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Userlike Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Customer Chat Software Review Team

Userlike is a cloud-based live chat solution designed to help businesses win and nurture customers across multiple messaging channels. It can be integrated with existing websites and social platforms.

When seamlessly integrated with business websites and social media platforms, the live chat software enables real-time communication between the company’s sales and/or support agents and the customers. Userlike provides a variety of customization options that give businesses and organizations the ability to easily match the looks, feel and the logic of the live chat box to their website’s overall design and esthetics.

Userlike is marketed as an advanced live chat platform for both website and mobile support. The software is designed to be compatible with any device, so your team can address customer queries regardless of where they are or what device they’re using. This feature-rich live chat application offers an optimal experience for users, whether they’re using their desktop/laptop computers, tablets or their smartphones.

Userlike’s highly intuitive design delivers a fun and exciting working experience for both the support team/agents as well as the customers. It provides customers a chat window that is optimized for different types of devices, screen resolutions and sizes. The software’s chat window is specifically optimized for mobile and WhatsApp Connect, since most people nowadays use their smartphones and tablets when surfing the web and communicating online.

In addition to business websites and social media platforms, Userlike is also specifically tailored to integrate with existing ecommerce technology and is ideal for retail businesses that operate in various ecommerce platforms to sell their products and/or services. The cloud-based live chat software has a free trial version that interested parties can use to get started, or at the very least, try out the product to see how it can facilitate their retail operation and customer support requirements.

Userlike is an easy platform to use. It facilitates customer communication for your company’s sales agents, managers, support staff as well as your customers. The software is compliant with all the latest EU privacy standards and regulations, including the general data protection regulation or GDPR.

The most recent addition to the live chat software’s feature set is the chatbot tool. It’s an advanced chat responder that helps manage all your chat requests. It is capable of answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) at rapid-fire pace. A human agent can take over the conversation at any time whenever they available. Chatbots are the perfect solution for addressing customer queries outside of normal work hours.

Userlike Features

One of the many good things about implementing Userlike is that it is equipped with features that are useful to all types of businesses. It’s not packed with unnecessary tools that merely add useless weight to the platform to make it seem feature-rich than it actually is. The developers of this live chat solution are committed to delivering a platform with features that are not only unique, but also come with a purpose. The following are some of the core features of Userlike that a lot of business users will find some value in:

Customizable design

Userlike is equipped with the tools you need to fully customize your chat solution, including your live chat window, to match your branding from the color schemes to the overall design and esthetics. This will give leads as well as your existing customers a truly branded experience. They take one look at your chat window and they will immediately know that they’re communicating with one of your sales or support agents.

Operator grouping function

Userlike gives your customers and end users the ability to select which department or team they wish to communicate with, all with just one click of a button. For instance, customers can talk to the marketing/sales department directly if they have some sales-related queries that they need answered or they can contact the technical support team if they need help resolving a technical issue with one of your products. You may even set up the chat tool so your users will see how quickly each team or department can respond.

Operator specialty/skills classification

With Userlike, businesses can organize their support teams and agents based on their skills or expertise to help streamline the customer communication process. You are able to assign each of your reps/agents a “specialty,” allowing the system to automatically connect the customer with a specific query or issue to the appropriate support staff who can address whatever problem or question they have. This approach makes it easier and more efficient to provide the best quality support to different customers with varying concerns and needs.

Button integration functionality

Userlike features an all-inclusive button integration solution that enables you to easily incorporate the live chat service across all your pages and various other channels. This means that wherever the customer is within your website or whatever social platform they’re using that your company has an account in, they easily connect and communicate with your support team with a simple click of the button that you have placed there thanks to this Userlike feature.

Context forwarding capability

Userlike has the capability to automatically forward all chat data to the next agent or support staff that the customer speaks with. This gives the agent or rep the opportunity to review what has been previously discussed, which issues have been covered and what kind of solutions have been offered by the other agent. This function also helps ensure the customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves every single time they talk to a new support agent, which can be very inconvenient for any client.

Userlike Review

Userlike Benefits

The following are some of the benefits that Userlike can offer its users:

Seamlessly integrate with existing workflows

Userlike is a live chat solution that can seamlessly integrate with existing third-party business applications. It offers an Open API for more advanced setups as well as a broad range of CRM integrations for small to midsize businesses and organizations. The software lets you integrate with a bunch of other systems so your support teams, reps and agents will be able to obtain all the information they need to deliver a more personalized customer service. The cloud-based solution also allows you to capture chat transcripts and offline messages for your CRM.

Great flexibility and scalability

Userlike is designed to be as flexible and scalable as possible. It can serve small businesses and startups, as well as midsize companies and large multinational enterprises that employ hundreds of personnel across different locations. In fact, Userlike is implemented by a number of the fastest growing companies and brands around the world. This cloud-based live chat platform can effortlessly scale up or down to meet the unique demands and requirements of individual businesses, especially when web traffic and the need for support personnel increases.

Highly customizable

Userlike provides a variety of customization options. It allows you to design and create your own chat buttons as well as modify the chat window to suit your branding and the look and feel of your website design. You may also tailor your chat service so you can proactively invite website visitors to engage and chat with your reps, acquire feedback ratings from them about your service and leverage it to grow your brand’s social media following.

Easy to use

The success and adoptability of any software solution boils down to ease of use, doesn’t it? This particular live chat solution is designed with the idea of ensuring customers and agents alike can use the tool in a hassle-free manner. In fact, you can get started with this tool within mere minutes, no special training or orientation necessary. All you have to do is copy and paste the unique code into your website or social media page and you can start chatting with customers and leads in no time. You don’t have to install any software or write your own code.

Userlike Pricing

Userlike is available for free with a simple chat setup and a limited feature set. A 14-day free trial for all premium features is available with no credit card required. There are three premium subscription plans available (Team, Corporate, Business) with three billing options (monthly, annually, biennially). For the purposes of this review, we will only be citing the annual billing prices. You can visit the vendor website to get more detailed information about their pricing.

The Team plan costs $90/month and it’s good for up to four seats, four widgets and one channel. The Corporate package is priced at $290/month with up to 10 seats and widgets and three channels. The Business plan starts at $720/month and it comes with 20 seats, 20 widgets and five channels. An enterprise solution is also available with quote-based pricing. You can request a demo by contacting the vendor directly.


Userlike is a user-friendly and intuitive live chat solution, for both the support team and the customer or website visitor. It has a smooth onboarding process, the implementation is relatively straightforward and the navigation is clean and a joy to experience. The cloud-based chat solution also has great flexibility and scalability. The free version of the app and the 14-day free trial of the premium features are a great way to size up the product and see how it can impact your operation.

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