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What is X5?

Great for lead gen and companies with advanced outbound calling and texting needs. TCPA, FCC, and CRTC compliant when used correctly.

X5 Cloud Contact Center is built to power outbound communication for contact centers, marketing and sales teams. This flexible solution is cloud-based, requiring agents to only have a computer, headset, and internet connection. Great for businesses with 5-150 agents. Ask about our built-in apps for the lead generation industry, advance call tracking, and broadcast (Voice Messaging, Ringless Voicemail, Text Campaigns and more).

X5 Awards

X5 currently scores 84/100 in the Telephony category. This is based on user satisfaction (86/100), press buzz (44/100), and other relevant information on X5 gathered from around the web.

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Editors' Review by the Telephony Software Review Team

Ytel is a voice and text communications software designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with at least five staff members. It serves as a cloud-based integrated marketing platform for companies and organizations with dedicated phone support teams, allowing for easier and more efficient multi-channel communications management.

The software solution aims to help businesses streamline and simplify lead generation and improve sales by optimizing their communications strategy. Ytel is used by more than 7500 business customers in seven countries, making it one of the top communications solutions in the market right now.

Ytel started as a full-service telephone carrier that evolved into a cloud-based contact center and integrated marketing suite. The developers behind the platform leveraged their experience and technical knowhow in the telecommunications industry to deliver a robust voice and text conversations solution that serves as a one-stop shop for all your internal and external communications requirements.

The software solution offers a wide variety of features related to voice and text communications, including auto-dialing, automated call distribution, voice response as well as a scripting module. The tool is accessible through different mobile devices and it’s available as an app for Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

Ytel users will have access to real-time agent reporting that provides metrics on call performance and duration. The platform also has a dashboard that centralizes reporting and enables users to monitor and analyze pertinent data based on customizable attributes. Filters are made more flexible for businesses in order to prioritize their preferred analytics.

Contact searches, call recordings and lead reviews are available as standard features in addition to the built-in applications offered through VoicePath, VoiceAnalytics and LeadBeam. Customer support is provided by Ytel through email, phone and other web-based resources.

Ytel Features

Ytel offers a wide variety of products designed to enhance voice and text conversations. The platform is designed to provide companies to initiate a communications strategy without the need for advanced coding. While the aim is to give organizations a far simpler and more effective way to set up their communications infrastructure, Ytel allows developers a way to interact with its API.

Contact center

This is an all-in-one integrated contact center solution designed for company call centers, marketing teams and sales agencies.

Inbound voice communication

This is a reliable and robust feature meant to power incoming calls. It comes with a well-designed automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR) and custom call queues.

Outbound voice communication

This feature allows you to predicatively contact customers and maximize the productivity of your agents by cutting the wait time between calls.

Agent scripting

With agent scripting, you have the ability to define and create agent responses based on predictable conversations that actually fit the needs of your sales and support expectations, as well as enhance the experiences of your customer base.

Automated nurturing

This is an excellent feature meant to facilitate your lead management strategy. It enables your sales and marketing team to automatically nurture leads by scheduling when to send emails, text messages and voicemails based on lead status and disposition.

Call recording tool

The platform allows you to record calls automatically to facilitate quality control activities and to make the tracking process more efficient.

Skill-based call routing

This feature lets you route calls to the most qualified agent currently available. It can improve agent productivity, enhance customer experiences and increase the number of closed deals and resolved cases.

DNC safeguards

This feature helps to make sure all your flagged do not call (DNC) contacts are excluded from your campaigns. Real-time DNC scrubbing ensures all listed phone numbers under a single DNC-flagged contact is automatically scrubbed from the campaign.

Time zone protection

This enables you to properly establish a local presence in regions or countries that your company serves by utilizing a specific number in the area code of your choice.

Voice API

The particular function allows you to integrate programmable voice, conferencing and transcription capabilities directly into your custom software, service or product.

Conferencing capabilities

Take full advantage of programmable audio conferencing to efficiently connect teams and individuals together on a single, high quality phone call.

Voice call transcription

Ytel’s Voice API allows you to convert voice conversations to text via transcription for the purposes of improving customer experience and staff productivity.

Call recordings

Support, sales and marketing teams can record voice calls and conferences for monitoring, quality control and maintenance.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

With Ytel, you will have access to programmable IVR technology to help improve self-service customer experiences as well as operational processes.


This feature allows you to send and receive text messages from shot codes as well as local phone numbers through Ytel’s programmable SMS API.

Inbound SMS

Diversify your communications capability and improve conversations with customers by letting them choose their preferred mode of contact through inbound text messages.

Outbound SMS

You can use the platform’s outbound SMS function to send outgoing text messages to improve engagement, brand awareness and sales.

Short code messaging

With this particular function, you will be able to send and receive high-throughput and high-volume SMS messages anywhere in the country.

Application-to-person (A2P) messages

This feature allows you to send high-volume, event-based messages to your customers and leads using your software. It offers dependable deliverability and flexible scaling.

Global SMS messaging

You can send and receive international SMS messages to help boost your company’s sales and increase your customer engagement.

Ytel Benefits

Ytel is fully capable of providing businesses and organizations with a robust and cost-effective communications solution to improve their customer service, engagement and visibility. From improving your engagement with prospects/leads to streamlining your marketing strategies, this platform offers the right tools for the job at a reasonable price.

One of the key benefits of Ytel is its flexibility. Regardless of your business model, Ytel Contact Center is specifically designed to meet the demands/requirements of traditional call centers as well as multi-location contact centers. Some more Ytel benefits worth noting include:

Fully integrated communications system

Ytel is a unified solution that enables you to easily manage all of your company’s communications tools all in one cohesive platform. Whether you’re utilizing SMS messaging, voice calls, email or all of the above, Ytel is an effective and easy-to-use platform to boost your marketing, customer engagement and brand awareness.

Compliance management made easy

Compliance of industry standards is something that is rarely mentioned in business process solutions, but it doesn’t mean it’s not important. Compliance regulations can change in an instant in any industry, making compliance management an important factor in software solutions like this one. Ytel helps to make sure you remain up-to-date with all industry standards by providing a knowledgeable compliance team that can walk you through all the requirements and processes.

Customizable call center setup

Any software solution is only as good as its ability to address the specific and unique needs of the organization it is serving. Ytel offers robust API capabilities that allow you to strengthen your company’s tech stack. It is designed to seamlessly integrate with over 100 marketing and sales applications, ensuring an efficient and straightforward modification process that will actually fit the unique requirements of your operation.

Simple and convenient scalability

Scalability is an important factor for any business, especially small businesses and startups that are still growing. Even large corporations still need some level of scalability when it comes to the software solutions they employ to facilitate their day-to-day operations. Ytel is designed so that scaling up or down is easy and convenient for companies. The platform has a highly flexible interface to accommodate any number of contacts so the current needs of the organization are met accordingly.

Ytel Pricing

Ytel offers highly flexible pricing for their software applications and API platform. It follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model and offers committed-use discount options. Ytel Contact Center starts at $99 per month for the human agent license, $1500 per month for the AI agent license, $0.005 per local SMS and $1 per month for the local phone number.

The Ytel Inbox plan also costs $99 per month for the human agent license, while it requires a $1 fee to text enable your number. The local/toll-free number will cost you $1 or $2 per month. The user license for the voice app is free, but both US domestic termination and origination has a $0.005 fee. You may visit the official vendor website for the complete pricing breakdown of their software apps and API platform.


Ytel is a well-designed, user-friendly and competitively priced communications platform ideal for businesses of all sizes across all industries. It is an effective solution for inbound and outbound multi-channel campaigns with more than 10 agents. It is packed with features and tools designed to facilitate voice and text-based conversations to help improve engagement, enhance customer experiences and increase brand awareness.

X5 Product Overview

  • Great for lead gen and companies with advanced outbound calling and texting needs. TCPA, FCC, and CRTC compliant when used correctly.

  • We built X5 knowing that the power of this solution isn’t simply defined by the capabilities it can do on its own, but what it can do with the other tools your business relies on. X5 integrates with over 100 CRMs, in addition to other popular software solutions.

  • X5 Cloud Contact Center is a flexible cloud-based solution, requiring agents to only have a computer, headset, and internet connection.

  • Make data driven decisions based on call completion and agent efficiency reports to increase campaign performance. X5 Cloud Contact Center is TCPA, FCC, and CRTC compliant when used correctly.

  • Voicepath, Designed to guide agents through conversations, VoicePath allows you to easily develop audio responses for inbound and outbound calls. Using VoicePath, agents are guided through conventional logic to navigate all potential call outcomes. Agents can simply press a number on their keyboard or screen to trigger custom pre-recorded dialogue, back and forth with customers.

  • VoiceAnalytics brings advanced world-class speech-to-text technology to Cloud Contact Center. Features include keyword spotting, transcription and archiving.

  • Enable Admins and Supervisors to stay connected from the floor, at home, or on-the-go.

  • Gain insight into metrics, including call completion and agent efficiency for performance optimization while lowering cost.

  • A solution that enables a seamless integration. It’s the perfect option for at-home and multi-location business models.

  • Transcribe and index uploaded audio/ video files efficiently in minutes, using our advanced speech-to-text technology.

Languages Supported: English

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X5 Features

  • API
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Call Recording
  • Custom Data Forms
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Disposition
  • Click-to-Dial


What platforms does X5 support?

Mobile app, Chrome and Firefox.

Does X5 offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


What are some applications X5 is commonly used in tandem with?

Created for the lead gen industry, both Beacon and LeadBeam are powerful apps that work with X5 Cloud Contact Center. Or use an open API to integrate other popular software that your businesses relies on.

Does X5 offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

96-100% Satisfaction for customer support rated by Zendesk.

Does X5 integrate with any other apps?

We built X5 knowing that the power of this solution isn’t simply defined by the capabilities it can do on its own, but what it can do with the other tools your business relies on. X5 integrates with over 100 CRMs, in addition to other popular software solutions.

Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Onsite CRM, LeadMailbox, Zapier, BASE, Infustionsoft., National Data Systems, Insellerate, Velocify.

What is X5 generally used for?

X5 Cloud Contact Center is built to power inbound and outbound communication for contact centers, marketing and sales teams.

Does X5 offer an API?


Who are the main user groups of X5?

Contact Centers and Small to Midsize Businesses.

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