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Udio Reviewed

Editors' Review by the School Management Software Review Team

Udio is a school management software solution specifically designed for class- and session-based businesses. It’s tailored to facilitate online bookings, schedule classes/lessons, and process payments.

Udio is a feature-rich software application that can be deployed through the cloud, via software-as-a-service (SaaS), as well as on-premise supporting both Windows and Mac operating systems. It provides users with time-saving solutions for optimizing and streamlining core processes, leaving them with more time, energy, and resources to focus on other important aspects of the business, such as delivering better customer service. The software can help keep any class- or session-based operations running smoothly by providing the tools necessary to facilitate online bookings and lesson scheduling, customer payments processing, and other related tasks.

Udio offers what it refers to as a base module, which provides a wide range of applications and tools that are designed to help users manage their session-based business more efficiently. Some of these features include class schedule management, a payment gateway, and a robust reporting function. The software has exceptional scalability as it is able to grow with the business through optional upgrades and features that enhance the business management capabilities of the team or organization using it.

Among the most popular upgrades that most of Udio’s clients often choose to add to their subscription is the customer portal option. It is a secure customer account management solution that empowers customers to manage their own accounts. It is a self-service portal that allows them to manage their bookings, view available schedules, set up their payments, and obtain progress certifications. Udio is a decent school management solution that caters to small and midsize businesses as well as large class- or session-based companies.

Udio Features

Udio offers a robust school management solution that takes manual, time-consuming tasks off the hands of its users so—as mentioned—they can focus more on other more important aspects of the business. Primarily developed for class- and lesson-based businesses, Udio offers a wide variety of features and capabilities that allow for flexibility, portability, and scalability. The following are some of the key features that this cloud-based school management solution has in store for its clients:

Membership management software

Your Udio subscription begins with a module replete with features designed to help your business prosper in the most effective and sustainable way possible. The base module is best suited for lesson-based businesses of any size and scope. As a membership management solution, Udio’s base module is equipped with all the features and tools you need to operate and oversee your daily processes under a single, unified platform.

From this central platform, you have the ability to add more modules to facilitate your business as it grows. This approach means you only have to avail of the features that you need. The base module is designed to help you minimize your manual administrative tasks and connect instead with your clientele through the software’s built-in email system and SMS integration.

Booking and scheduling solution

The booking and scheduling feature lets you manage bookings, class/session schedules, and client information around the clock, using Udio’s cloud-based platform. It provides you and your team with excellent portability to take control over all your sessions while on the go. The software helps reduce admin overhead by utilizing automation technology so you can easily automate your booking process and free up your resources, allowing your team and your staff to spend their valuable time on other aspects of the business like dealing with customers.

Powerful reporting capabilities

Udio’s school management solution is also equipped with powerful reporting capabilities that provide you with a better understanding of your business inside and out. It delivers real-time reports that allow you to obtain actionable, data-driven insights so you can make informed day-to-day decisions. The reporting solution gives you the ability to optimize your revenue and minimize expenses by keeping track of classes and staff efficiency. It also lets you monitor every event as well as inspect and analyze all available financial information.

Udio’s reporting solution lets you use postcode heatmap data to efficiently target low-density areas as well as identify how your customers are discovering your business. You can acquire detailed insights about why customers are dropping your services, so you can take the appropriate action to mitigate this in the future. Through reporting, you can also keep track of outstanding payments and point-of-sale (POS) inventory. You have the option to download or print the reports at any time.

Integrated payments feature

Udio also takes into account the need for robust payment processing, effectively removing the hassle of manually handling cash. Its school management software allows you to effectively process online payments in a safe and automated manner through Udio’s payment gateway. With the cloud-based platform’s integrated payments, you can automate online fees and other payments, increase cash flow, eliminate or at least reduce credit card fraud, avoid chasing late fees and gain access to your funds quickly and securely.

Customer portal upgrade

From the base module, you have the option to upgrade your subscription to incorporate other available modules. This will allow the software to scale with your growing operation, help boost your revenue and improve the customer journey. Udio’s customer portal is an online self-service portal designed to help solidify the relationship between your brand and your customer base. This online portal is accessible around the clock, providing customers the ability to take complete oversight over their membership status. By connecting to the portal, parents can easily oversee their child’s growth, while also having full visibility over their individual accounts.

The customer portal also provides customers access to class timetables, relevant information and downloadable progress certificates. They can create, cancel and/or reschedule bookings. If a preferred session is completely full, for instance, they may use the portal to add themselves or their child to the waiting list and get notified when a spot opens up.

Udio Booking & Scheduling

Udio Benefits

Udio is specifically designed to simplify the school management process for class- or session-based businesses. It provides a time-saving school management solution that optimizes and streamlines most of the core processes of your operation. It also frees up your time and resources, so you can spend more time and attention on your customers.

A simple and more efficient booking and scheduling process

With Udio’s booking and scheduling solution, you don’t need to use paper, outdated spreadsheets, or a problematic software application that’s only holding your business back. This school management software is designed to seamlessly integrate your bookings, lessons, and customer data into a secure, centralized system, so your time and attention are spent more wisely and efficiently. You have the option to upgrade to the customer portal in order to streamline your solution even more. This provides your customers with complete and total control over their class bookings, scheduling, and payments.

Powerful and data-driven reports

As previously covered, Udio is equipped with an impressive reporting feature that delivers actionable, data-driven insights to help you better understand every aspect of your business. Its powerful reporting capabilities can help you take your operation to the next level. Udio’s very useful suite of data-driven reports allows you to dive deeper into your business, gain meaningful insights and make more informed decisions. The software allows you to keep track of your classes, staff efficiency, and productivity as well as student satisfaction, all in real time.

Excellent contactless self check-in

Udio offers a self-check-in solution that allows you to create simple and effective customer check-ins to work seamlessly with the software’s contactless self-check-in terminals. This is highly advantageous, especially in a post-pandemic society, as it provides the choice to skip or circumvent reception. Clients can rapidly check in and verify their attendance by swiping their class card or their smartphone that contains their unique QR code.

With its fast check-in process, effectively eliminating the need to wait in line, your customers can spend more time in their classes or sessions rather than in a long line. For business, Udio’s self-check-in solution can help reduce staff overhead, improve customer satisfaction ratings and reduce time waste for customers and staff members.

Udio Customer Portal

Udio Pricing

Udio’s base module, which is required to get started, is priced at $82 USD or $110 AUD per month. it comes with all the basic features such as account management, customer analytics, lesson scheduler, billing groups, failed payment notification, direct payments, customizable payment types, and package discounts, plus a plethora of additional features too many to mention. If you want a complete list of all available features, you can visit the vendor’s official website and go to the pricing page.

There are three more additional modules to choose from if you’re interested in upgrading your base module subscription. These modules are customer portal, self-check-in, and point of sale. Each additional module will cost you the same price point as the base module per month.


Udio’s school management software is a tool that takes most of the manual tasks associated with class or session management off your hands, leaving you and your team with more time to spend on your customers and other critical aspects of your operation. Udio is designed for class- and session-based businesses, ranging from small to large-scale operations. It is a flexible, portable, and highly scalable system that grows with your business. The software allows you to run and manage your business more effectively from a secure and unified cloud-based platform.

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