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Tresorit Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Cloud Storage Software Review Team

Tresorit is a cloud-based file sharing and storage service with end-to-end security encryption. It is designed to provide individual users, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises a secure and reliable platform for syncing, sharing and storing confidential business data, regardless of their industry, which includes healthcare, IT, legal and financial institutions.

With Tresorit, solo entrepreneurs and businesses have a cloud-based solution that provides a high level of protection for all their confidential documents, company files and other sensitive data that are otherwise too risky to store in just any server with low-level security. The platform utilizes advanced security encryption to prevent unauthorized access and aggressive data breaches.

The file sync and cloud storage service offers a wide variety of tools, including custom branding, 2-factor authentication (2FA), file history, remote device wipe and file restore. (The latter of which many companies might find very useful, especially for those who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a ransomware attack.) An activity wall is also available, allowing users to keep track of file sharing and editing histories.

Tresorit is specifically developed to keep all your classified documents, sensitive business files, confidential audio recordings, private images and so on away from those who wish to do you and/or your company harm. The end-to-end encrypted cloud storage solution even keeps government agencies as well as your own employees from acquiring any company-related information without your authorization or the proper clearance.

With Tresorit and its robust end-to-end encryption, only the right personnel with the right credentials and permissions can gain access to your organization’s crucial and most sensitive data.

Tresorit Features

Tresorit is a highly rated file sharing and cloud storage solutions provider, with its strong privacy and security features being the company’s biggest selling point. The cloud-based platform boasts remarkable privacy and security capabilities, which is almost unparalleled in the industry. Apart from its robust security, Tresorit offers a variety of features worth noting.

File-sharing support

File-sharing can be a serious concern when it comes to protecting user or company privacy and ensuring data security. This is why for a lot of protected cloud storage platforms, sharing documents and files can be difficult and taxing. File sharing in Tresorit is rather easy; the cloud storage solution makes file sharing easy without sacrificing privacy and security.

Team members, stakeholders and individuals can gain access to a specific document or file by getting a direct invitation to join a folder or by receiving a secure link. Joining a folder through email will require the recipient to register an account with Tresorit, but anyone with secure access to a linked version can access the folder containing the protected files and/or documents being shared. As you can see, file sharing with Tresorit is easy but the security is still at a high level.

As part of its file-sharing support, Tresorit allows administrators to impose several restrictions on the links and the way they are distributed. As a way to further strengthen security and privacy, password protection can be implemented and made mandatory, which means emails will have to be verified before access is given.

Setting an expiry date for the link so that it will be useless after the set deadline is another security measure admins can incorporate to the file-sharing process, as well as limiting how many times the link can be used.

File versioning

File versioning, also referred to as document versioning, is a basic concept that can have a profound effect on your document management processes. For every edited file or document, a copy of that edited version is stored in your document control system’s network, which you can access at any given time. There is a variety of reasons why a user might be inclined to restore a specific version of a file or document, from malware threats and corrupted files to unwanted changes to the document.

Tresorit facilitates the storing, tracking and organization of each file’s version history, giving users the ability to view or regain access to previous versions of each file or document any time they want. The feature, however, only works on a per-file basis, which can be a bit time-consuming in certain cases as it cannot be applied to an entire folder or directory.

The cloud storage service keeps files and documents even after they are deleted, which can be a bit disconcerting to some parties, especially those who are concerned about their privacy. On the other hand, this allows users to restore deleted documents should the need arises.

OS integration for Windows and Android

Tresorit supports integration with Windows and Android by right-clicking for the former and going to the Share Menu for the latter. There is a “Convert to Tresor” function that essentially uploads the selected file or folder directly to Tresorit. There is also a “Share (Create Link)” option, which automatically uploads the selected file to the platform as its own Tresor. This process will generate a secure link that authorized/invited personnel may use to access the encrypted file or folder.

You or your administrator can set every security measure and parameter for accessing the protected files and folders before finalizing the sharing process. This will help ensure the files remain private and secure and that only individuals with the appropriate credentials and authority can view the confidential documents.

Cross-platform support

Tresorit has an impressively vast selection of support when it comes to different operating systems and platforms. Every support is capable of syncing folders and adding a little extra into the mix. A variety of desktop applications is available for different Windows versions, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. There are also desktop apps for the Mac OS and Linux systems.

Mobile app support is available for iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play, respectively. Users may also access the cloud storage solution’s dashboard through their web browsers. An alert is activated every time a new login is made and notifications will automatically be sent out to the user’s master email address. This security protocol allows administrators to monitor and keep track of all accepted users and devices.

Tresorit file sharing software

Tresorit Benefits

Tresorit offers solo users, teams and businesses of all size a reliable cloud-based storage service with excellent security encryption for all types of files and documents, ranging from legal contracts and bank statements to confidential audio recordings, private images and so on, without having to save them on an unsecured or vulnerable company server.

Additionally, because it is a cloud-based service, there is no need to acquire additional hardware or download and install numerous software modules, saving customers upfront cost and effort.

With this robust and feature-rich platform, SMBs, large enterprises and solo entrepreneurs never have to worry about the security and integrity of their data. Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption takes care of most of the data protection and security within the organization.

This means only individuals with the right permissions can have access to their company’s most sensitive information through authorized devices. Companies can maintain their productivity and operational efficiency without worrying about data leaks and unauthorized access to confidential information.

Ease-of-use is another aspect that benefits most users, especially those with no coding background or any technical experience. Tresorit is designed so uploading files to the system is quick and simple, no training or experience required. The user does not have to modify their existing folder settings or infrastructure and reconfigure security access just to upload a file to Tresorit.

The cloud-based storage solution doesn’t just provide data security for the company, it effectively simplifies access and the sharing process for everyone involved.

With Tresorit, all of the company’s devices are always in-sync, allowing authorized personnel easy access to encrypted files and documents via their own device, be it a desktop/laptop computer, tablet or smartphone so long as the device is recognized and tagged with the right permissions. The platform also enables admins and other authorized users to invite people so they can access and view encrypted data via a secure link.

Tresorit Pricing

Tresorit follows a subscription-based pricing model, with two main options: Tresorit for individuals and for businesses. Tresorit for individuals has three main pricing options: Send, Premium and Solo. Send is free to use and it allows you to send large files safely and securely.

Premium for individuals starts at $10.42 per month for the annual billing or $12.50 for the monthly payment option. Solo for individuals provides secure collaboration for professionals and it starts at $24.00 per month (billed annually) or $30.00 for the monthly billing option.

Tresorit for teams also has three main subscription packages available: Small Business, Business and Enterprise. Small Business allows for secure file sync and sharing for teams with two to nine members. The plan starts at $20 per user per month (billed annually) or $25 per user per month for the monthly billing.

The Business plan is good for businesses or teams with more than 10 personnel. It starts at $12 per user per month when billed annually or $15 per user per month for the monthly option. It comes with everything from the Small Business plan with a few more extra perks. But this pricing option is only applicable to businesses or teams with over 10 people.

The Enterprise plan is applicable to businesses with more than a hundred personnel. It starts at $24 per user per month (annual) or $30 per user per month (monthly). All pricing plans, except for Enterprise, have free trials available. You have to contact the vendor to request a demo for the Enterprise package.


Tresorit is not as overly packed with features and tools when compared to other products in its category. The key areas in which the cloud-based solution really excels at is in its end-to-end encryption capabilities and the level of quality of its client software. If you’re looking for a cloud-based file sync, sharing and storage service capable of providing robust data security, Tresorit might just be what you’re looking for.

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