations.


With the Professional plan, you pay $49 per month, if billed annually. Otherwise, the monthly price shifts to $61.25. This plan is perfect for companies and businesses that need advanced tools to optimize their workflows to the next level. They get to use 2,000 tasks per month, have unlimited Zaps and two-minute update time. This keeps them updated and productive in their daily operations. Additionally, this plan includes the features found in Starter but with add-ons such as unlimited use of premium apps, custom logic—paths and auto replay.


Priced at $299 per month under the annual plan and $373.75 under the monthly subscription, Team is perfect for industries that have several teams working together and require advanced collaboration tools. It offers 50,000 tasks per month, unlimited Zaps and one-minute update time. Other functionalities include unlimited users, folder permissions, premier support, shared app connections and shared workplace. This assists teams in sharing documents but also highlighting the roles each team member has.


The last plan is priced at $599 per month, if billed annually. For the monthly subscription, this package is priced at $748.75. This is catered to large enterprises and introduces enterprise-grade features to its users.

With 100,000 tasks per month, unlimited zaps and one-minute update time, users are given a powerful feature to increase the efficiency and productivity of their workforce.

Under this plan, you also have access to application access control, user provisioning, unlimited workspaces, account capture, custom data retention and SAML single sign-on.


If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive platform for your business where you can focus more on finishing projects and completing tasks, then you should consider Zapier as one of your top options.

With powerful features designed to automate an entire enterprise system and an easy-to-navigate dashboard, users won’t have trouble connecting apps together. As they offer affordable pricing packages, people from different industries can benefit from this platform.

Additionally, the main priority of Zapier is to lessen the amount of time it takes for you to run or set up your system. You don’t have to rely on freelancers or developers to create a tool to connect your applications together. You don’t even have to hire and pay for virtual assistants to inform you of any updates regarding your applications.

Instead of manually checking your emails and saving them to Dropbox, you can rely on Zapier to do these tasks for you. With automation features, you can focus more on converting customer leads, publishing content related to your products or managing a team to finish projects faster.

Zapier is an asset to have in your daily operations. With the ability to connect more than 1,500 applications and save up to 20 hours per week from the business perspective, users get to experience a tool that improves efficiency via automation. Overall, Zapier helps users accomplish more work in less time.

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