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What is Wimi?

Wimi is an optimal choice for teams and companies that manage projects and want to boost productivity. Over 50,000 businesses around the world use Wimi daily.

Wimi is a project management tool that helps you stay organized and make teamwork more efficient. Wimi goes beyond typical PM software by enabling teams to track everything they're working on. With messaging channels, files & drive, tasks, calendars and video conferencing, Wimi lets your entire team collaborate effortlessly and work smarter on projects. Thanks to Wimi refined access-right management, you can also bring your clients on board and share specific data with them.

Wimi Awards

Wimi currently scores 86/100 in the Project Management category. This is based on user satisfaction (84/100), press buzz (41/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Wimi gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has declined over the past month. What is this?

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Wimi Review

Editors' Review by the Project Management Software Review Team

Wimi is a cloud-based project management solution that offers users a variety of features to help them manage their projects more efficiently. Users can create and manage tasks, collaborate with team members, and track progress on their projects in real time. The software gives users access to a wealth of resources, including templates, how-to guides, and video tutorials. Wimi stores all information in one central location, allowing for a more streamlined workflow. 

Wimi allows users to create a workspace for each of their projects. Users can invite team members, set deadlines, and assign tasks within each workspace. Moreover, using Wimi’s chat and video conferencing features, project managers can communicate with team members without leaving their workspace. Wimi integrates with several popular business applications, such as Google Drive, Slack, and Dropbox, and works with teams of all sizes.

Wimi Features

Wimi is a project management software that helps you plan, organize, and track projects. The following are the key features of Wimi:

Unified workspaces

Wimi’s unified workspaces allow users to manage their work in one platform. This includes tasks, files, and conversations, making it easy to stay organized. This feature provides an enhanced level of collaboration by allowing users to share work with others and receive real-time updates on progress. 

Task management

With this feature, users can ensure that all tasks are completed on time and that everyone knows their responsibilities. The task management feature includes many handy features, such as subtasks, comments, and attachments. Wimi makes it easy to keep track of all the details of a task and communicate with teammates.

Project calendar

Wimi’s project calendar helps users keep track of their team’s progress and deadlines. The calendar automatically syncs with tasks and projects, so they can see what’s due when. Users can also add comments and attachments to each task, so everyone is on the same page. The calendar is shareable, so users can easily update their team on progress. Businesses can also use the calendar to track other important dates, such as client meetings or team deadlines. Users can create an event that repeats regularly. They can choose the frequency of the occurrence and the start and end dates, making it handy for managing recurring tasks or appointments. 

Video conferencing 

The video conferencing feature allows users to schedule and host virtual meetings and share documents and slideshows. Wimi’s interface is simple and easy to use, enabling participants to join the forum from any location without downloading any additional software. 


Wimi’s reporting feature allows users to track progress and performance against specific project goals. Reports can be generated for individual projects or groups of projects and customized to include various metrics. Users can choose to see data on task completion rates, team productivity, or individual user activity. Reports can be exported as PDFs or Excel files, and they can be scheduled to be delivered automatically on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Access rights management

Wimi allows users to control who has access to their files and folders. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to maintain tight security over their data. By setting granular permissions, companies can ensure that only authorized employees can access the information they need, preventing unauthorized data breaches. This feature also helps improve productivity by allowing users to focus on their work without worrying about who has access to their files.

Messaging channels

Wimi’s messaging channels feature allows users to create and manage private or public channels for discussion and collaboration. Channels can be created for specific projects, teams, or topics, and users can join or leave channels as needed. Once a channel is created, users can change the channel’s privacy settings and pin important messages. Channel members can also @mention each other to start a conversation or share files and links. 


Wimi’s versioning feature is a powerful tool that allows users to track and manage file changes over time. With versioning, users can see who made what changes to a file and when those changes were made. This information can be beneficial when collaborating on projects or troubleshooting problems. Versioning also makes it easy to revert to previous versions of a file if necessary. 

Desktop and mobile sync

Wimi’s desktop sync feature allows users to keep their files in sync across multiple devices. This is accomplished by downloading and installing a small client on each device that needs to be synced. The client then communicates with Wimi’s servers to ensure that all files are up-to-date. The sync process is automatic and happens in the background, so users don’t need to worry about manually transferring files between devices. This makes it easy to keep work synchronized across devices, whether a user is working on a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Offline access

Wimi’s offline access feature allows users to access their Wimi account even when not connected to the internet. This is especially useful for users traveling or working in areas with poor or no internet connectivity. Once the offline mode is enabled, users can continue working on their projects and tasks. Furthermore, users can continue working on a project even if the Wimi server is down. All their data will be synced as soon as they are back online. 

Bulk uploads

The software’s bulk upload feature is a time-saving tool that allows users to upload multiple files simultaneously. With this feature, users can select a group of files from their computer and upload them all to Wimi with a single click. This is especially helpful when uploading large numbers of files or when working with frequently updated files, as it eliminates the need to upload each file individually. The bulk upload feature provides a progress bar so users can track the status of their uploads.


Wimi’s Filtering feature is designed to help you manage your messages and files more efficiently. The feature allows users to create filters based on keywords, author, date, or file type. Users can create a filter that automatically forwards all messages from their boss to their email address. They can even combine filters to create custom views.

Wimi Features

Wimi Benefits

Wimi is a cloud-based project management software that helps users enhance or streamline their workflows. The software is user-friendly and intuitive, focusing on simplifying tasks and improving efficiency. Users can expect the following benefits with their Wimi subscription:

Enhanced workflow

Wimi helps users be more efficient in their work by automating repetitive tasks. Users can set up templates for commonly used tasks or create workflows to automate approval processes. In addition, Wimi offers a variety of integrations with other popular business tools, further streamlining your work. It offers several features that help them benefit from its enhanced workflow. One of these features is the ability to create and manage tasks. Tasks can be created for individual team members or the entire team. Tasks can be assigned deadlines and priorities, and team members can be notified when new tasks are created. This helps team members stay on track and ensures that tasks are completed promptly.

High level of security

Some features that make Wimi secure include encryption, two-factor authentication, access control lists, and activity monitoring. Wimi regularly updates its security measures to ensure its users’ data is always well-protected. The software’s access rights management feature is a powerful tool that helps users control who can access their files and folders. This feature allows users to set permissions for individual users or groups, ensuring that only authorized users can view or edit specific files. This can be particularly useful when working on sensitive or confidential projects. 

Facilitated collaboration between team members

Wimi facilitates communication and collaboration between team members by providing a variety of tools for team members to communicate with each other. The software includes video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and task assignments. Its unified workspaces allow users to manage their work in one central location. In addition, it provides an enhanced level of collaboration by allowing users to share work with others and receive real-time updates on progress. These features allow team members to communicate with each other in real-time, which makes it easier to collaborate on projects. 

Wimi Pricing

Wimi offers four pricing plans: Standard, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Its Standard tier is priced at €3 per user and includes basic features with 25GB of storage; its Pro tier, priced at €9, covers unlimited workspaces with 100GB of storage. Its most popular tier, Business, is priced at €15 and includes all features plus advanced access rights management and chat, email, and phone support. Users contact Wimi’s sales team for custom Enterprise pricing suited for big organizations. Wimi offers a 14-day free trial upon signing up. The prices stated are billed monthly and are exclusive of tax.


Wimi is a cloud-based project management software that enables users to collaborate on projects in real-time. With Wimi, users can create and share project files, assign tasks and deadlines, and track progress. Wimi also offers chat and video conferencing features, making it an ideal tool for remote teams. As a project management software, Wimi helps users stay organized and on track while working on projects. Wimi provides tools for managing team communication and collaboration, making it a worthy option for any business.

Project Management Market Radar

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Wimi Product Overview

  • Everything you need to work smarter

Languages Supported: English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese

Project Management Software Buyer Guide 2024

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Software can be a key success factor in the management of projects. Specialized apps can help organize and streamline operations that help professionals achieve project goals quicker and more efficiently. Project management software typically focuses on wor...


Wimi Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • Email Integration
  • Employee Database
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Gantt Charts
  • Google Apps Integration
  • History/Version Control
  • Lead Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Account
  • Multi-App
  • Multi-Site
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Password & Access Management
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Social-Media Integration
  • Task Scheduling/Tracking
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Timesheets
  • Travel Management
  • Database
  • Time Management
  • Roadmapping
  • Resource Management
  • Collaboration Support
  • Report & Compliance
  • Software Integration
  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Objectives Tracking
  • Workflow Management
  • Campaign Management
Wimi Pricing

Wimi Pricing Plans


  • 10 GB
  • 8 projects
  • 2 users + 10 guests
  • Wimi Drive


1 user(s) / month
  • 250 GB included (up to 10 TB)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited guests
  • Wimi Drive
  • Google Apps & Office 365 integrations


1 user(s) / month
  • 250 GB included (up to 10 TB)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited guests
  • Wimi Drive
  • Google Apps & Office 365 integrations
  • Outlook Connector
  • Coaching sessions upon request


1 user(s) / month
  • 500 GB included (up to 50 TB)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited guests
  • Wimi Drive
  • 20+ services integrations
  • Google Apps & Office 365 integrations
  • Outlook Connector
  • Coaching sessions included
  • Environment set-up
  • User training and onboarding assistance
  • User provisioning and team integration
  • LDAP Connector
  • Private API
  • Data migration

Plans starting from: $5.00/month Credit card required: No

Wimi FAQs

Does Wimi offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Free coaching sessions and weekly webinars.

Does Wimi offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


Does Wimi integrate with any other apps?

20+ apps integrations: Google Apps, Office 365, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, Evernote, etc.

Who are the main user groups of Wimi?

Wimi is the rising teamwork solution to manage projects and boost teamwork efficiency. Over 50,000 businesses use Wimi daily: SMBs, freelance, NPOs as well as large companies.

What is Wimi generally used for?

Wimi's customer wants to reduce time loss when leading or working in a team. They want an easy-to-implement and intuitive tool that will increase productivity and make communicate fluid.

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Wimi User Reviews

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4.19/5 based on 110 user ratings.
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"Cancelled account"

// MD, MPH at St. Louis University School of Medicine

What do you like about Wimi?

Wimi is a collaboration software that is diverse, and has many options for users.

What do you dislike about Wimi?

Rigid, ugly interface on mobile and no dates appear on web, no sign for notes when used
HOWEVER< all of a sudden, I went to log in and my account was NOT there any longer.
No notification. It was a free account. Data is lost.
Watch, same could happen to you.
Of course, they are not working until Monday....

What have you been using it for and what problems did Wimi solve?

task management and project completion

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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