What is UXPin?

UXPin is a collaborative design and prototyping tool created to reduce the time spent on design and development. Fewer tools, faster collaboration, shorter time to market.

UXPin is a design tool you can use throughout the whole product creation process, including prototyping, collaboration, and handoff.

You can use UXPin to create wireframes, UI designs, and interactive prototypes that feel like the real product. And all that without writing any code whatsoever. Your stakeholders can understand your ideas better and collaborate on iterations in one tool, which makes it easier to develop a real product.

Since UXPin is cloud-based, you can work with it from browsers, but also at desktop apps on Windows, and macOS. This design tool is used by top companies of all sizes like Microsoft and PayPal, but also software houses and freelance designers.

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UXPin currently scores 87/100 in the Mockup & Prototyping category. This is based on user satisfaction (84/100), press buzz (56/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on UXPin gathered from around the web.

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UXPin Review

Editors' Review by the Mockup & Prototyping Software Review Team

UXPin is an innovative ‘design and prototyping solution’ for web and UX design professionals. It facilitates code-based wireframing and prototyping design processes for all user types and expertise.

This software was first introduced in the market back in 2012, solely as a prototyping platform. Today, however, UXPin has evolved into a robust and feature-rich prototyping solution that enables users to easily design web interfaces, mobile apps and more. UXPin is an all-in-one platform that is designed to help users take their concepts and designs, from a standard draft to a prototype and all the way to the final phases of the development process. This popular wireframing and prototyping tool is used by some of the biggest names across multiple industries, including Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, HBO and more.

UXPin is designed to work directly on the end-user’s web browser. This means they’re not required to download or install any additional software on their computer and other devices. One of the best parts about this comprehensive cloud-based design prototyping solution is that it works on any operating system you might be working on. It effectively allows designers and developers to work seamlessly together, regardless of whether they’re using Windows or Mac OS. This is mainly because UXPin is delivered to end-users via the cloud.

With UXPin, designers and developers can easily move forward and back between each stage of their project development process, from standard low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes or back again, if for some unforeseen reason they have to. The platform gives them access to advanced features and capabilities such as cool animations and interactive elements. Plus, UXPin also gives users the ability to incorporate conditional interactions, expressions and variables to make sure their prototype is much closer to an actual, coded application that works and feels real.

Another cool thing about UXPin is the way it’s designed, which centers on individuals and teams. The cloud-based solution is flexible and versatile enough for freelancers, small development firms and startups working on smaller projects, while also being fully capable of catering to the demands of larger teams and agencies. UXPin delivers quite an impressive set of features and capabilities, which benefits SMBs and enterprise users alike. It comes with collaborative tools and comprehensive libraries with advanced permissions, providing a robust platform for different types of users.

UXPin Features

UXPin is equipped with more than a handful of robust, innovative and very useful features and capabilities. The following is just a smidgeon of what this cloud-based design and prototyping platform have in store for its users.

All-in-one UI mockups

UXPin allows you to create detailed UI mockups that completely reflect your design concepts and preferences. The ‘UI mockup tool’ lets you transform your low-fidelity wireframes and UX choices into beautiful mockups and totally interactive prototypes all from a single platform. This should enable you to carefully visualize ideas and concepts and then share them with the entire team, clients and collaborators much quicker and easier.

UXPin’s UI mockup tool allows you to work faster by providing you with built-in libraries. Let’s say, for example, you have a very limited window of time to create a prototype that looks and feels like the end product, what you can do is use one of the platform’s ready-made libraries, from Bootstrap and iOS to Material Design and User Flows that are filled with interactive elements, fonts and text styles, colors and icons.

The platform allows you to create a truly interactive and more realistic digital experience, using a broad range of interactive components that are included in the UXPin feature set. You simply drag the components you want to add to your design project in order to create high-fidelity interactions, all without requiring any coding experience or know-how. The mockup tool also comes with embedded user flow capabilities, which allows you to tell the story of your design concept more effectively. It allows you to easily create flow diagrams, show conditional logic, as well as create and share attractive user flows that represent the full story of your work.

Design prototyping tool

UXPin provides the only prototyping solution you will ever need to bring your designs and concepts to reality. With this prototyping tool, you don’t have to switch between applications to carry your design from the static to the interactive phase. You can create advanced and fully functioning interactions and design anything, from expandable menus and cool button hovers to conditional navigation flows and more. The tool can help make sure your ideas and concepts will have the best representation possible via a fully interactive and clickable prototype.

The prototyping tool allows you to import directly from Sketch. You can add a few details and some magic to your sketches and then simply use a link to share them to other team members and collaborators. There’s no need to create multiple versions of the same files. You can carry your created designs over to UXPin with a very simple drag-and-drop function and keep all your layers as they are, fully intact and just pick up where you left off to complete your design project.

UXPin’s prototyping tool uses a single link for sharing work results and previews. You can easily share your results and have your work previewed by your teammates, clients and stakeholders using a single link that automatically updates whenever a change to the prototype is made. You may even password-protect the file when necessary. This function allows you to give your team, stakeholders or even your clients the ability to test out and review your prototype. They can add their input or share a few suggestions to improve the prototype before moving to the production stage.

UXPin design systems

Transform your ever-changing design system and make it more accessible to your entire design and development team. UXPin’s design systems can help make sure all of your design assets remain consistent and accessible throughout your entire organization. This means you should be able to create a single source of truth for your entire team and collaborators to work on when tackling design projects.

The platform’s design systems offer more interactive components, not just visual static elements, allowing you to create a comprehensive library of interactive elements, from pop-ups and menus to slider, carousels and more. UXPin also makes good use of design tokens. They help design processes much more efficient and time-saving be serving as a single source for all your design tokens like text styles and colors. This eliminates the need to replicate values for different design projects on multiple platforms in just one file.

This feature also enables your development team to get into the design systems in order to inspect UI patterns, completely eliminating guesswork from the coding process. They can instantly translate the UI patterns and turn them into usable CSS code. UXPin’s design systems allow you to maintain consistent data and make sure everything is totally aligned. Whenever you or any of your team members make changes to the master component from a design system on your current design, the platform will let you instantly update it, ensuring a more streamlined workflow.

UXPin Dashboard

UXPin Benefits

Make your design prototypes come alive

UXPin offers the tools and capabilities that allow you to create prototypes that are interactive, equipped with components that can be experienced and tested out by stakeholders and clients. You can make every component within your prototype interactive by using variables, conditional interactions, functions and states.

Simple and effective collaboration

Since UXPin is a cloud-based platform, the collaboration process is fairly easy and quite efficient. It can be used to tackle design projects with an entire team, regardless of everyone’s location or time zone. Let’s say you have international clients or have stakeholders who are globally dispersed, the tool should allow you to bring them onboard, have them test the prototype and get their feedback. You can also give them the ability to track your progress and access live previews.

Rich libraries filled with design elements

UXPin provides different libraries populated by a broad range of ready-built, ready-to-use design elements. All organized into various categories so you can easily find any design element that you might need for your work in progress (WIP). There is a library with design elements that are tailored for iOS app interfaces, material design, Bootstrap web user interfaces and user flows. Each of the available libraries is populated with different components, including toolbars, buttons, navigation objects and other elements categorized into different groups.

UXPin Pricing

UXPin has four pricing options, billed either monthly or yearly. The latter provides up to 20% cost savings. A limited version of UXPin is available for free and there is a free trial available for each pricing plan. The four pricing plans are Basic, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

UXPin Basic is priced at $24/editor/month, the Advanced package costs $39/editor/month, the Professional plan will take you back $83/editor/month, while pricing for the Enterprise package is on a quote-by-quote basis only. You may contact the vendor directly for more information.


UXPin is a complete, all-in-one cloud-based design and prototyping platform that is easy to use, requires no coding and helps with creating and visualizing interactive design components. It is a powerful wireframing and prototyping tool equipped with multiple UI libraries categorized in many different ways to ensure ease-of-use and accessibility. Prototypes can be created with built-in animations and interaction. It’s a good tool for web and app designers and developers.

UXPin Product Overview

  • Design and prototyping for teams and professionals

  • Easily access libraries for iOS, Material Design and Bootstrap, as well as hundreds of icons to let you work faster.

  • Fill your design with interactive elements without the need to duplicate artboards.

  • Get much closer to real, coded apps — add a layer of logic to your prototypes, store and manipulate users' input.

  • Design different versions of any element and animate between them. Update properties between states with just one click.

Languages Supported: English

UXPin Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-User
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Bug Tracking
UXPin Pricing

UXPin Pricing Plans


  • Design & prototyping
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Interactions & animations
  • States
  • 2 active prototypes


1 user(s) / month
  • Unlimited prototypes
  • Version history
  • Export
  • Stakeholder approval
  • Comment assignment
  • Password protected preview
  • Unlimited prototypes


1 user(s) / month
  • Contextual documentation
  • Conditional logic
  • Expressions
  • Variables


1 user(s) / month
  • Design systems
  • Roles & permissions
  • Priority support
  • Training & onboarding
  • Advanced security

Plans starting from: $12.00/month Credit card required: No
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