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Weemss Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Event Management Software Review Team

Weemss is a web-based event management software solution that provides ticketing and awards management functionality and features. The platform allows event managers/organizers to build, promote, manage, and sell all forms of events and activities. The cloud-based solution is mainly designed for event professionals, both big and small, in any location and/or language.

Weemss is, at its core, a unified event platform that comes with robust features and capabilities for ticketing and awards management. It offers a flexible solution for event planners and managers to develop and promote events, regardless of the size or location. Weemss provides users with full control and greater autonomy as far as creating and marketing events go.

The cloud-based event management solution does not require extensive knowledge to operate. This is because Weemss boasts of an intuitive user interface that any user, regardless of their experience or technical background, could easily understand and operate. The solution has a relatively short learning curve when it comes to users familiarizing themselves with the event management platform.

Weemss Features

As a unified ticketing and event registration platform, Weemss event management software helps to address a wide range of processes normally tackled by event organizers and professionals. Additionally, Weemss is also designed as an awards management solution, offering event managers more functionality to enhance their capabilities as professionals.

Weemss enables event managers to create and implement different ticket categories with various prices and packages. Ticket sales restrictions may also be initiated based on quantity and date, ensuring the availability of the tickets throughout the promotion period.

The cloud-based solution also facilitates the event planning process by providing event managers and organizers the tools they need to develop building floor plans and seating charts, especially for events such as corporate meetings, conventions, seminars, weddings, and other large social gatherings that require pre-planned seating arrangements.

Weemss also features a drag-and-drop form builder tool, which enables event planners and organizers to create online registration forms that can be embedded on the user’s website or event page using a simple copy-paste function. If the event organizer has no event page or available website, Weemss provides a webpage creator that enables them to easily craft a customizable event webpage.

The cloud-based solution offers marketing and sales features as well, including special offers, sales triggers, promo codes, and crossed price features. Multi-currency payment processing and multi-language support are also among Weemss’ many features and capabilities.

A few of the features and capabilities offered by Weemss event management software solution includes a registration form builder, check-in function, ticketing, webpage builder, management solutions (for automatic emails, registration, and commenting), payments processing, marketing solutions, hosting and security, general tools and applications, and data export, tracking, and sales analytics capabilities.

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Weemss Benefits

Weemss event management software provides event professionals complete control over the entire planning process of events they are organizing. Users have the freedom to do whatever they want as far as events planning and awards competitions are concerned. The cloud-based solution allows event professionals to receive payments immediately after each sale.

Weemss provides you with the tools to effectively communicate and interact with your clients without the aid of third-party mediators. It provides you with the ability to access and maintain all crucial information pertaining to your clientele. The platform also allows users to effectively figure out what features and capabilities to use and how these can be utilized.

Payment processing is one of the key advantages Weemss offers to event professionals. Using the cloud-based solution, event planners have different options available to them as to how to accept payment for their services. The event management platform supports a variety of payment methods, which includes custom offline payment options such as payment by cash, bank transfer, by invoicing, and more than six other payment gateways.

Weemss event management software solution also provides topnotch customer support, boasting of instantaneous tech service for all customers whenever they need it. The cloud-based platform allows users to eliminate the typical queues and get people easily and quickly inside the event location. This is made possible due to the express check-in via the barcode scanner and mobile application, which simplifies the entire process.

Figuring out floor plans and seating arrangements are also made easier with Weemss event management solution. The platform helps to make sure all your guests are seated where you intend them to be or that your venue is not overbooked. Weemss is designed so you will be able to tackle all the essentials in making your event a success without worrying about every little detail.

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Weemss Pricing

Weemss event management software solution has four pricing packages available for small and medium-sized businesses and event professionals. These pricing plans are designed to accommodate the needs of different organizations and event planners based on budget restrictions and financial resources.

The pricing is simple and fully transparent. The vendor also offers unlimited free testing with no setup, as well as no monthly or hidden fees being required.

Event ticketing software: 2.5% commission fee per ticket.

  • €0.49 to €9.95 per ticket
  • Supports over 200 markets
  • Direct payment function
  • Seamless integration with more than 800 apps
  • Multi-layer security
  • Outstanding online support
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Automatic payments on the 1st and 15th day of the month
  • Pay via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and Maestro

Reserved seating: 2.5% + 0.4% commission fee per ticket.

  • €0.49 to €9.95 per ticket
  • All features available

Awards management: 3.5% commission fee per entry.

  • €2.95 to €9.95 per entry
  • All features available

Enterprise: Contact vendor directly for custom Enterprise pricing.

  • Priority support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Volume pricing
  • White labeling
  • In-depth onboarding

You may visit Weemss solution’s official website for more information about the cloud-based platform, the pricing packages, and the features that go with each of the pricing plans. You may also contact their sales team directly for your custom quote.


Weemss event management software allows users to easily create award ceremonies, events with tickets, and reserved seating within mere minutes through a user-friendly and feature-rich cloud-based platform. They can fully customize confirmation emails, event registration forms, and ticket and/or event categories with no coding or programming experience required.

The software solution comes with tools and applications that enable event planners and professionals to design seating layouts based on the floor plan and venue of the event, or they may also allow attendees to choose their own seats through the reserved seating feature.

Event managers and organizers are able to collect payments directly through various payment methods, including PayPal, debit/credit cards, bank transfer, and other custom payment gateways. The platform also supports mobile devices with iOS and Android apps available for the solution.

This is certainly one of the more fully featured software solutions to come our way. It’s worth considering.

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