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Yapsody Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Event Management Software Review Team

Businesses from all types of industries set up events for various reasons—promotion, socialization, marketing and recognition. In creating, promoting and selling events, people can get to know your brand better and engage more with what you have to offer.

Yapsody is a professional event ticketing platform, designed to assist different types of industries in creating their events and selling tickets online. It features powerful tools and functionalities that serve to simplify the five-fold process:

  • Creating an event
  • Setting up a payment gateway
  • Integrating market opportunities
  • Tracking ticket sales
  • Scanning tickets

If this is done manually, you could experience several errors and mistakes. Not to mention, it is extremely time-consuming to process hundreds of tickets, especially if you don’t have a fully functional system to assist you. To avoid issues such as lost tickets or inaccurate information, Yapsody offers a way to streamline the process behind these operations. It’s faster, easier and more efficient that way.

Yapsody has integrated tools in its system such as YapScan and YapStats, which make it easier to plan, promote and sell tickets online. It’s commonly used by the following industries: restaurants, comedy clubs, colleges, schools, hotels, resorts, festivals and theaters. To get started, all you have to do is follow three simple steps: create an account, set a payment gateway and create an event.

Yapsody Features

Here are the top features of Yapsody:

Event setup

Under this category, you’ll find several powerful tools and features to customize your events. You can give your audience the option to be seated or standing at a concert. You can also open up reserved seating for those who wish to avail of this offer. Tickets can be customized with varying prices attached. Additionally, this is where you manage your users and process payment transactions by your audience.

Ticket selling

Before selling tickets, it helps to know what your audience wants and expects from your events. This is why, with this feature, you get to benefit from questionnaires and surveys, which will help create a better experience for your audience by getting their feedback and understanding their wants. Other than that, you get to set up an online ticket store, which lessens the hassle of waiting in line and manually accepting payments. You can even add discount options, sub charge options and donations.

Event promotion

With this feature, you’ll get to work with top marketing tools, event marketing services, social media sharing options, widgets and SEO optimization. This enhances your web presence and makes it easier for people to notice you. The additional tools you’ll find under this category include the following: social media sharing, Facebook pixel tracking, MailChimp integration and WordPress Plugin.


With a fast and effective Virtual Box office, you’ll be able to see performances and events with a quick glance. Think of it as a dashboard where you get the view of the most important details of your events. Inventory status, ticket types, dates, seating modes and receipts can be found here. Other than that, you get to use YapStats and YapScan. These are integrated into your mobile devices, making it easier to check real-time statistics and scan tickets.

Yapsody event ticketing

Yapsody Benefits

Once you’ve subscribed to Yapsody, you’ll benefit from the following:

Inventory management

Your tickets are part of your inventory. Managing ticket types and seating arrangements can be challenging without the right tools. But with Yapsody, you can sell tickets online and keep track of the statistics using the Virtual Box Office feature and other additional tools you’ll find within the platform.

Online ticket store

Because you’re selling tickets, you need to set up an online ticket store where you’ll be able to create events, sell tickets, process payments, have shopping cart options and let customers view their entire history. This makes it easier for the perspective of the event organizer and the audience since they can meet in the middle online.

Mobile application

Yapsody offers YapStats and YapScan as a way to easily and efficiently track your sales and scan the tickets people have bought from you. If you need to double-check the information on the spot, then these tools are useful. You can gain insights from the ticket sales report, sales revenue and daily sales report.

Multiple payment methods

People have different ways of buying their tickets. Some want the organizers to email their copy of the ticket so they can print it on their own while others want to meet-up at a specific time and place to pick up their tickets. With Yapsody, you get to offer these options, including several payment gateways.

Customized FAQs

If people keep asking the same questions over and over again, it helps to set up a proper FAQ page where you answer their most pressing inquiries. This helps clear out any issues and problems in a short, timely matter.

Yapsody reserved seating event

Yapsody Pricing

Yapsody works with a simple principle: if your event is free then Yapsody is free. As such the solution comes with no setup costs and no monthly subscription.

When you start charging people for their tickets, Yapsody charges 1.75% per ticket sold. On the other hand, when it comes to reserved seating, it charges 2.25% per ticket you sell.

Yapsody also offers a promotion where you get to enjoy the platform free for the first 50 tickets. Additionally, it provides a 50% rebate for non-profit organizations.


Setting up an organized and efficient event ticket management system is crucial for businesses that are customer-based. You need a platform to set up the expected number of people joining, the price for different seating arrangements and the marketing strategies to go along with the event. Not only can you easily create and sell event tickets online but you can also track the sales in real-time and accept payment through different gateways.

With the help of Yapsody, users experience fewer problems and issues in catering to a large audience when creating events. You don’t have to worry about underbooking or overbooking your tickets since you’ll be able to view the expected number of seats in the first place. If somebody inquires about the details of their tickets, you can easily track down their tickets and provide them with the necessary information. You can also view all the transactions you’ve received from customers after they’ve paid for their tickets.

At the end of the day, Yapsody is a useful asset in customer-based enterprises and businesses. You get to expand your resources to the right amount of people and easily process transactions without any issues.

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